October 2017 Coding Bootcamp News + Podcast

Imogen Crispe

Written By Imogen Crispe

Last updated on December 5, 2017

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October 2017 was a busy month for the coding bootcamp industry with news about growing pains in bootcamp outcomes, mergers, acquisitions, investments, a trend towards bootcamp B2B training, and diversity initiatives. To help you out, we’ve collected all the most important news in this blog post and podcast. Plus, we added 12 new schools from around the world to the Course Report school directory! Read below or listen to our latest Coding Bootcamp News Roundup Podcast.

Top News

Listen: 1:35

The Current Status of the Bootcamp Industry

Listen: 9:08

Life After Bootcamp – Stories About Getting a Job and Companies Who Hire Bootcampers

Listen: 13:50

Get Inspired by These Student Success Stories

Listen: 16:41

Growing the Bootcamp Model in Smaller Cities

Listen: 20:49

Coding Bootcamps and the Diversity in Tech Debate

Listen: 23:18

Ways to Pay for a Coding Bootcamp (Scholarships!)

Listen: 27:14


Tips, Tricks, and Bootcamp Advice

Listen: 29:45

New Bootcamp Programs + Campuses

Listen: 30:18

New Schools Added to Course Report this Month

Favorite Pieces on the Blog

Listen: 34:30

Imogen Crispe

Lauren Stewart

Liz Eggleston


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