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Have you heard of a Teaching Fellowship? After graduating from a coding bootcamp, some alumni stick around to help teach new students and improve their own coding skills, before starting the job hunt. We asked Fullstack Academy graduate Marshall Zobel how he got his coveted role as a Fullstack Fellow, what the role involves, and how the fellowship is helping him build relevant experience to land a job as a software developer in future. Marshall also busts a couple of myths we’ve heard about teaching fellows!

Name: Marshall Zobel
Background: Consultant in Washington DC
Graduated: May 2018 from Fullstack Academy in New York, NY
His Job: Fullstack Fellow
Mark of Success: Improving his programming fluency and interviewing skills

Why Fullstack Academy?

What exactly is a teaching fellow?

Myth Busting: Teaching Fellowships

How do Fullstack students benefit from teaching fellows?

What's the benefit for teaching fellows?

How does the fellowship better prepare fellows for their first developer job?

Was being a Fullstack Fellow worth it?

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