Become a Developer at these Summer Coding Bootcamps!

By Jess Feldman
Last updated on May 4, 2022

Oh Summer, one of the best seasons of the year! While it’s a time to relax, bask in the sun, and plan trips with family and friends, summer is also an awesome time to learn. If you’re a current student, teacher, or professional looking to learn to code, a summer bootcamp is a great opportunity to learn to code in a short time frame. Various coding bootcamps offer summer courses to help you launch a new career in tech. Check out the following courses to help you #learntocode this Summer 2022. 


Wondering what a college student or a school teacher can do with coding skills? Nadim enrolled at data science bootcamp the summer after he graduated from college; Isaac took a full stack Python course during his summer break; Noah attended an online bootcamp in the summer before his senior year; Frances went to Fullstack Academy’s Summer of Code and Faith went to DevPoint Labs both to supplement their Computer Science degrees. 

Summer 2022 Cohorts at Coding Bootcamps

These coding bootcamps continue their normal courses in the summer months. Expect the same level of instruction as their general course offerings.

1. Actualize
Actualize’s coding bootcamp includes 4 weeks of prework, 12 weeks of live training, and career support post-graduation. 
Summer 2022 Dates: June 19, June 20
Locations: Chicago and Online
Cost: $15,900

2. Alchemy
Alchemy's 24-week bootcamp experience offers a low ratio of students to instructional staff to ensure students receive the support and mentorship they need to make a career change. Alchemy's free Developer 101 course allows prospective students to learning coding basics while determining if this is the right program for them. 
Summer 2022 Dates: May 31, July 18
Locations: Portland and Online
Cost: $24,000

3. CareerFoundry
CareerFoundry offers self-paced, one-on-one mentored online programs in web development, data analytics, UX design, and UI design. Students receive personalized, project-based, and adaptive curricula to help them launch their careers in tech.
Summer 2022 Dates: Start dates include May 30, June 13, June 27
Location: Online
Cost: $7,900

4. Code Fellows
Code Fellows offers its 10-week Code 101 Software Development bootcamp throughout summer, and students can choose to specialize in full stack JavaScript or ASP.NET Core. Students can continue to progress through Code Fellows offerings by enrolling in Code 201 (Foundations), Code 301 (Intermediate), and Code 401 (Advanced).
Summer 2022 Dates: Start dates include June 18, July 16, August 20
Location: Seattle and online
Cost: $99 (for Code 101)

5. Codeworks
Codeworks offers 12 week JavaScript coding bootcamps. Codeworks also offers a free remote JavaScript intro course, and an 8-week remote pre-course before the full-time in-person portion.
Summer 2022 Dates: Start dates include June 6 and July 25
Location: Barcelona, Berlin, London, Toronto, Online
Cost: $8,900

6. Coding Dojo
Coding Dojo’s 14-week, immersive software development and data science bootcamps are available at various cities throughout the U.S. and also online. Bootcamp students receive career support, including 1-on-1 sessions with a career advisor.
Summer 2022 Dates: Starting dates include: May 16 and June 21
Locations: Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago, Bellevue, Boise, and Online
Cost: $14,995

7. Devmountain
Devmountain offers immersive courses in web development, UX/UI design, software QA, and iOS development both online and in-person at campuses in Lehi, UT and Dallas, TX. 
Summer 2022 Dates: Starting dates include: May 23 and June 13
Locations: Lehi, Dallas, and Online
Cost: $9,900

8. DevPoint Labs
DevPoint Labs partners with the University of Utah Professional Education to provide training including React and Rails. Learn new technologies and receive a web development certificate to help you launch a new tech career.
Summer 2022 Dates: May 16 and August 15
Location: Online
Cost: $8,800

9. DigitalCrafts
DigitalCrafts offers a 16-week full-time and a 26-week part-time Web Development Bootcamp online and at various campuses across the US. To determine if the bootcamp is the right fit for you and/or if you want to kick-start your learning, DigitalCrafts offers free, Online Bootcamp Intro Courses!
Summer 2022 dates: Start dates include May 17, June 6, June 14, July 5, July 19, and August 1
Location: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Online
Cost: $14,950 (full-time), $9,950 (part-time)

10. Eleven Fifty Academy
Eleven Fifty Academy offers coding and cybersecurity pathways online and in-person in Indianapolis, Indiana. With its free coding and cybersecurity workshops, interested applicants to the bootcamp can determine if Eleven Fifty is the right fit for them!
Summer 2022 dates: June 20
Locations: Indianapolis, Online
Cost: $18,000

11. Epicodus
Epicodus is a full-time coding bootcamp offering 27-week courses, with the first 5 weeks offered for free, in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington and online. Students can choose to learn C# and React, or Ruby and React.
Summer 2022 dates: Start dates include May 23 and August 1
Locations: Seattle, Portland, Online
Cost: $11,700

12. Flatiron School
Flatiron School offers its 15-week Software Engineering Immersive and Data Science Immersive throughout summer at various locations in the US. Flatiron School also offers a Free Intro to Coding course for anyone interested in the bootcamp. 
Summer 2022 Dates: May 16 (NYC and Online), June 6 (Online), June 27 (Online)
Locations: NYC, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Online
Cost: $16,900

13. Fullstack Academy
Fullstack Academy offers full-time and part-time Software Engineering bootcamps online or in-person at its campus in NYC. The curriculum is JavaScript-driven, and students recieve access to 1:1 career guidance. 
Summer 2022 Dates: June 13, August 1
Locations: NYC and Online
Cost: $18,910

14. General Assembly
General Assembly offers a variety of immersive courses in software engineering, front end development, UX design, data analytics, and data science throughout the summer months. 
Summer 2022 Dates: Start dates include May 23, June 6, June 21, July 11, July 25, August 8
Locations: Atlanta, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Online, and more
Cost: $15,950

15. Hackbright Academy
Hackbright is an all women’s bootcamp that offers a Software Engineering Fellowship, and students can choose between full-time and part-time options. Students receive customized career prep.
Summer 2022 Dates: May 9 and August 2
Location: San Francisco and Online
Cost: $12,900

156 Hack Reactor
Hack Reactor offers full-time and part-time software engineering courses, career placement services, and a network of professional peers.
Summer 2022 Dates: May 31 and July 18
Location: Online
Cost: $17,980

17. iO Academy
iO Academy offers a full stack coding bootcamp and a data science & machine learning bootcamp online and at campuses across the UK. Class sizes are kept small so students receive more support during the bootcamp. Attend a free coding taster workshop to determine if iO Academy is the right fit for you!
Summer 2022 Dates: July 4 (Bath, online), August 30 (Bath)
Location: Bath, Bristol, Sheffield, Online
Cost: £11,000

18. Ironhack
Ironhack offers 9 week full-time and 24-week part-time courses in web development, data analytics, and UX/UI design. Every course includes career services. 
Summer 2022 Dates: Start dates include May 30 (Barcelona, Berlin, Sao Paulo), June 1 (Miami), and June 6 (NYC, Miami), June 13 (London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin), June 27 (Berlin), July 25 (Paris), August 8 (Sao Paulo), August 15 (NYC, Miami)
Locations: Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Miami, Mexico City, Paris, Sao Paulo, and Online
Cost: 7,000€ - 13,000€

19. Jax Code Academy
Jax Code Academy offers an intensive, 12-week full stack web development and cybersecurity bootcamp. Graduates are eligible for a 12-week internship. 
Summer 2022 Dates: June 13, August 22
Location: Jacksonville, FL and online
Cost: $3,500

20. Juno College of Technology
Juno College of Technology offers 8-week, live online, part-time bootcamps in web development, data analytics, and UX design that are geared towards total beginners. 
Summer 2022 Dates: May 29, July 4, July 19, August 15
Location: Online
Cost: $2,000

21. Launch Academy
Launch Academy offers an 18-week full stack development bootcamp that includes a part-time, 8-week Ignition phase followed by a full-time, 10-week bootcamp. Students receive 6 months of career support after bootcamp graduation.
Summer 2022 Dates: June 20
Locations: Boston, MA and online
Cost: $17,500

22. LearningFuze
LearningFuze offers full-time and part-time courses in web development and data science that includes industry-leading career services. Anyone interested in the bootcamp can first enroll in the Web Dev Prep course or the Data Science Prep course.
Summer 2022 Dates: May 9, June 27, August 22
Locations: Irvine, CA and online
Cost: $12,995

23. Le Wagon
Le Wagon offers 9-week full-time and 24-week part-time courses in Ruby on Rails-focused web development
Summer 2022 Dates: Start dates include: June 13 (Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima), June 20 (Shanghai), July 4 (Montreal, Tokyo), July 9 (Montreal, Cologne), July 11 (Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan), July 18 (Casablanca), July 30 (Melbourne)
Locations: Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Montreal, Paris, Rome, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Online, and more
Cost: Price varies by city

24. Lighthouse Labs
Lighthouse Labs offers 12-week immersive web development and data science bootcamps in multiple cities across Canada and Online.
Summer 2022 Dates: Start dates include May 30, June 27, July 25, August 22
Locations: Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, and Online
Cost: $14,000

25. Metis
Metis offers data science, data analytics, and machine learning bootcamps that were designed by industry practitioners and provide students with hands-on instruction, access to an extensive network of speakers and mentors, events, and ongoing career coaching and job placement support. Develop your data science fundamentals by enrolling in the free, online prep course at Metis!
Summer 2022 Dates: May 23
Locations: Online
Cost: $11,000

26. Momentum
Momentum offers 16-week, full-time and 24-week, part-time Software Engineering Immersive bootcamps. In the project-based program, students will recieve mentorship, personalized learning, career support, and long-term access to Momentum's community. 
Summer 2022 Dates: August 30
Locations: Online
Cost: $17,500

27. Nashville Software School
NSS is a nonprofit vocational school in Nashville that prepares adults for careers in technical fields like web development, front end web designer, UX/UI design, data analytics, and data science. Some of their web development bootcamps are available over the summer.
Summer 2022 Dates: Start dates include May 16, June 6, July 5, August 15
Locations: Nashville and Online
Cost: $11,900

28. NYC Data Science Academy
Students of NYC Data Science Academy will learn R, Python, Hadoop and Spark to gain a wealth of experience in data science. With NYCDSA’s hiring partnerships, join a robust data science community to help you transition into your new career.
Summer 2022 Dates: May 16, June 28
Locations: NYC and Online
Cost: $17,600

29. Rithm School
Learn full stack web development full-time in San Francisco and online with Rithm School! Rithm School boasts small class sizes for an enhanced learning experience. 
Summer 2022 Dates: May 23, July 11
Locations: San Francisco and Online
Cost: $24,000

30. Tech Elevator
Tech Elevator offers a 14-week full-time bootcamp teaching full-stack Java or .NET. Students will learn from experienced instructors with over 30 years of development and teaching experience.
Summer 2022 Dates: May 16, July 5, August 20
Locations: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Online
Cost: $15,950

31. TrueCoders
TrueCoders offers online bootcamps in Software Engineering and Full Stack Web Development, and both courses include personalized career coaching. Students can choose between Full-Time (9 weeks) or Flex (self-paced) course options. 
Summer 2022 Dates: May 23, July 27, August 1
Locations: Online
Cost: $4,500

31. UT Austin Boot Camps
UT Austin Boot Camps offers full-time and part-time online programs in coding, digital marketing, data analytics, product management, cybersecurity, UX/UI design, and product management. 
Summer 2022 Dates:
June 14
$11,500 - $12,495

Coding Bootcamps for Youth

Thinking about summer coding options for the young people in your life? Check out this shortlist:

Destinations Career Academy

  • Online
  • Tuition-free!

Generation Code Vienna Summer Camps

  • Multiple dates in August
  • NYC
  • Cost: $500

iD Tech Camps with Java

  • Various cities worldwide 
  • Cost: $499-$1199

Kode with Klossy Summer Camp for Girls

  • Chicago, NYC, Oakland, St. Louis, Austin, Boston, Denver, DC, and more
  • Cost: Free! (and some students can qualify for a travel/living stipend)


  • Online
  • Cost: $1299 - $2495

Osmo Live

  • Online
  • Cost: $149

Read more from grads who took coding bootcamp courses over the summer:

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