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Missed out on coding bootcamp news in April? Never fear, Course Report is here! We’ve collected everything in this handy blog post and podcast. This month, we read about why outcomes reporting is useful for students, how a number of schools are working to boost their diversity with scholarships, we heard about student experiences at bootcamp, plus we added a bunch of interesting new schools to the Course Report school directory! Read below or listen to our latest Coding Bootcamp News Roundup Podcast.


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Student Experiences

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New Schools + Bootcamp Updates

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New Schools in April

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A Question From a Reader

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“What skills would I be lacking in the long term if I go the boot camp route compared to a CS degree? Because of the limited time I understand the knowledge between the two would be vastly different, but things like how a compiler works etc, may not be very important for getting code out the door 95% of the time, but over the long term will it hamper my growth as a developer? What are other important fundamentals a boot camp wouldn't have time to go over, but every developer should really understand for sound knowledge?"- EJ


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