Episode 12: March 2017 Coding Bootcamp News Roundup + Podcast

Imogen Crispe

Written By Imogen Crispe

Last updated on July 21, 2017

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Haven’t had time to keep up with all the coding bootcamp news this March? Not to worry– we’ve compiled it for you in a handy blog post and podcast. This month, we read a lot about CIRR and student outcomes reporting, we heard from reporters and coding bootcamp students about getting hired after coding bootcamp, a number of schools announced exciting diversity initiatives, and we added a handful of new schools to the Course Report school directory! Read below or listen to our latest Coding Bootcamp News Roundup Podcast.

CIRR + Student Outcomes

Listen: 01:46

  • CIRR (Council on Integrity in Results Reporting) has officially launched and there has a been a lot of press about it from Tech Crunch, Wall St Journal, Chicago Tribune and more.
  • It’s a coalition of schools that have announced their commitment to publish student graduation and job placement data in a single, standardized framework.

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Getting Hired in a Changing Workforce

Listen: 04:33


Student + Alumni Experiences

Listen: 15:33

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Bootcamp Staff/Founder Profiles

Listen: 20:16


How Bootcamps Impact Diversity in Tech

Listen: 22:40


Bootcamps in their Communities

Listen: 31:50

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Universities & Bootcamp Partnerships

Listen: 36:11

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Bootcamp Growth + Downsizing

Listen: 39:12


New Bootcamps in March:

Listen: 41:36


Our Favorite Articles on The Course Report Blog

Listen: 42:19

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