We’ve all seen the statistics, and the verdict is clear: women are vastly underrepresented in technical fields. While women are the leading adopters of technology, the software development industry is made up of 12% women. Course Report wants to see more women in technical roles, and coding bootcamps have a unique opportunity to boost these numbers. One way to attract women to apply and enroll in code schools is through scholarships and financial support, so we’re breaking down scholarship opportunities for women at coding bootcamps. Whether it’s discounts, special contests, or grants, you’ll find it in this comprehensive list of bootcamp scholarships for women.

We’ll keep this list updated; notice a new scholarship is missing? Mention it in the comments!


These code schools offer automatic discounts for any women who apply to their programs.

Launch Academy offers a $500 scholarship to any veteran, female or person of an ethnic minority group  underrepresented in the software engineering field.

Makers Academy offers a £500 discount to any woman who is accepted.

Bitmaker Labs’ Grace Hopper Scholarship for Women in Technology is a $500 tuition deduction for all women who participate in full time programming courses. Dev Bootcamp has on-going $500 scholarships for veterans, anyone who identifies as female or non-male, and anyone who identified as an ethnic minority group underrepresented in tech (African American, Chicano/Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander)

Fullstack Academy gives all women at Fullstack their $1000 Ada Lovelace Scholarship for Women.

Coding Campus offers 10% scholarships for all accepted students who are women, minorities, or veterans.

Coding House offers $2500 off tuition for women, veterans, and people with a household income under $30,000/year. 

Code Chicago offer $500 scholarships for women, veterans, and ethnic minority groups underrepresented in the software engineering field.

Dev League dedicates 25% of their $10,000 Elevate Scholarship Fund to funding tuition for outstanding female applicants.

Metis offers a $2000 scholarship to put towards tuition for all women, underrepresented minorities, and veterans or members of the US military.

Flatiron School offer scholarships for students from underrepresented groups such as women and minorities.

LearningFuze offers $600 discounts for women and US military members.

Omaha Code School has partnered with GitHub to offer $2500 scholarships to each of their female students.

Sydney Dev Camp gives $500 scholarship discounts to applicants who are female or from an underrepresented minority group within the coding community.

We Can Code IT offers a $1,000 Diversity Award to students who are women, African American, Hispanic American, or who reside in a low- to moderate-income household as defined by the Department of Labor. 

Wyncode offers $500 discounts for women & veterans. 

These coding bootcamps offer limited scholarships for select groups of women- expect to apply for these unique scholarships!

Coding Dojo - Women’s Opportunity

The Scholarship: $2500 off tuition

The Application Process: Coding Dojo offers a limited number of partial scholarships for women participating in onsite bootcamps. Make a note on your application and they will send a separate form for the scholarship.


Dev Bootcamp - #YesWeCode

The Scholarship: $1000 tuition (instead of $13,000)

The Application Process: Dev Bootcamp offers discounted tuition to one female student in each cohort of both their Chicago and New York bootcamp. There is a separate application to be completed after the general bootcamp application.


DevPoint Labs Women’s Scholarship

The Scholarship: Free tuition, 3 month paid internship, 6 months Church & State membership.

The Application Process: We’ve previously covered this awesome scholarship and we love it just as much now. Students fill out three essays in addition to their application to either the Full Time Web Dev or Front End Night Class.


General Assembly - Opportunity Fund

The Scholarship: $1500 off tuition

The Application Process: General Assembly’s two scholarships Design for Change and Code for Change, are granted on a rolling basis to female UX designers and coders respectively. Just fill out the general application through the scholarship page.


Mobile Makers Academy - Diversity Scholarship

The Scholarship: $1000

The Application Process: Applicants to the iOS Bootcamp simply make a note of their interest in the scholarship and MMA will send a separate form to be completed.


Hacker School

The Scholarship: Need-based living expense grants - Between $500 and $7000

The Application Process: Hacker School is free, but students must pay for their own living arrangements. The application includes space for eligible applicants to apply for a living expenses grant.


Hackbright Academy

The Scholarship: Partial Scholarships up to $5000

The Application Process: Women-only coding school Hackbright Academy offers need-based scholarships to a limited number of students of their full time Software Engineering Fellowship each quarter.



The Scholarship: Day Full-Stack Bootcamp $5,000 tuition decrease, Night Front-End Bootcamp $1,000 tuition decrease

The Application Process: Codeup offers two scholarships for women for every one of their full time and part-time bootcamp courses. There is a separate scholarship application to be completed in addition to the general application.


LearningFuze - Scholarship Opportunity for Women

The Scholarship: $4000 off tuition

The Application Process: LearningFuze offers four scholarships of $4000 for eligible women applying to their 12 week full immersion bootcamp. Applicants are encouraged to think of a new idea for an eCommerce site, social network, or web/phone app to fill a market need. Applicants will pitch their ideas in the general application interview.


Bloc - New Relic Diversity Scholarship in Software Development and Design

The Scholarship: $500 off tuition

The Application Process: Bloc selects 9 students each week for their $500 New Relic Diversity scholarship, which can be put toward any Bloc program. Students apply by answering several short questions concerning their plans for the skills they will learn at Bloc. Scholarship winners are asked to keep a blog of their Bloc experience.


Grand Circus - Dr. Grace Hopper Scholarship

The Scholarship: $500 off tuition

The Application Process: During the second phase of the application to Grand Circus’ .NET Bootcamp, students will be given the opportunity to apply for the scholarship.


The Iron Yard Diversity Scholarship

The Scholarship: $1000 discount on tuition

The Application Process: Applicants must be women, people of color, military personnel, or people with disabilities. To apply for the scholarship, students simply fill out a 250 word essay explaining how they'll support diversity by making technology more open and available to underrepresented groups after their time at the Iron Yard.


Thinkful and Girl Develop It SF

The Scholarship: $1500 (3 full months of Thinkful)

The Application Process: Applicants fill out a general application and then schedule an interview to determine their best course. The scholarship covers 3 months of Thinkful enrollment ($500/month). Applicants are required to attend at least one Girl Develop It SF event, commit 10 hours weekly to course work, and to share feedback of their experience during and after the course. 


Girl Develop It Scholarship in Software Development and Design for Bloc

The Scholarship: $5000 (full tuition)

The Application Process: Bloc selects one Girl Develop It member each month to receive a $5000 scholarship towards any of Bloc's developer or design courses. To apply students answer several short questions about their backgrounds and their plans to give back to their community after Bloc. The application deadline is the first of each month. Winners are asked to keep a blog of their Bloc experience. 


Coding House Female Developer Scholarship

The Scholarship: $16,800 (full tuition)

The Application Process: Coding House selects one female applicant per cohort to receive a full scholarship. To apply, applicants should submit the general application and select the option for the full scholarship in the "Scholarships" tab. After that, applicants must create a personal website with any technology, though bonus points are awarded for using modern JavaScript technologies. Then applicants must create a Tumblr post explaining why they should win the scholarship. Optionally, they can also submit a YouTube video explaining as well. Applicants then submit their website and post via Twitter or email. Rules and judging criteria can be found on the scholarship site. 


Code Fellows Diversity Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship: 50-70% of tuition

The Application Process: Women, minorities and veterans who have been accepted into a full-time Code 301 or Code 401 course may complete an application with essay questions for consideration. Eligible students should reply to their course acceptance email to request an application.

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