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Le Wagon

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Le Wagon is a 9-week Ruby on Rails focused bootcamp based out of Paris and other various locations. With a community of students with various backgrounds (engineers, journalists, architects, designers, etc.), applicants will join an exciting tech community. All the students of Le Wagon share the same technical background and apply industry best practices. This mix between diversity & technical expertise makes the community unique.

Graduates of Le Wagon will be proficient in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, APIs, Github, and Heroku. Le Wagon requires 40 hours of online work to prepare for the course, and in 2 months students will be able to build several web applications, including a clone of Airbnb and a personal project. The bootcamp focuses on bringing coding skill to creatives and entrepreneurs with the ambition to build their own MVP and/or challenge their future dev team.

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  • Coding Bootcamp

    MySQL, HTML, Git, JavaScript, Sinatra, jQuery, Rails, CSS, Front End, Ruby, SQL
    In PersonFull Time9 Weeks
    Start Date April 13, 2020
    Class sizeN/A
    LocationMadrid, Oslo, Rennes, Kyoto, Lausanne, Shenzhen, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Milan, Chengdu, Bali, Mexico City, Tokyo, Marseille, Casablanca, Belo Horizonte, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Montreal, Shanghai, Lyon, Nantes, Tel Aviv, Lille, London, Melbourne, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro
    Tuition PlansPayment in two or three installments depending on the Campus policies
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelBeginner
    Prep WorkRuby track on CodeCademy
    Placement TestYes
    More Start Dates
    April 13, 2020 - Bali

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  • Thomas Vanderstraeten • Entrepreneur • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    My time at Le Wagon Brussels has been a truly transformational experience!
    Honestly put, I did not expect to harvest so much learnings from these 9 weeks.
    I came in with the aim of developing a web platform for a non profit I launched with some friends, as the cost-benefit of taking some weeks off to learn and develop the platform myself outweighted the option to have it developed by an agency/developer. During the bootcamp, I succeeded in going live earlier than expected, having already a fully operational platform by the time of the final demo day (see
    But besides learning the coding skills, what has proven very valuable for me is the entrepreneurial spirit all along the way! I actually quit my job right after the bootcamp, feeling empowered by all this good vibe and the newly acquired skills. Now I'm launching a SaaS company, building heavily on knowledge and capabilities gathered during the bootcamp. This great atmosphere is only made better by the great team running the camp in Brussels. These have been very fun days, like a reminiscence of past erasmus stays abroad :)
     I strongly recommend Le Wagon Brussels to anyone still hesitating about it - just apply and see for yourself!

  • Eric Lacaille • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    ## How I joined Le Wagon


    I first heard about Le Wagon discussing with my friends about new startup ideas and essentially the frustration of not being able to prototype those ideas myself. One of them told me that I should have a look to Le Wagon. Fortunately all the requirements / availability were fulfilled and I joined the fullstack program from April to June 2016.


    ## The FullStack program


    What a time I had! 9 weeks of intensive training with a learning curve that I have never experienced before, even coming from one of the best French engineering schools. The methodology and the staff around make this new world of code and web development very pleasant to get into.The curriculum is smart and progressive, and you've got access to a great pedagogical platform with courses' videos and slides. Very convenient to rehearse during evening and weekend, or to watch some courses again after the 9 weeks. The feeling of improvement is continuous along the program. I really feel learning all these skills would have taken me years on my own.


    Now that I have finished the program, I feel skilled enough to build a first version of any of my ideas (well, let's say 99% of my ideas, because I can have some crazy ideas sometimes!). Whenever I am facing an obstacle there is always the alumni community to help, which is also the great strength of Le Wagon in my opinion.


    Altogether this makes Le Wagon one of the best and the most valuable experiences in my education.

  • Guillaume Degermann • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Before Le Wagon

    As a product manager in a web startup I was working with developers and had always been dreaming about becoming one. So I was helping them coding a bit of HTML and CSS, sometimes some PHP, but couldn't really get further. As many aspiring developers, I spent quite some time on various coding MOOCs, but after a few months, kept feeling dissatisfied with my level as I was unable to code anything significant and was lacking a real teaching structure. At that point, I was about to give up my coding aspiration. That's when I heard about "Le Wagon" from a friend of mine.

    Learning @ Le Wagon

    I've just finished batch #24 of Le Wagon two weeks ago. To put it mildly, it's been a life changing experience.

    When I joined Le Wagon, I had the feeling that I knew a few things about web development, but had no idea how to put them in practice and was feeling totally lost when confronted to the amount of things I had to learn. Therefore, on a given "learning day", I would spend a great deal of time just trying to decide what to learn.

    At Le Wagon, I just went in and focused on the material, completely trusting the program in place and the teachers. What a relief it was just having to focus on learning things. Oh, and the result also was spectacular. The whole teaching program has been structured and organised so that everyone gets home in the evening with a new piece of knowledge. From Ruby to Javascript, to HTML/CSS, and up until Ruby on Rails, everything flows and comes together piece by piece. As for myself, it also allowed me to understand many things I had learnt (but not really understood) on the MOOCs before Le Wagon.

    Two weeks before the end of the program, just when everything comes together, you start building "real life" projects. You reuse everything you've learnt up until now and still catch up with new things along the way. At this point, I think the results speak for themselves, so I let you have a look at the "demo day" of these projects : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRUVEoYr6bA (mine was "Yfebo", second last in the video).

    Keep in mind that most of us didn't know a single thing in development two months before that presentation.
    Last but definitely not least, Le Wagon allows you to meet great people from the staff, to the teaching assistants, to the students. People with a strong desire to learn, build things, improve, start again. And that also in itself is invaluable.
    After Le Wagon
    I am currently working as a freelance developer mainly for a Saas company (http://www.yusofleet.com/), and my focus for 2016 is to capitalize on the great kickstart I had thanks to Le Wagon, learning new stuff and improving my skills in web development. Six months ago, I would not have believed you if had told me that I would be web developper within 6 months; and although I still have many things to learn, Le Wagon made it possible for me to start that new journey. 
  • Yoann Lopez • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I was one of the students of the 24th batch of Le Wagon in Paris. After many weeks of search and questions to people having “graduated” from Le Wagon and other bootcamps, I finally took the decision to enrol.

    It’s probably one of the best professional decision I’ve taken so far. It enabled me to learn so many things within such a short period of time. I never believed it was possible to learn so much in just 2 months! Their curriculum is extremely fine tuned and we can feel that there has been a lot of iterations to reach such a level. You’re extremely challenged without feeling drowned under too much information.

    I did Le Wagon not to become a developper, but to add more tools to my Marketer toolbox and to have fun developing small side projects. I strongly believe that this bootcamp is suited for many different profiles: the marketer who wants to be able to communicate with the engineering team, the wannabe entrepreneur who wants to build a MVP to attract technical profiles, the engineer who wants to have a strong web culture, or just someone who wants to build strong foundation to become a junior developper. I’ve probably forgot many other profiles but you get my point.

    One of the big pluses of Le Wagon is also the people you’ll meet there. So many different backgrounds! This creates a wonderful effervescence.

    I’d strongly recommend Le Wagon to anyone serious about learning great foundations of web development.

    Have fun!

  • Jean-Philippe Roy • Fullstack developer
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I have just graduated from Le Wagon this month (Batch #24) and what I can say is this: everything you have heard about it is true, and much more!

    I was a consultant for three years and always had this idea at the back of my mind to become a developer. Too bad for me I thought, it takes years and years of laborious studies to become one, right? Well, wrong.

    Become an autonomous developer in 9 weeks

    The program is very well calibrated and allows anyone with any level or prior knowledge to understand the basic concepts at first, and then put it all together during the final weeks and working on projects.

    You will learn a lot, but don’t be afraid, there is ample time to practice during the day through the exercise platform, which is absolutely fantastic. You will also be paired with a random student which will provide you the opportunity to either learn more from him / her, or learn more helping him / her. And if you get stuck, teachers and teaching assistants are always at your service to help and give you insights.

    After all this time, you will have benefited from all the best experience you can get, and look back with great pride at what you’ve achieved in 9 weeks.

    Learn from a truly great staff

    Everyone at Le Wagon is 100% committed to your success with a level of expertise of the highest standard.

    The great thing about le Wagon is the entrepreneurial spirit they have been able to create, always ready to talk to you if you have any question regarding Le Wagon, your project or anything else whatsoever.

    Don’t forget the “apero-talks” with successful entrepreneurs from the real world and a seemingly unlimited amount of beers in the fridge

    Meet your amazing fellow students

    The best part of Le Wagon is the overall community of students:  everybody here is motivated, curious and willing to do something out of the ordinary. I have never met so many people from so many different backgrounds.

    Overall, this was definitely one of the most enriching experiences of my life.


    If you want to see for yourself, you can check out the project I have coded @Le Wagon during the last two weeks with my team (Arthur Vinson and Guillaume Degermann) : http://www.yfebo.com

  • marina starkova • full stack dev • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I'm Marina. I've been an advertising copywriter for 8 years (a typically literary profile, zero tech experience). 

    And then I did Le Wagon, and now it's been a year and a half since I've been a fullstack web developer in a nice french startup who has recently raised several million euros (www.brandandcelebrities.com, come check it out - and we're hiring developers!). Here are some questions I wish someone had answered me before I joined Le Wagon - it would have spared me lots of useless stress.

    ## Can a non technical person become a coder?

    The answer is “Sure!” - if he or she wants to. Coding is actually not harder than learning a new language (even easier, if you ask me). When starting Le Wagon, I was a bit worried that coding required some special mathematical talents that I did not possess. Well, the good news is that it doesn't. 

    At least at the beginning, common logic, good googling skills, attention to detail will be enough to create a nice-looking website with basic features. And the second piece of good news is that people with communication, marketing or business background usually are pretty good at all those things.

    If your ambition is to recode Google - that's slightly different. But there's more good news: if after Le Wagon you still feel like doing so, you'll have a nice base for further self-teaching.

    ## Do girls actually code?

    Oh come on, some of the best Le Wagon's teachers are women, why wouldn't they! There's nothing particularly “male” about coding, and the fact that we currently see more guys doing this job only means that the niche of women coders is huge. Honestly, every programming team would be happy to have a girl or several!

    ## Why Le Wagon and not another bootcamp?

    To have some credibility, a coding school must have a decent looking web site. And let's be honest, all other Paris web development courses have the ugliest web pages on the Internet (No thanks, that's not exactly what I’d like to learn!). 

    Le Wagon has a foolproof programme that helps to cover the essentials of web development in a record short time. 

    And thanks to the continuous exercises, you actually learn everything they are teaching. It's hard, it's intense but it's really working.

    Since my graduation from the course, I've seen many developers who come from engineer schools. They are great for classic software dev with C++ or Java. 

    BUT how many startups use C++ or Java? So, after 2 months Le Wagon alumni are more operational in Ruby on Rails than most young engineers without real web development experience. Our code looks cleaner and we use more Rails specifics than highbrow CS majors.

    ## Are all the alumni secret geeks? Will I be surrounded by nerds during the two months?

    Come to think of it, we do discuss new frameworks and deployment problematics at lunch breaks, is that what nerds do? But the thing is we actually enjoy it, and if by any chance you don't, there're lots of Game of Thrones discussions going on too, and beer outings, and pizza parties… Wait, this does sound geek after all!

    But I still think pretty much everyone will meet likeminded people at Le Wagon, maybe future colleagues or cofounders and most certainly good friends.

    ## Is there anything wrong about Le Wagon?

    That's the question the staff ask all the students at the end of the course. And of course, Le Wagon isn't perfect, cause everyone has something to say.

    But guess what? The biggest problem is that people just don't want to leave! The most frequent complaint is that it's too short. Students want to learn more Javascript, maybe more frameworks, machine learning, artificial intelligence… It's true that AI is not yet a part of the curriculum. There're certainly many other things that aren't covered but the fact that the alumni want to learn more technologies means that Le Wagon actually gave them this appetite. We learnt to not be afraid of learning new complex things - I'm personally following a classical Algorithms course right now, together with Node.js and Python courses. 

  • Gregoire Schiller • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I was part of Le Wagon Batch 24, during April-May 2016.

    My main motivation was to learn to code to launch my own startup. As a business school student, I have always had some business ideas that couldn’t go through due to a lack of coding skills. I had in mind that learning to code would:

    - Enable me to launch a MVP of a company I would create.
    - Make me able to understand what developers were doing and work with them / manage them much more efficiently and smoothly.

    Le Wagon completely met my expectations. The 9 week training is intense with a tight schedule implying to learn most skills required to be a full stack developer. The format is well thought:

    - During the first 6 weeks, you start with a 1.5 hours course to learn more about a programming language or concept. Then you spend most of the day working on challenges to practice the theoretical learnings of the morning, with the help of teachers and teaching assistants. The whole team is amazing, full of energy. You could see that the team has gathered lots of experience which helped them to significantly fine-tune the program batch after batch.

    - During the last 3 weeks, the students are divided into teams of 3 to 4 people. Each team has to perform a project that is finally presented during the “demo day”, last day of the training. This enables students to learn coding in teams, and work on an MVP that can then lead to a company creation. For myself, I was able to build a MVP of Easyglasses, a website to get glasses prescription online without visiting an ophtalmologist.

    - Aside from classes and coding skills, Le Wagon includes a lot of events (workshops, networking, entrepreneur talks, etc.). This enhances your entrepreneur mindset and adds a very positive dimension to the training. Students don’t just learn how to code but how to create a successful company.

    I would strongly recommend Le Wagon! Learning to code is essential today and you can’t find a better way to do it than Le Wagon!

  • Quentin Roquigny • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Le Wagon has been one of the greatest educative experiences of my life! Why? Because Le Wagon is like a startup product you’ll never want to live without, not like a old-fashion school experience where the target is to get your diploma and get out.

    Here are 3 reasons why Le Wagon experience is so great.

    1. A great value proposition : learn to be a true (junior) fullstack developer in 9 weeks!

    True story. Students at Le Wagon do not come to get a diploma. They come to learn to “build web products”. After 9 intensive weeks, you’ll be able to understand all the basics about ruby, ruby on rails, html/css, javascript, ajax & co. You won’t be afraid to build your first MVP and, depending on the features, you will even be able to deploy a first version, live on the internet, within a few days/weeks. Of course, you’ll still have much to learn, but these 9 weeks are equivalent to learning by yourself during 2 years I would say.

    2. An amazing anticipation of students’ needs

    Such a good value proposition is only possible if your teachers perfectly understand what you expect to learn and where you are starting from. That’s exactly what Boris, Seb and Romain, Le Wagon’s founders, understood. And that’s why they developed an educative platform that takes you by the hand and leads you from pure newbie to open-minded junior dev. No time is wasted. Every piece of code you learn is useful and understandable.

    And guess what? This amazing educative platform is made available for life to Le Wagon’s alumni.

    3. An unforgettable user experience

    Last but not least, Le Wagon’s in situ bootcamp (as opposed to online courses) is designed in way that students really know each other and spend time helping each other. This mindset allows best practices to rapidly spread amongst Le Wagon’s students and alumni.

    Once the 9 weeks of Le Wagon are over, you end up with a resourceful network of friends and alumni, you’re always in touch with them and… you never really leave Le Wagon.

  • Dimitri Bosch • Fullstack Dev • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    ## From movie industry to coding

    Before joining Le Wagon, I was working in the movie industry in Paris. I was technical supervisor for a distribution company, processing the films to prepare their french theatrical release (dubbing, subtitles, poster printing, trailer and teaser...). Even though it was a 'technical' job, I always felt I was missing something. I wasn't able to create what I wanted. I was using other people's tools, sometimes outdated. More importantly, I had the feeling that the movie industry was on the edge of changing, for good. That viewers, customers, were asking for something new. I knew that the entertainment industry will be entirely “digitalized". And to be part of it, I had to know how to build softwares and apps and learn coding. Otherwise, I would be left by the roadside. When I was a kid, my dream was to work with computers. For some reasons, when I was a teenager I chose movies (at that time, teenagers thought hollywood was cooler than computers!). But finally, I came back to my first wish.

    ## How I lived these 9 weeks of code

    It was just great. I knew in advance that I would like it. But actually, it was even better than expected. The first few weeks were very intense. But I knew, even though I was struggling on some exercices, that I was learning a lot. And at the end, we all made it. Nobody was left behind. Nobody. And that says a lot! The resources available for students are great, and very well structured to tackle precisely what you need to learn. I'm still coming back to Le Wagon platforms and resources (slides, videos, links, articles) nowadays, when a topic gets a bit foggy in my mind. It's very valuable. I enjoyed their 'buddies' system. Working with a new partner every day, being able to ask for help, or being available to help other students. It's great in both situations: you don't get stuck cause you've always got someone there to help you. At the same time, you're learning A LOT when you try to help someone figure out how to write his/her program. It forces you to really understand in-depth the concepts you're explaining.

    The exercises can be quite challenging sometimes. But nothing impossible. And even though you can end your day feeling down, and thinking you'll not make it, the next day, you're back on the track trying to solve problems. And you know that everything will be fine, thanks to Le Wagon's methodology.

    ## The people

    I met wonderful people. I know it sounds a bit cliché. But that's how I feel. My classmates had very different backgrounds: engineers, lawyers, an actor, a bartender,... Only 5 girls though (out of nearly 30 guys). Which is a pity. There is that false idea that coding is for boys. It's completely false. And all the girls in my batch where doing great at coding. Le Wagon's team is amazing. The teachers, Boris, Seb and Romain, all the teaching assistants... I had the feeling that it was the best people to be surrounded with to learn how to code. Most of the teaching team are former alumni (that did Le Wagon 2 years ago). They have been through the same doubts and struggle. Therefore, they really know how to talk to you and guide you to find the solution by yourself, so that you can understand it perfectly.

    ## What I learned

    - I learned to learn anything about web technologies and computer stuff.
    - I learned how to read the FUCKING MANUAL.
    - I learned to work in teams, to priotirize my tasks, to read other people's code, to talk about it with them.
    - I learned to dig deeper inside the code philosophy and mindset.
    - I learned to be passionate about problem solving.
    - I learned a lot about myself, what I'm capable of, how hard I can work, how long I can stay focus on one problem.

    And finally, I learned to code, and to enjoy it.

    If you ever wanted to know how to code to build things and create new stuff, just go for it. I think it was the best investment (time and money) I've made for my professional career.

    ## The community

    And that's the icing on the cake: you learn how to code, and you join a new community. Le Wagon's community is just a big advantage. You're always connected to it through Slack. You can ask question when you're stuck on a problem, or just asking for advices on your product. Some people post job opportunities. We ask each other questions. A lot of projects starts here. And it's great.

    You're still part of Le Wagon months, even years, after finishing the bootcamp.

    ## What it takes

    Before le wagon, I was reading a lot about computers, coding, framework and other stuff. I was on hacker news all day long, reading articles about the last trendy developer library. And of course, I tried to learn by my self. Several times. I spent hours on Codecademy, OpenClassroom, and EdX. After all, everybody, on Quora or Hacker news, says coding is **easy**. Don't fool yourself. It's not. At least, not at the beginning. And that's exactly where Le Wagon is the most valuable thing for you if you really want to learn. Cause when you learn to program, you first learn the basics. But you don't know how it can be useful for creating a web app. You can easily loose your motivation just because you don't see the point. "When will I be able to make my own web application?”. At Le Wagon, you've got people surronding you, teasing you about what you'll be able to achieve few weeks later, and why it's important to understand this specific concept. And you just can't loose your motiviation. You don't even think about it. You just code, every day, from 9am to 7pm. And by the end of the bootcamp, you realize that, f**ck yeah, you can code, now.
    Believe me, you'll be proud of yourself.

    I found something I really love to do. And I'm part of this community where other people also love to code, and share their passion with the other alumni. It was just the best way to enter this world of coding.

    One regret: I should have done it earlier. :-)

  • Paul Chavinier • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Why a coding bootcamp?

    Before joining Le Wagon, I worked in several industries: investment banking (Macquarie), sports retail (Decathlon) and e-commerce (Rocket Internet). I’ve always had plenty of ideas and I knew one day I would need to make at least one of them real. When I finally decided to quit my last job, it was to start a very personal project : Take Away Trips, a web app to help people create and share personal travel guides. However, I found myself in a very common position: I had the idea, but how could I make it real? There were three possible options:

    1. Find a rocket science CTO to partner with me.
    2. Ask some digital agency to do it for me.
    3. Do it by myself.

    The first option is the magic dream that never happens. The person I was looking for was actually the target of thousands of people like me. How can you be competitive with just an idea, to someone who receives thousand of « join me in the next unicorn company I want to create » propositions. After two months of active research attending meetups and asking my network, there was no doubt it was not the best option.

    The second choice, eluding the fact that my pockets were not big enough to finance this option, had a big downside: speaking of a web startup, you are basically giving the ownership of your core product to someone else. On top of that, you can’t be fast and lean if the person who develops your app is not in the same room (even less if based in another country).

    Finally, after considering 2) and 3) I told myself the best option was to learn how to build a dynamic website by myself. But indeed, how?


    Why Le Wagon?

    It is easy to get an idea of the learning curve at Le Wagon: there are dozens of hours of video records of Le Wagon’s alumni pitching live demo. Watching at them I told myself it really looked like what I was seeking: fast learning and best practices to be able to make, with real Ruby code, any idea for real in a minimum of time. The 2 month fullstack program at Le Wagon is clearly designed for entrepreneurs and I was very confident it was no bullshit. Simply because Boris, Romain and Seb, the three founders of Le Wagon are also entrepreneurs and they know how painful it could be to waste your time when you want to quickly ship a product.


    The FullStack program

    I applied to join #Batch 24 in Paris. First days of the program are clearly setting the scene: it’s going to be hectic but fun.

    • Every day a new topic on which you can keep working from home thanks to a super well-made SaaS platform.
    • Every day you get paired up with a different “buddy” to solve new challenges.
    • Every day the same motivation because students at le Wagon really want to learn hence there is a very positive and uplifting atmosphere within the batch.
    • And every day, teachers and teaching assistants are all available to give you best tips when you are stuck in your code.

    During the two last weeks of the program, small groups of students work on their own startup projects. Then, the very last day of the program is the demo day where each team present the project they were working on. It is the ending point of 9 weeks of learning and it is such a great feeling to look back and tell yourself : I’ve learnt so many things in 2 months!


    And now ?

    We presented the project I had before joining the full stack program, [Take Away Trips](http://www.takeawaytrips.com/), during the demo day. Thanks to Le Wagon, I can now apply a lean approach to launch Take Away Trips for real. It looks clearly feasible to update the current version of the website and adapt features based on feedback of my first users. I expect to iterate this way for 2 months in order to get quickly a useable product. Hopefully, based on the upcoming new versions of my app, I will be able to raise funds to develop the activity and eventually be more legitimate to partner with a future CTO.


    I strongly recommend Le Wagon to anyone who wants to start any web related project: this is the best way to really own your product and get on the right track in no time.

  • @jelorillon • Product Specialist • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I started Le Wagon in January 2015 (Batch #6). Before that I had been a corporate finance consultant at one of the « Big Four » for 4 years (right after graduating from HEC a French Business School). I had no engineering background at all.

    Le Wagon is in my opinion the best European coding bootcamp and I'd advise anyone to take up the challenge. They have a unique way of teaching the technical skills you need to work in a tech startup. It's also a great option if you are considering to launch your own startup. After Le Wagon, though I had no computing background before joining the program, I was able to code from scratch and launch a web application and an iOS app. I got selected to demo the app at the 2015 edition of Challenge.rs (http://challenge.rs/) in Barcelona. Le Wagon's teaching gave me the possibility to code the POC that I had in mind. 

    Now after Le Wagon
    Now I'm a product specialist at Algolia, a startup that developed an extremely fast and relevant search engine for websites and mobile applications.  

  • Julien Da Silva • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I just graduated from le Wagon 2 weeks ago (batch #24) and I can only encourage every aspiring entrepreneur to attend this awesome bootcamp. Here is a quick overview of my experience there.

    The Jungle

    Before joining Le Wagon, I worked almost 10 years in the cinema industry. I enjoyed it, had wonderful experiences, traveled a lot but something was missing. Besides my love for art, I was also a tech lover and my curiosity for the entrepreneur world was growing every day. I wanted to join the people who build the future and try to bring something better to this world. It quickly became obvious that learning to code was the next step. I wanted to be able to prototype a product, talk with other developers, understand how the products that I love are made but even with strong motivation, learning from any online courses was discouraging me:

    - What do I have to learn first ?

    - Why this language and not another ?

    - Why am I able to validate a course and still don't see how to even start building anything ?

    I was stuck in the Jungle. After reading some reviews of Le Wagon and checking their Youtube channel, I decided to join the course. What I have done in 9 weeks is beyond what I expected from the bootcamp. I don't think I could have done it alone even with a full year working on it.

    The Program

    Don't fool yourself, learning to code is hard. The first weeks were very rich of information, and sometimes frustration, but I was completely loving it! The secret of Le Wagon is somewhere here. Passionate teachers, exercises smartly spread to bring you step by step to the next keypoint. I took those 9 weeks like a journey and embraced the flow. More than skills what you will learn is an approach and a way of thinking like an experienced developer. You will be able to work in team and unchain yourself from the traps where many beginners stay forever. Being supported by teaching assistants that know what you are experiencing because they all went through the program is also very clever.

    The community, the future

    Spending 9 weeks with people who share the same mindset and coming from many different industries is also a strong reason for attending Le Wagon. Your network will grow fast and open your future to many new routes. All the students share a culture that is empowered by tools like Slack and Le Wagon's platforms. I also learned a lot about myself and now feel able to keep improving my coding skills. I can start from scratch any project and add new bricks to the solid base I have built during Le Wagon.

  • Mia Maria Warde • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I started Le Wagon in April 2016 and I loved it!

    Work hard and challenge yourself

    I was working in a digital marketing consulting firm for 3 years when I started feeling the need to learn something new, something fresh. My job wasn’t fulfilling anymore, I felt I was missing something and I wanted a change. That’s when I thought “Why not coding?” So, I decided to join Le Wagon to work in a booming and challenging environment, to acquire technical skills and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. 

    The whole experience lasts 9 weeks but time flies when you love what you’re doing! Le Wagon has a top-notch approach that enables any student - no matter what his background is - to quickly learn the basics of front and back web development. The program is very well conceived; you spend enough time learning the core concepts of web development, you switch between back-end and front-end languages, you learn how to use frameworks, you work on a copy-cat of Airbnb’s website and you get to code your own web app during the last two weeks. The tools and resources we use are extremely efficient and built in-house by Le Wagon’s team which makes the learning experience even more interesting. But overall, I guess that people are Le Wagon’s best asset; the teachers are super smart, inspiring and dedicated to our success and the students are ambitious with a great positive mindset. You will never be alone at Le Wagon; the community is tightly-welded and enthusiastic; there is always someone for you when you need help – a student, a teacher or an alumnus.

    Learn more about yourself

    When I first started the program I had no idea that I would end up prototyping my own product, Matchee, a C2C web app to buy and sell clothes nearby. Honestly, my first two days at Le Wagon were kind of harsh, I wondered if I would be able to make it till the end. Again, the program is intensive, you should be ready to dedicate yourself to coding during 2 months but the challenge is worth the time and the effort spent!

    The 3 last weeks of the program (copycatting Airbnb’s website + prototyping a product) were my favorites. Working in a team with other developer students is super challenging and rewarding. You learn a lot about yourself and you start imagining your future as a coder. I, for example, developed my MVP with 2 amazing guys who became real friends. We’ve managed to implement technical features in our web app that we’d never thought we’d be able to code before (tinder-like swipe/match, messaging functionalities…).  I know that I would have never done so much in so little time without taking the course – big up to Le Wagon talented staff for that!

    And now, what's next?

    Joining a web native startup as a Product Owner working hand-in-hand with developers (they don’t impress me anymore <3) + improve the concept of my MVP to work on it as a side project. Le Wagon is definitely a life-changing experience!

  • Louis • Student • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Hi all! I am a ‘Le Wagon’ alumni from Batch 11 (summer 2015). Le Wagon has been tremendously helpful in my personal and professional development and I wanted to share my experience with you.

    I came from an aerospace engineering and corporate finance background. I had worked 1 year in several early stage startups and 2 years in strategy consulting. I was looking for a change but was not very clear on which direction to take.

    I would strongly recommend Le Wagon to those who are looking: to aspiring developers, to aspiring Product Managers, to aspiring CEOS, to all those who would like to land on positions that are closer to a (tech) product.

    Learning a skill in the best conditions
    Teachers and teaching assistants at Le Wagon are 100% committed to your success and adapt their methodology to the students’ level, which is especially relevant at the start (when all students do not have the same programming background) and at the end of the bootcamp when students are carrying out their own project and need expertise on very specific topics (e.g., some students would use React for their project).

    Of course, if your goal is to become a ‘fullstack’ developer, there is a long way to go after Le Wagon, but those who are motivated and stick to it become very successfull.

    Understanding a whole ecosystem
    When I joined le Wagon, I knew what agile development meant, but I did not know who was doing what. If you are interested in tech but the roles within a tech team are not clear to you, I would highly recommend that course. After 2.5 months, you are able to have an educated discussion with a UX designer, an UI designer, a front-end, a back-end developer, and a Product Manager.

    Learning to code - if need be :)
    Le Wagon program embeds courses on the lean methodology during which students build a product from scratch, without a single line of code - only by connecting existing services. A must for future bootstrappers !

    Above all - learning to learn
    Learning to learn is the one skill that should be in everyone’s survival kit these days! Our generation has to learn one, if not several skills per year and we have to be equipped with the right mindset to absorb that knowledge.

    Learning to learn is by far the most valuable skill that I have learnt at Le Wagon. Why and how? Because coding is harsh - Your program does not work - But it did yesterday at 11pm! - Now it is all bugged - You have to fix it - You have no clue what the problem is!

    The only thing you DO KNOW is that you won’t give up until it is fixed and that you have plenty of resources and people to help you out. 

  • Amelie • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    A 5-star learning experience

    I decided to learn how to code after getting really frustrated by not understanding and not being able to do what my developers friends and coworkers were doing. And I no longer feel that way - mission accomplished.
    If you've tried to learn to code by yourself, you will know that the learning curve is often pretty flat, you can easily get lost in the amount of content you find online. One huge advantage of the bootcamp is to focus on the useful tools and techniques.
    The satisfaction of building something from scratch is immense. You'll learn enough to design an app, write the code and push to a production environment. 
    There is a lot to learn in 9 weeks, so the teaching speed is definitely fast. But, some sessions are reserved for students who don't feel comfortable yet with some concepts, to make sure nobody is left behind.
    You will develop a "developer mindset" - a mix of patience, autonomy and critical thinking. You will learn a foundation of concepts and methodologies to build on following  the end of the bootcamp.

    Focus on product
    One of the focuses of the bootcamp is product. There is a class specifically dedicated to product management, but Product is not limited to that class...it is always at the core of the training.
    What business problem are you trying to solve? Which core features should you develop first? What other products can you use to minimize the investment, increase efficiency? How can you improve your user experience design?
    All teachers are not only very good at technical stuff but also very strong at product, which is awesome. It makes a difference - you don't only learn to build stuff, but also what and how to build.
    After Le Wagon
    There is a decent amount of students who decide to start their business right after Le Wagon. Some of them become junior developers and get hired right away. I was not planning on ever becoming a developer, but instead to keep growing in product management. After graduating, I had several opportunities to choose from in Paris and the US. A year later, Le Wagon is still definitely a huge plus. Not only does it looks good on a resume (probably the majority of my so-called hard skills), it also made me technical enough for it never to be an issue during my job search.
    Work hard, play hard 
    Last but not least, the teaching team and students are definitely what makes Le Wagon so great. The group got together really fast and programming in small groups definitely helps learning from your peers. 
    Frequent happy hours, startup talks and meetups make the group of students and alumni connect with the local startup and tech community, which is incredibly valuable during and after the bootcamp.
  • Antonin Archer • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:


    TL, DR:

    It changed my life. Removed the fear of not being technical— great friends and memories I will never forget.

    I spent an entire year learning to code. I tried everything:

    - Codecademy

    - learn Python the hard way

    - Coursera

    - Code School

    But I still sucked. I couldn’t even write a simple program. Was I stupid? Maybe.

    But I decided to try a new approach and registered to Le Wagon after hearing great feedback. After 9 weeks, I was able to build Impact—a tool for retrieving and analyzing Twitter data. I even wrote one of the program’s main algorithms. Maybe not that stupid after all.

    Le Wagon isn’t a course--it’s a life experiment.


    Why is learning to code so hard? Because it’s lonely. Oh man, try to read documentation written by coders, for coders, when you’ve never been on those websites. It’s a pain. Nobody wants to help you—« READ THE FUCKING MANUAL », they say—and it quickly gets discouraging. I don’t want more homework again.

    But that doesn’t happen at Le Wagon—you’re not alone. You make friends. Each day, you are paired with someone from your batch—your buddy for the day. You don’t have any excuses for not collaborating and you’ll end up creating relationships with everyone in your class. You learn how to pair-program, how to help (and ask for help), and create long-lasting relationships. Many end up working together—some even start companies.

    So no more loneliness, but a great environment to learn, meet and grow.


    The main problem with learning anything is putting in the required amount of intensity. I could have spent years learning code in a half-assed way, like I was doing. I would still not know how to code.

    Le Wagon makes you DO stuff. To my great pleasure, lessons laster only one hour—the perfect time to give the essentials and keep everyone interested—and gave place to 8 hours of intense coding. Exercices, product-building, real-life challenges. They’re here to make you BUILD stuff.

    Traditional education leaves you in the world without any skills. Le Wagon teaches you practical and professional-level skills in 9 weeks.

    I couldn’t design a simple web page when I started. After 9 weeks, I could build AirBnB.

    That’s effectiveness.


    We spend so much time speculating, fantasizing on our lives. Maybe I should have been a lawyer, I should have traveled more, I should have become a developer.

    But there’s no way to know if you like something but trying it with a deadline and a lot of intensity. Le Wagon makes you grow as a person by increasing your self-awareness: it helps you know yourself better.

    Do you like working in teams? You will know.

    Do you like building tech products? You will know.

    Do you want to be a software engineer, an entrepreneur, a product manager? You will know.

    I wanted to code because I was scared I couldn’t be an entrepreneur otherwise. I didn’t know if I had it in me. I didn’t know if it was useful. I was fantasizing, again.

    Then I spent 9 weeks coding all day. That’s 400 hours.

    Now I know. If everything goes to flames, if my business fails and my girlfriend leaves me, if I’m expelled from my place and have zero friends left, I won’t be scared.

    I found something I love doing. That’s worth everything.

    Thank you Le Wagon.

  • christopher • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I have been hanging around Le Wagon for over a year now, and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had, certainly one of the most valuable decisions I've made in the past.


    Keep your mind open

    In January 2015, I decided to apply to Le Wagon FullStack program in order to learn programming but also to keep my mind open. I finished school about 10 years ago and I never took time to train myself after that.


    For me as an entrepreneur, being aware that there are so many things to learn was as crucial as gaining these actual skills. I worked on my own before joining the bootcamp, in order not to be completely lost, since I was not an engineer. Those 8 hours spent discovering Pascal language back when I was a kid would not happen to be that helpful…

    And I worked a lot during the bootcamp. 9 hours in front of your code every day, and some more at night, 9 weeks straight. Pretty intense!


    How does the web works?

    I attended Le Wagon in order to understand how those web and mobile apps work. At first, I did not envisage to build a Tesla or a revolutionary AI software. I still don't. My intention was to get how AirBnb and Twitter function behind the curtain. The famous MVP approach! And when you start seeing the way these apps work, you feel empowered to build your own stuff.


    Many new projects!

    After I ended the bootcamp, I decided to stay in touch with the team that runs Le Wagon. I just loved the atmosphere. It's so stimulating to see 10 new business projects every other month! I am now a part-time Teacher Assistant for the next batches, helping them understand the crucial notions of Ruby, Rails, SQL, htlm and JavaScript.



    I definitely had the desire to start a new business after Le Wagon. It just reinforced that feeling. Something just clicked in my mind: « now, you can build projects on your own! ». I had previously started and failed on projects where I heavily depended on some other people's skills to make them work. Now I could launch things without being dependent. So important!


    Mission Biberon

    The last two weeks of the bootcamp were dedicated to our own projects. With a fellow student, I coded the elearning platform for future parents called www.MissionBiberon.com, with a video viewer, text recaps and quizzes. Since then, we've been working on the content, and a dozen episodes are now live!

    This is just the beginning of Mission Biberon, but the first feedbacks are awesome. And I know I probably wouldn't have started this without Le Wagon.


    So if you have the guts to start a business and 2 month to spare, you shouldn't even be reading the end of this comment, apply!

  • Victor Fulconis • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I was a student in batch #18 of Le Wagon (January 2016) and loved the experience. I came from a web-marketing background (acquisition & CRM) and was looking for web development training to be able to work better with technical teams.

    Le Wagon provides in 9 weeks a very complete training on the basics of front & back-end web development, enabling you to very easily continue learning code quickly by yourself. As a bonus, it gives you a good flavor of what is product development, pitching a project and entrepreneurship.

    It has a great and extremely available teaching staff, great courses and resources that remain fully available after the end of the training. Rhythm is intense but very balanced between courses, exercises and conferences with entrepreneurs. Atmosphere is extremely friendly and motivating.

    Looking at former students’ careers evolution after le Wagon, this training really answers to a wide range of objectives: become a developer, entrepreneur or just gain technical background.

    In summary, it was an amazing experience!

  • Pierre • Co-Founder of BOOSTin • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I started Le Wagon in October 2015 and it was the best decision of my life !

    The reason :

    « In the new economy, computer science isn't an optional skill. It's a basic skill » - Barack Obama

    I’ve always been interested in technology & innovation and how these two are transforming our world. Being able to understand and actually control the tools that are now ruling the world is in my opinion mandatory for everyone in the future, so I had to learn it myself.

    The one thing that struck me the most during the bootcamp is the amount of knowledge and skills I developed in such a short period of time. I give credit for that to the amazing program they developed . The way the program is structured and the resources they provide is THE real added value of this bootcamp ! Another great added value is the Alumni community. They make sure that you are well connected to every people that has already been a Wagoner and that you can ask questions, find jobs, find partners and so on.

    One important thing to know before applying though, is that Le Wagon has a clear entrepreneurial angle & mindset! Throughout the bootcamp, we had introductions to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship concepts/tools, so if you have no interest in entrepreneurship AT ALL maybe it’s not the best option. However I think that even for non-entrepreneurs these concepts are super interesting, whereas for (aspiring) entrepreneurs, it’s a huge added value!

    As a result of my bootcamp, I ended up developing BOOSTin, a growth hacking tool for brands on Instagram. With BOOSTin, brands can get relevant data about their own activity and their competition’s in order to increase the efficiency of their marketing activity on Instagram.

    In definitive, I would TOTALLY recommend Le Wagon to anyone, from anywhere, at any age, with any background. It is a life changing experience.

  • Life changer
    - 4/19/2016
    Thomas Chrétien • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I am alumni of Le Wagon batch #3 (September 2014). Here is my story since I graduated.

    Before Le Wagon

    Before joining Le Wagon, I studied web-marketing during 2 years but did not like the way it was taught, so I quit. I really wanted to be able to develop my own products at the time. That's why I decided to join Le Wagon, which seemed to be a very product-oriented program which teaches you programming but also gives you good practices and tools to build a tech product.

    Just after the program

    I kept on working on TrackGuru (https://www.lewagon.com/blog/interview-thomas-chretien-trackguru) the MVP I had developed within the two last weeks of the program. The platform reached 500 subscribers, but it was taking me too much time for marketing / communication, and I decided to take some distance and go back to programming smile emoticon

    After being a TA (teaching assistant), I joined Le Wagon's team as frontend developer to increase my expertise under the mentoring of Sebastien and Boris. In less than a year we released Le Wagon Ondemand (https://ondemand.lewagon.org/), the Alumni platform (http://alumni.lewagon.org) and the new version of Le Wagon's website (the current one). I learned React.js, sharpen my CSS and Javascript skills and, of course, kept on doing some Rails.

    Adopting a digital nomad lifestyle

    That was a crazy year! My coding skills increased exponentially and I also learnt a lot about myself. After a year of coding I took some time off, I moved to Brazil for some weeks and I spent time in front of the Ocean, enjoying Yoga lessons. Quickly I realized I missed coding. I thought about my TrackGuru experience, and I decided to launch a new product, same style, with a different angle, and of course new skills! I took time to analyse my mistakes, and to refine what will be later Hubum (http://www.hubum.com/).

    Hubum is the Product Hunt of electro vinyl albums releases. The idea is to allow users to discover the vinyl release culture, and to become a reference digger in this niche. What we need to know is that all labels are working closely with techno artists to produce their vinyl release. A vinyl album is a bit as a story with a lot of protagonists and substance around the material. Releases fans are crazy about it, and represent a constant community, sensible and engaged, always looking for good new sounds, favouring quality to quantity.

    In parallel, we try to engage a maximum of our curators/guests by inviting them to share in exclusivity their discovery on the platform. The challenge is to find renowned influencers (artists, youtubers) willing to help us. Some great names join us already: Audu Simion (hubum.com/andusimion), Moskalus (http://www.hubum.com/moskalus)), Hurfyd (hubum.com/hurfyd)…

    Next step

    I like the digital nomad lifestyle. I want to continue teaching at Le Wagon (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels), travel, make some freelancing and personal projects, and keep learning new stuff every day.

    I am really grateful to Le Wagon. It's crazy how they helped me develop my coding skills so quickly. I can know build all the products I want.

    But above all, they also helped me find myself and work and live my life the way I want.

  • Lilian • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I was a student at Le Wagon (batch #6) and then a Teaching Assistant for couple of batches.

    For me Le Wagon is not only the kickoff I needed back then to get up to speed with start-up best practices and gain coding skills but also, what I've realised one year and an half after completing the bootcamp, a resourceful and very active community on a day to day basis.

    The experience of Le Wagon goes way above the 9 weeks of the bootcamp. We have an alumni platform that gets improved all the time, almost weekly events to keep up with code improvement as well as start-up best practices, and four huge (free) parties per year to meet other batches émoticône smile

    Not to mention the amazing group of friends I kept from this 9 week journey.

    Although not everybody would benefit similar output going thru this experience. After being a student and a Teaching Assistant I would highly recommend Le Wagon to 3 main profiles :

    - Entrepreneurs
    - People who want to become full-stack developer
    - Product owners, growth marketer and people who will work on a daily basis with developers

    If you have one of these profiles, you can’t get wrong with Le Wagon and the program will benefit you almost immediately.

    Personally, I find myself in these three profiles. After working with several start-ups as a freelance developper, I’ve finally joined a French start-up as the CTO (https://www.bobdepannage.fr/la-team-bob-depannage/) and my work is now a mix of code / product management / entrepreneurial thinking.

    You have two main questions to ask yourself.

    - Is a coding bootcamp the best way to accelerate/change my professional path?
    - If so, which one to choose?

    For the first question, I hope I gave you some insights about things to consider. For the second one, you should really not hesitate, Le Wagon is a great program! If you live within 45min where Le Wagon is (yes it’s 9 intensive weeks and you better reduce your commute) this is definitely the coding bootcamp you should go for.

  • Feeling powerful
    - 3/17/2016
    Adrien • Growth Marketer • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I was one of the students of batch 4 in Paris (end of 2014).

    Being a student at Le Wagon helped a lot for my career in tech. I had a growth marketing background and really needed to have a technical perspective to be better at my work.

    First, the hard skills you learn over there are very valuable. I can now build MVPs with Ruby on Rails and HTML/CSS by myself. I can also tweak websites - which is useful to implement tracking codes or make some changes on frontend for instance. 

    Second, it enabled me to understand coding culture and to be able to collaborate efficiently with developpers. This is a substential strength during my everyday life at a startup. I am now able to be more relevant with my ideas that require technical work; being able use Github or to chat about APIs is also useful when you are surrounded by developpers!

    Last, the people I met during the program are high quality. The students are mostly entrepreneurs and share a great mindset. The teachers are super smart & encouraging. Also, Le Wagon being embeded in the Paris startup scene, I met several pretty impressive founders (Algolia, Front, Sunrise...). 

    In a word, Le Wagon enabled me to be more powerful as a person. I don't feel stuck by my lack of tech skills anymore. I definitely recommend this coding bootcamp!

  • Quitterie • CEO @ SKELLO • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Life changing experience, literally
    Attending Le Wagon was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It really changed my life. I met great people, learned extremely valuable skills and found a community I will always be part of.

    My classmates
    One of the most enriching aspect of le Wagon (apart from the coding skills) was the opportunity to meet people with such fascinating stories; it didn’t take long for all of us to become friends. Everyone came at le Wagon with a different background and personality and discovering so many interesting people was an amazing experience. Lifelong friendships were forged, undoubtedly we’ll cross paths with each other at future jobs, and I’m even starting a company with two of them.

    Teaching and staff
    I am really grateful to all the teachers at le Wagon. They are the best instructors I have ever had. They don’t just give you the theory and exercises and then let you in the dark, oh no their method is well-structured to really get rid of pedagogical frictions and give you an "optimal" leaning experience. They have this ability to understand that each of us is a different learner and cater to the needs of each student.

    But it’s not only teachers and every day, you can also rely on great teaching assistants (former students at Le Wagon) who help you every time you need and spend time to dig deep in your code with you.

    Le Wagon not only gave me the knowledge but also gave me the opportunity to meet the people I work with every day. We continued after le Wagon and decided to create our company together. Everyday we keep learning and that feels good! Now that I know about coding I feel like I can address confidently any investors or tech guy because I know what I m talking about. For an entrepreneur it makes a big difference trust me!
    You can take a look at our demo day here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79SQFIIR0O8 at 14'10"

  • Maxime Braud • Product Manager • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I’ve been a student at Le Wagon for the 9-week program in June 2015. I have been creating websites for 10+ years, but had almost no  backend skills and felt limited when I wanted to create more complex and intelligent things.
    The program gave me exactly what I was looking for: an intensive ruby and rails course, best practices and tools, cool front-end tips.
    I am know able to do a MVP of any basic product in something like two weeks, which is an amazing skill to have I believe.
    The other thing I liked a lot is the entrepreneurial/cool spirit. Students were open-minded and fun, and le Wagon’s team is always there to help and to drink a beer.
    I kept strong links with le Wagon, working as a teacher assistant for the next batches and they even hosted my new company, Mangrove (www.meetmangrove.com) for a few weeks. This new venture feels like a logical path after le Wagon, keeping some of the same spirit and using skills I learned during the 9 weeks. 
  • Kevin Robert • Junior developer • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:


    I finished Le Wagon a year ago doing their 6th batch and this was the biggest (and coolest) shift in my life. Here are some details about Le Wagon.


    Intensive and focused on best practices

    The curriculum is really challenging. Some stats to illustrate my point: you get to learn five different "languages" (ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL) not to mention the libraries and frameworks (Rails, Sinatra, jQuery, React). The pace is fast and you've got to work hard, with 50 hours of code per week to really benefits from the program. In addition to the great courses by experienced teachers, Le Wagon has developed internal tools and learning platforms (with lectures and videos) that help you digest best practices and be autonomous at the end of the 2 months.

    Startup ecosystem

    9 weeks is short but enough to dive deep in the world of tech startups and adopt this culture.

    I was a perfect newbie and I easily became "startup-fluent" through contact with Le Wagon ecosystems, through meetups, talks, and workshops organised every week.

    I loved going back to school and to fill in a batch atmosphere with coding buddies who became real friends spending my whole time with us during this 9 weeks. Le Wagon builds a great community of alumni and I enjoy being one of them. We take pleasure to meet each other through Le Wagon weekly events or around a beer.

    Great Program, Great Staff, Great Projects

    I discovered a high-quality curriculum built like LEGO where each piece improves and completes the previous one, and where you always code a library by yourself before we give you the built-in tool for that. Morning courses are provided by great teachers. Sometimes a bit fast (event if 1h30 long) but then you get helped by awesome teaching-assistants during the day. The last 2 weeks of the program are dedicated to coding your own project and the results are just great: https://www.lewagon.com/fr/alumni

    Learn to code, boost your profile, change your life

    Students come to Le Wagon with different goals, choose yours. I was private-teacher in Mathematics, Physics and Biology during 5 years after a Master degree in Marine Biology. When a friend told me I should follow Le Wagon fullstack program, I thought that would be cool to add this skill to my teaching offer, and why not start doing some freelance dev with it.

    So I enrolled it and it really changed my life. One week only after the end of the bootcamp, I was already working on freelance missions for a startup. After a year of code for different projects like thepixeler (a digital artwork sharing platform), MaShareEcole (the school network for parents in France) and MissionBiberon (a MOOC for parents having babies), etc.. I finally joined Le Wagon as an official teacher and developer.

    As I told you, very cool life shift.