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Coding Bootcamp Cost Comparison: Full Stack Immersives

By Imogen Crispe
Last updated on January 3, 2023

How much do coding bootcamps cost? From students looking for free coding bootcamps to those wondering if an $18,000 bootcamp is worth it, we understand that cost is important to future bootcampers! While the average full-time coding bootcamp in the US costs $13,584, bootcamp tuition can range from $7,800 to $21,000. So how do you decide what to budget for? Here, we break down the costs of coding bootcamps

Methodology: This is a cost comparison of full stack web development (front end and back end) in-person (on-site) immersive bootcamps that are nine weeks or longer, and many of them also include extra remote pre-work study. We have chosen courses which we think are comparable in course content – they all teach HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, plus back end languages or frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Python, Angular, and Node.js. All schools listed here have at least one campus in the USA. To find out more about each bootcamp or read reviews, click on the links below to see their detailed Course Report pages.

Table of Contents

$5000 - $10,000 Coding Bootcamps 

Bootcamp Name Course Tuition Cost
Coding Nomads 3 Month Intensive


Epicodus Full Certificate Program $8,700
Devmountain Full-Time Bootcamps $7,900


Here's more information about the bootcamps at Coding Nomads, Epicodus, and Devmountain:

Coding Nomads Cost: $6,950

Financing: Leif Income Share Agreement
Scholarship: Available for veterans, women, and financial need. Info here.
Length: 18 weeks
Pre-work: Included in total length
Location: Tahoe, California; Bali

Epicodus Cost: $7,800

Financing: Climb Credit and Ascent Funding
Scholarship: Info here
Length: 27 weeks
Pre-work: Included in total length
Location: Portland, OR; Seattle 

Devmountain Cost: $7,900

Financing: Climb Credit and Ascent Funding
Scholarship: Info here
Length: 12-16 weeks
Pre-work: Included in total length
Location: Utah 

$10,000 - $15,000 Coding Bootcamps

Bootcamp Name Course Tuition Cost
Ironhack Web Development Bootcamp


Grand Circus Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp $11,750
DevPoint Labs Full-Time Web Development $11,000
Burlington Code Academy Software Development Bootcamp $12,000
Code Fellows Code 401 $12,000
Coding Temple Full Time Bootcamp $13,995
Claim Academy Immersive Boot Camps $12,998
Hackbright Academy Software Engineering Bootcamp $12,900
We Can Code IT Full Time Coding Bootcamp $14,900
DigitalCrafts Web Development Bootcamp $14,950
LearningFuze  Full-Time Coding Bootcamp $14,995
Learn Academy 4-Month Intensive Bootcamp $14,500

 Here's more information about coding bootcamps that cost between $10,000-$15,000.

IronHack Cost: $12,500

Financing: Climb and Ascent Funding
Scholarship: 10% scholarship for women
Length: 9 weeks
Pre-work: Yes
Location: Miami

Grand Circus Cost: $11,750

Financing: Ascent Funding, Even, Climb
Scholarship: Automatic $1000 scholarship for veterans, women, and ethnic minority groups underrepresented in tech
Length: 12 weeks
Pre-work: n/a
Location: Grand Rapids ($9750), Detroit ($7500)

DevPoint Labs Cost: $11,000

Financing: Mountain America Credit Union
Scholarship: Women and Diversity in Tech scholarships available
Length: 11 weeks
Pre-work: 15-20 hours remote
Location: Sandy, Utah (at the University of Utah)  Full-Time Full-Stack Web Development

Burlington Code Academy Cost: $12,000

Financing: via Ascent Funding
Scholarship: Many scholarships for Vermont residents, diverse applicants, and more.
Length: 12 weeks
Pre-work: n/a
Location: Online

Code Fellows Cost: $12,000

Financing: Available through Climb Credit and Ascent Funding
Scholarship: A variety available here
Length: 10 weeks
Pre-work: Self-paced
Location: Seattle and online

Coding Temple Cost: $13,995

Financing: Ascent Funding + in-house financing options
Scholarship: A variety available here
Length: 10 weeks
Pre-work: 60 hours/3 weeks
Location: Online

Claim Academy Cost: $12,998

Financing: Ascent Funding and Pave
Scholarship: $500 women in technology scholarship, $1000 college upgrade scholarship, $500 minority scholarship, $500 veteran scholarship
Length:19 weeks
Pre-work: Yes
Location: St Louis

We Can Code IT Cost: $14,900

Financing: Ascent Funding
Scholarship: $100 Diversity Grant for women, African American, Hispanic, or Native American
Length: 14 weeks
Pre-work: Not required
Location: Columbus, Cleveland

DigitalCrafts Cost: $14,950

Financing: Ascent Funding
Scholarship: Available for underrepresented groups and veterans
Length: 16 weeks full-time onsite
Pre-work: 30-40 hours remote
Location: Atlanta, Houston, and online

LearningFuze Cost: $14,995

Financing: Ascent Funding or Deferred Tuition Scholarship
Scholarship: $500 for applicants through Course Report
Length: 12 weeks
Pre-work: 2 weeks remote or on-site
Location: Irvine, CA and online

Learn Academy Cost: $14,500

Financing: Affirm and Ascent Funding
Scholarship: Contact school for details
Length: 17 weeks
Pre-work: HTML and JavaScript exercises
Location: San Diego

Hackbright Academy Cost: $12,900 

Financing: Pave, Ascent Funding or Deferred Tuition
Scholarship: A variety available here
Length: 10 weeks full-time + 2 weeks career prep (full-time) or 24 weeks part-time.
Pre-work: 20 hours + (required)
Location: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Online 

$15,000 - $20,000 Coding Bootcamps

Bootcamp Name Course Tuition Cost
Launch Academy Full Stack Development


Coding Dojo Software Development Bootcamp $16,245
General Assembly Full-Time Immersive $16,450
Flatiron School Software Engineering $16,900
Tech Elevator Code 401 $15,950
Sabio Full Time Bootcamp $15,000
Codesmith Full Stack Development


devCodeCamp Software Development Bootcamp $15,500
Fullstack Academy Software Engineering Immersive $17,910
Hack Reactor Software Engineering Coding Bootcamp



Here's more information about coding bootcamps that are slightly more expensive than average ($15,000-$20,000):

Launch Academy Cost: $17,500

Financing: available through Ascent Funding
Scholarship: Occasionally
Length:18 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work: 50-100 hours
Location: Boston, MA

Coding Dojo Cost: $16,245

Financing: Pave and Upstart
Scholarship: $1000-$1500 for college students, recent college grads, career reinvention, veterans and $2500 for females.
Length: 14 weeks full-time onsite
Pre-work: optional online course
Location: Chicago, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Dallas, Tysons Corner, Tulsa, Boise 

General Assembly Cost: $16,450 (Web Development Immersive)

Financing: Climb, Meritize or Catalyst Income Sharing Agreement
Scholarship: Sometimes available. Check out the Opportunity Fund.
Length: 12 weeks full-time onsite
Pre-work: 40 hours
Location: San Francisco ($15,950), Washington DC ($15,950), New York ($15,950), Chicago ($14,950), Austin ($13,950), London (£8,000), and 10 other locations.

Flatiron School Cost: $16,900 (USA), £10,000 (London)

Financing: Payment plans available via Climb and Ascent Funding
Scholarship: Available for students from underrepresented groups
Length: 12 weeks full-time onsite
Pre-work: 150 hours (required)
Location: New York ($15,000), Houston ($14,000), Atlanta ($14,000), Seattle ($15,000), Washington DC ($15,000), London (£10,000)

Tech Elevator Cost: $15,900

Financing: Ascent Funding
Scholarship: Contact school
Length: 14 weeks
Pre-work: 30-40 hours
Location: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit

Sabio Cost: $15,000

Financing: Ascent Funding, Pave
Scholarship: $500 Course Report Scholarship; $1500 Jill May Women Scholarship
Length: 12 weeks
Pre-work: 4 weeks
Location: Irvine ($15,499), Los Angeles ($16,950), Online ($16,950)

Codesmith Cost: $19,950

Financing: Ascent Funding
Scholarship: A variety available here
Length: 12 weeks 
Pre-work: 4 weeks
Location: Los Angeles, New York City

devCodeCamp Cost: $15,500

Financing: Climb Credit and Ascent Funding. GI Bill Approved.
Scholarship: Unknown
Length: 12 weeks
Pre-work: Unknown
Location: Milwaukee, Madison

Fullstack Academy Cost: $17,910

Financing: Pave, Ascent Funding, and Upstart
Scholarship: $1000 scholarship for women and veterans
Length: 13 weeks
Pre-work: 4 weeks part time remote (required)
Location: New York ($17,910), Chicago ($15,910)

Hack Reactor Cost: $17,980

Financing: Ascent Funding and Climb
Scholarship: See Hack Reactor's Scholarship Fund
Length: 12 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work: 4 weeks part time remote (required)
Location: San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, New York City, Online

$20,000 + Coding Bootcamps

Bootcamp Name Course Tuition Cost
Turing School Back-End Engineering


Rithm School Full-Time Program $24,000


More information about Turing School and Rithm School:

Turing School Cost: $20,000 (includes laptop)

Financing: Earnest, Climb, Pave, Ascent Funding and in-house financing. Turing accepts GI Bill benefits.
Scholarship: $4000 diversity scholarships available
Length: 28 weeks
Pre-work: No
Location: Denver

Rithm School Cost: $24,000

Financing: Ascent Funding
Scholarship: Rithm awards scholarships to support diversity and strong merit.
Length: 16 weeks
Pre-work: 80-120 hours
Location: San Francisco

Deferred/Contingent Tuition Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps with Deferred Tuition or Income Sharing Agreements allow a student to pay little to nothing upfront, followed by a percentage of their salary once they find a job. Here's a list of th 12 bootcamps that offered deferred tuition (and another 22 bootcamps that offer ISAs). 

Free/Zero Tuition Coding Bootcamps

A free coding bootcamp is an immersive training program – only it's free to students! Of course, there are free intro coding programs and free bootcamp prep programs, but the schools on this list aren't simply free intro classes. This is a list of the 11 free bootcamps – full-fledged, legitimate bootcamps with comprehensive curricula, instructors, and career services. 


Check out these resources for information on how to fund your bootcamp experience:

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