Learn JavaScript at These 551 JavaScript Bootcamps

JavaScript is the most popular coding language in the world. And for good reason – with over 20 JavaScript frameworks, it’s the most efficient and versatile coding language out there. Check out this History of JavaScript for beginners.

JavaScript coding bootcamp graduates can land jobs like Front End Web Developer, Full Stack Web Developer, MEAN Stack Web Developer, Information Security Software Developer, WordPress Developer, JavaScript Developer, Junior Developer, Freelance Web Developer, and more. See what JavaScript bootcamp graduates are building!

Most bootcamps teach JavaScript these days – expect to learn JS fundamentals, JavaScript frameworks like Node.js or ReactJS, soft skills, HTML/CSS, and more. A JavaScript boot camp might also teach you Ruby on Rails, Python, SQL, and other languages. Almost all coding bootcamps focus on job preparation, teamwork, and projects.

JavaScript bootcamps range from 9-weeks to 22-weeks. You’ll find JavaScript coding bootcamp online and in-person in immersive and self-paced formats. If you’d like to be a full-stack or front-end developer, check out top-rated bootcamps like Le Wagon, Codesmith, Fullstack Academy, or Actualize.

There are 551 bootcamps that teach JavaScript skills around the world – which is best for you? This list has top-rated bootcamps like Northwestern Boot Camps, Zip Code Wilmington, Bedu/Tech. As you do your research, look for JavaScript bootcamps with great alumni reviews, proven student outcomes, and a strong JavaScript curriculum.


551 Best JavaScript Bootcamps

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