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  • 8 Traits found in the Ideal Coding Bootcamp Student

    Liz Eggleston2/27/2015


    What makes for the ideal coding bootcamp student? Experience? Perserverence? Natural Skill? We've compiled advice from instructors and founders at top programming bootcamps like gSchool, Dev Bootcamp, Wyncode, and Fullstack Academy- aka the folks making admissions decisions every day. Read on for the 8 qualities that bootcamps tell us they look for in potential applicants. [As of December 8, 2017, Dev Bootcamp will no longer be operating.]

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  • Bootstrap Creator Mark Otto Speaks at Coding Dojo

    Liz Eggleston2/25/2015


    Coding Dojo provides an immersive 12-week onsite and online coding bootcamp for aspiring web developers in Seattle and Silicon Valley. The team recently hosted a Tech Talk for Coding Dojo students at their Silicon Valley bootcamp, featuring Mark Otto and Connor Sears, formerly of Zurb, Twitter, and now GitHub. Mark co-developed the open source front-end framework Bootstrap (any coding bootcamp graduate will be familiar with and grateful for Mark’s work)! Mark and Connor talked about their respective backgrounds and the pathways they took to become the designers they are today, their most gratifying projects over the years, and more.

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  • Alumni Spotlight: Matt, Coding Dojo

    Liz Eggleston1/30/2015


    Matt Tucker was attending a technical college in Phoenix for computer science, but he wanted to learn to apply his skills more directly. The Silicon Valley location and affordable price point at Coding Dojo appealed to Matt, and he moved to California, putting college on hold. He completed Coding Dojo’s Silicon Valley bootcamp, passing both of his “Black Belt” exams, and now works at a startup called Roost with other Coding Dojo grads. Matt explains what drew him to Coding Dojo’s varied approach and the key to avoiding burnout (hint: love what you do).

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  • Founder Spotlight: Michael Choi, Coding Dojo

    Liz Eggleston1/23/2015


    While working in the startup world, Michael Choi was tasked with finding skilled web engineers. His difficulty finding qualified developers inspired him to start training smart people himself, and thus Coding Dojo was born. Michael talks to us about the importance of iteration for the Coding Dojo curriculum, expanding beyond Northern California by adding Seattle and Los Angeles coding bootcamps, and the diverse community of students that attend and excel at Coding Dojo.

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  • Alumni Spotlight: Chung, Coding Dojo

    Liz Eggleston1/21/2015


    Chung Kim tried web development 15 years ago and had a real aptitude for it, but he didn’t put those skills to the test until he recently decided to move to the Bay Area to join Coding Dojo and attend their 12-week coding bootcamp. He was referred to Coding Dojo by a friend that had recently completed their bootcamp. Having recently completed the course himself, Chung tells us about choosing programing languages to focus on, ways to avoid burnout, and working at his new company Roost.

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  • 7 Essential Tips to Financially Prepare for a Coding Bootcamp

    Josh Breiger12/6/2014


    While coding bootcamps are designed to be cost-effective alternatives to a conventional education in Computer Programming, prospective students still need to carefully manage their finances. As many leave their full-time jobs to attend, money is often tight for the average coding bootcamp student, and given the full-time requirements of most programs, working part-time is simply not an option.

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  • How to Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes Made by Coding Bootcamp Alumni

    Justin Marshall10/14/2014


    So you enrolled in a reputable coding bootcamp, showed up every day, drank enough Red Bull to kill a real bull, and graduated with a solid understanding of OOP, MySQL, Heroku, and twenty other terms that are not, it turns out, foreign swear words. It’s smooth sailing from here on out, right? Wrong. Too many coding bootcamp alumni assume that graduation marks the end of their journey when, in truth, it marks the beginning. Here are 5 mistakes coding bootcamp grads make, and Coding Dojo contributor Justin Marshall's tips on how to avoid them. 

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