Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Women: The Comprehensive List

By Jess Feldman
Last updated on October 18, 2022

We’ve all seen the statistics, and the verdict is clear: women are vastly underrepresented in technical fields. While women are the leading adopters of technology, the software development industry is only made up of 20% women. Course Report wants to see more women in technical roles, and coding bootcamps have a unique opportunity to boost these numbers. One way to attract women to apply and enroll in code schools is through scholarships and financial support, so we’re breaking down scholarship opportunities for women at coding bootcamps. Whether it’s discounts, special contests, or grants, you’ll find it in this comprehensive list of bootcamp scholarships for women. 

We keep this list updated as new scholarships are announced; notice a new scholarship is missing? Mention it in the comments!

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Automatic Bootcamp Scholarships for Women

These code schools offer automatic discounts for any women who apply to their programs:

1. Bitmaker Labs’ Grace Hopper Scholarship for Women in Technology is a $500 tuition deduction for all women who participate in full-time programming courses.

2. Coder Academy covers 50% of tuition fees for one Women in Tech scholarship recipient per campus per intake. 6 scholarships are issued per year for those partaking in the Fast Track bootcamp .

3. Dev League offers $1000 scholarships for outstanding female applicants via their DevLeague Diversity Scholarship.

4. DigitalCrafts deducts $1500 off tuition for their Full-Stack Immersive Program and $1000 off tuition for their Full-Stack Flex Program.

5. The Dev Masters provides a scholarship up to 10% off of tuition to underrepresented groups in technology, including but not limited to: women, minorities, LGBTQ, and individuals with disabilities.

6. Flatiron School established its Women Take Tech initiative and offers $2000 scholarships to women admitted to their NYC Software Engineering Immersive, Online Software Engineering Bootcamp and Immersive Data Science Bootcamp.

7. Fullstack Academy gives all women at Fullstack their $1000 Ada Lovelace Scholarship for Women.

8. The Grace Hopper Program offers deferred tuition at their all-women coding bootcamp. You only pay tuition once you secure a job.

9. Launch Academy offers a $500 scholarship to any veteran, female or person of an ethnic minority group underrepresented in the software engineering field.

10. LearningFuze offers $500 discounts for women and US military members.

11. Makers Academy offers a £500 discount to any woman who is accepted.

12. Metis offers a $3000 scholarship to put towards tuition for all women, underrepresented minorities, and veterans or members of the US military.

13. Sabio provides the Jill H. Mays $5,500 Scholarship which is open to all individuals that identify as women.  

14. The Software Guild $2000 Women in Tech Award is for eligible females who are admitted into the full-time, online coding bootcamp program or Louisville on-ground program.

15. Thinkful offers scholarships to self-identifying women who enroll in the Web Development Bootcamp. Thinkful grants a $600 scholarship for women for the Flexible Web Development Bootcamp and a $1200 scholarship for women of the Full-Time Web Development Bootcamp. 

15. We Can Code IT offers $1,000 - $2,000 grants to students who are women, African American, Hispanic American, or who reside in a low-to-moderate-income household as defined by the Department of Labor. 

Apply for these Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Women

These coding bootcamps offer limited scholarships for select groups of women — expect to apply for these unique scholarships:

1. Alchemy -  PDXWIT & Alchemy Scholarship for Black & Indigenous Women 

The Scholarship: $5,000 tuition scholarship in partnership with PDX Women in Tech for one woman-identifying student per cohort from the Black and/or Indigenous community.

The Application Process: Women can apply via Alchemy's online application. Applicants must be admitted into the program prior to application and award selection.

2. Alchemy -  Women Who Code Portland & Alchemy Scholarship

The Scholarship: $2,500 tuition scholarship in partnership with Women Who Code for two women per Alchemy cohort who are self-starters, forward-facing, and engaged in the community.

The Application Process: Women can apply via Alchemy's online application. Applicants must be admitted into the program prior to application and award selection.

3. Bloc - Close the Gap Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship: Up to 25% off tuition for the Part-Time Web Developer Track or the Designer Track.

The Application Process: Women can apply via Bloc's online application process, explaining your background in code, what events you have attended, and your plans for when you graduate. You must then schedule a call with a student advisor.

4. Bloc - Girl Develop It Scholarship in Web Development

The Scholarship: $1,000 off tuition

The Application Process: Bloc selects two Girl Develop It members each month to receive a $1,000 scholarship towards Bloc's Full Stack Developer Track or Bloc's Software Engineering Track. To apply students answer several short questions about their backgrounds and their plans to give back to their community after Bloc. The application deadline is the first of each month. Winners are asked to keep a blog of their Bloc experience. 

5. Bloc - New Relic Diversity Scholarship in Software Development and Design

The Scholarship: $500 off tuition

The Application Process: Bloc's $500 New Relic Diversity scholarship can be put toward any Bloc program. Students apply by answering several short questions concerning their plans for the skills they will learn at Bloc. Scholarship winners are asked to keep a blog of their Bloc experience.

6. BrainStation - Women in Technology Scholarship

The Scholarship: partial tuition scholarship

The Application Process: Applicants should complete an online form to speak with a BrainStation Learning Advisor. 

7. Code Fellows Diversity Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship: 50-70% off tuition

The Application Process: Women, minorities, and veterans can apply once they've started their application for a Code Fellows course. Let your Admissions Advisor know that you’d like to apply for a scholarship so they can send you a link to the application, which involves a series of short essay questions (due three weeks before the start of the course).

8. Code Platoon Women in Technology Full Scholarship

The Scholarship: Full tuition

The Application Process: This scholarship is awarded to a female veteran in honor of Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, and is to be used towards Code Platoon's in-person bootcamp. For consideration, candidates should apply online

9. Codesmith Women's Scholarship

The Scholarship: Up to 100% off prep programs and up to 25% off bootcamp tuition

The Application Process: This scholarship is awarded to a female-identifying individuals and be used towards prep program and/or bootcamp tuition. Codesmith also offers a Women’s Mentorship Program to provide additional support to women in different phases of their software engineering journey - as they prepare for Codesmith, attend the program, enter the job search and start their careers. Mentees will be matched with mentors (alumni who have graduated the Codesmith Immersive program) who have similar backgrounds, alma maters, fields of interests, etc. Candidates need to indicate their interest in being matched with a mentor when completing their applications to the Software Engineering Immersive programs.

10. Codesmith x Women Who Code Scholarship

The Scholarship: $1000 scholarships available for all Codesmith Software Engineering Immersive programs. One student per month (12 students per year) will receive a scholarship.

The Application Process: This scholarship is awarded to women who exemplify a passion for coding and go above and beyond for their community. Scholarship recipients must be Women Who Code community members. Learn more and fill out the short form on the website to start your scholarship application.

11. Codeworks + GirlCode Scholarship

The Scholarship: partial or fully-funded tuition

The Application Process: Codeworks and GirlCode are providing up to 50 scholarships to women who want to break into tech through a Codeworks bootcamp. Scholarship recipients must be members of GirlCode's community, so all applicants must register at GirlCode's website

12. Coding Dojo - Women in Tech Scholarship

The Scholarship: $2,000 off tuition

The Application Process: Coding Dojo offers a limited number of partial scholarships for women participating in on-site bootcamps. Make a note on your application and they will send a separate form for the scholarship.

13. DevPoint Labs Women’s Scholarship

The Scholarship: 50% off tuition

The Application Process: We’ve previously covered this awesome scholarship and we love it just as much now. Students fill out essays questions in addition to their application to either the Full Time Web Dev or Front End Night Class.

14. Flatiron School - Women Take Cyber Scholarship

The Scholarship: $5,000 towards tuition 

The Application Process: This scholarship is available to qualified applicants who are accepted into the cybersecurity program on Flatiron School's Colorado Springs campus.

15. Flatiron School & The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Scholarship

The Scholarship: full tuition scholarship

The Application Process: This scholarship is available to individuals in Michigan and Alabama who self-identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary and are interested in pursing a computing or technical career. The scholarship can be used towards Flatiron School's full-time or part-time online cybersecurity analytics course (Alabama only) and software engineering and data science courses (Michigan only). Interested applicants should apply at either Alabama or Michigan's Digital Skills Initiative website. 

16. General Assembly - Diversity Tuition Discount

The Scholarship: $1,500 off Immersive bootcamp tuition for Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, or UX Design

The Application Process: Students should apply for the Diversity Tuition Discount through General Assembly's school page on Course Report. 

17. General Assembly - Opportunity Fund

The Scholarship: Offers various amounts off tuition

The Application Process: All students interested in General Assembly’s Opportunity Fund scholarship must speak with a General Assembly admissions producer to apply. You cannot self-enroll in the Opportunity Fund. Upon acceptance to a course, students should ask their admissions producer for a fellowship application if interested.

18. General Assembly - See Her Excel Scholarship

The Scholarship: a $1,500 USD scholarship open to women pursuing software engineering and data science careers

The Application Process: To be eligible, you must be 18 or older, self-identify as a woman, transgender person, genderqueer, or non-binary person, your current income is less than $40,000 USD (£28,000 GBP, $40,000 AUD, or $40,000 SGD) per year. You also must be admitted to one of the following full-time courses: Software Engineering Immersive, Software Engineering Immersive Remote, or Data Science Immersive.

19. Grace Hopper/Fullstack Academy - Ada Lovelace Scholarship

The Scholarship: $1,000 off tuition

The Application Process: This scholarship is offered by Grace Hopper's parent company, Fullstack Academy. The scholarship is exclusively available to women paying their tuition up-front.

20. Grand Circus

The Scholarship: $1,500 off tuition and full scholarship

The Application Process: During the second phase of the application to Grand Circus’ .NET Bootcamp, students will be given the opportunity to apply for the scholarship.

21. Hackbright Academy

The Scholarship: Partial Scholarships up to $2,500

The Application Process: Women-only coding school Hackbright Academy offers need-based scholarships to a limited number of students of their Immersive and Part-Time Software Engineering Programs each quarter.

22. LearningFuze

The Scholarship: $600 - $1,000 off tuition

The Application Process: LearningFuze offers $600 off for women and a variety of early registration discounts by submitting an application to the program.

23. LearningFuze + BeSmartee Women in Tech Scholarship

The Scholarship: $2,000 off LearningFuze Full Immersion tuition + mentorship from BeSmartee

The Application Process: After the online application is submitted, there is an in-person interview and technical assessment with LearningFuze. A final interview is done with a BeSmartee team member. 

24. V School You Belong In Tech Scholarship

The Scholarship: Full-ride tuition scholarship plus paid internship 

The Application Process: Women and underrepresented persons can apply for the scholarship by applying online. The paid internship is with Smash Creative, a creative design and brand-building agency.

25. Xccelerate Women in Tech Scholarship

The Scholarship: 50% tuition scholarship

The Application Process: Xccelerate in partnership with Wantedly will award two female candidates per cohort to receive a 50% scholarship to enroll in the Full-Time Immersive Software Engineering Bootcamp or the Full-Time Immersive Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp. Those interested should complete the online application and then will be contacted by Xccelerate for an interview. 

Coding Bootcamps for Women

These coding bootcamps have created programs specifically for women and non-binary individuals in order to help close the gender gap in tech: 


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