New Year, New Career? Learning to Code in 2023!

Written By Jess Feldman

Last updated on January 5, 2023

Is your 2023 New Year’s resolution to make a career change into tech? You already know that a coding bootcamp can help you get there – 79% of bootcamp grads get jobs in tech and the average alum sees a 56% salary lift. The best way to stay on track is to break down your goal into smaller milestones – get started with our 5-step checklist and enroll at one of the full-time, part-time, in-person, or online programs we’ve compiled that have upcoming start dates in early 2023.

📌 Keep in mind that some bootcamp programs require pre-work that can take 1–5 weeks to complete. Reach out to the admissions teams at the schools you’re interested in to learn more about prerequisites and figure out the best start date for your goals.

How to Make a Career Change into Tech [5-Step Checklist]

✅ Give coding a try!

While many bootcamp accept total beginners into their program, understanding coding basics like HTML, CSS, Java or Python will give you a leg up in your bootcamp experience and your overall career change. We recommend learning how to code with a free coding course first. Many bootcamps like Codesmith, Flatiron School, General Assembly, Juno College of Technology, Claim Academy, and The Tech Academy offer free coding workshops where you can learn how to code alongside other tech beginners. Free workshops are also a great way to get to know the instructional staff at a bootcamp to determine if it’s the right fit for you.

✅ Figure out which coding bootcamp is the right fit for you.

Do your research, attend info sessions at the coding bootcamps that you’re interested in (many of them are now held online), and connect with bootcamp alumni to hear about their experience and get insights on different programs. You can use our guide to getting into a bootcamp to map out the steps in 2023. And if you’re not sure where to begin, we’re happy to help you locate some great programs with our quick, 5-question Get Matched tool!

✅ Enroll at a coding bootcamp. 

Look into scholarships, workforce development grants, and financing options like Income Share Agreements and Deferred Tuition that may make your bootcamp tuition more affordable.

While completing your bootcamp, get active in the larger tech community to build your network and continue growing

Document your career change journey with weekly or monthly blog posts. Here are a few simple resolutions to keep leveling up: Give a technical talk. Read technical books. Contribute to open source projects. Find a mentor. 

✅ Start your tech job hunt. 

Many coding bootcamps include career support and career coaches. While you’re on the job hunt, stay sharp by continuing to work on projects and learning new skills and languages, such as React JS.

Good luck! By New Year’s Eve 2024, you could be working in a truly fulfilling, challenging new role in software, machine learning, data science, AI, UX design – the possibilities are endless.

2023 Coding Bootcamps That Start Soon

1. Le Wagon

Le Wagon is an international bootcamp, offering full-time and part-time, in-person and remote programs with a focus on bringing tech skills to creatives and entrepreneurs. Le Wagon graduates are proficient in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, APIs, Github, and Heroku. To prepare for the bootcamp, Le Wagon requires accepted students to complete forty hours of online work. Brush up on your coding skills now and apply to an upcoming cohort!

Web Development Bootcamp

  • January 7 - Montreal
  • January 9 - Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Online
  • January 14 - Berlin, Cape Town, London
  • January 16 - Amsterdam, Bali, Barcelona, Casablanca, Lisbon, Madrid, Mauritius, Munich, Paris, Santiago, Zurich
  • January 30 - Shanghai, Singapore
  • March 25 -  Tokyo

2. Tech Elevator

Tech Elevator is offering full-time Java and .Net coding bootcamp with campuses across the U.S. as well as online. Java bootcamp students learn serverside programming in Java, database programming in Java, Java frameworks and design patterns, and clientside web programming (Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, web services, XML, JSON.) .Net bootcamp students learn C#/.NET, serverside programming in C#/.NET, database programming in C#/.NET, C#/.NET frameworks and design patterns, and client side web programming (Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, web services, XML, JSON). Apply here to join the upcoming cohort!

In-Person Campuses

  • January 17 - Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Wilmington

National Live Remote

  • March 6 - Online

3. LearningFuze

LearningFuze offers full-time and part-time bootcamps with students learning full stack front end and back end development or data science at campuses in Irvine and Orange County, California or online. For anyone considering web development or data science, check out the Web Development Prep Course and Data Science Prep Course.  Apply now to take your first step in becoming a developer!

Full-Immersion Coding Bootcamp (Full-Time)

  • January 23 - Online and In-Person

4. Codeup

Codeup is an accredited bootcamp that offers immersive bootcamps in full stack web development, data science, and cloud administration at campuses in Texas and online. Codeup guarantees all graduates a job offer within six months of graduation.  Join an upcoming cohort and apply now!

Full Stack Web Development

  • January 17 - San Antonio

5. Burlington Code Academy

Burlington Code Academy offers online, full-time bootcamps in Web Development and UX Design. In the Web Development Bootcamp, learn fundamentals such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript and how to apply those skills in a real development environment. The UX Design curriculum covers UX fundamentals, usability and prototypes, iteration and synthesis, and caps with a client project. JavaScript Ignition Course is intended for beginners who want to learn programming fundamentals using JavaScript or for developers that want to add this in-demand language to their skillset. Join an upcoming cohort and apply now! 

Software Development Bootcamp

  • January 23 - Online
  • February 21 - Online
  • March 20 - Online

UX Design Bootcamp

  • January 23 - Online
  • February 13 - Online
  • March 20 - Online

JavaScript Ignition Course

  • January 10 - Online
  • February 6 - Online
  • March 7 - Online

6. Fullstack Academy

With campuses in NYC, Chicago, and online, Fullstack Academy offers full-time and part-time bootcamps in software engineering, cybersecurity, and data analytics. Fullstack’s Prep in a Month course is best for students with some previous programming experience. Prep courses are free; participants are refunded upon completion of the course! These courses are a perfect way to get ready for Fullstack Academy’s full-time software engineering programs. Apply now! 

Software Engineering Immersive

  • January 17 - Online
  • March 6 - Online

7. Grace Hopper Program

The Grace Hopper Program is an immersive software engineering program for women with campuses in NYC and Chicago. Grace Hopper is an affiliate of Fullstack Academy, and graduates of the program are fluent in Computer Science fundamentals, such as algorithms, data structures, and object-oriented programming. The Bootcamp Prep courses are an excellent choice for female-identifying students who are thinking of enrolling at Grace Hopper or another coding bootcamp. Participants who complete at least 90% of the prep course will be refunded. Apply soon!

Coding Bootcamp

  • January 16 - Online 
  • March 6 - Online

8. Institute of Code

Institute of Code offers all-inclusive bootcamps in web development and social media in Bali and online with an emphasis on small class sizes. Teachers at Institute of Coden are actively working in the industry, so all content taught reflects the latest industry standards. The 8-week Web Development bootcamp is perfect for those who have little to no coding experience. Students will learn HTML, CSS and jQuery in order to design, create and build websites from scratch. Apply here!

Web Development Bootcamp

  • March 11 - Bali, Online

9. Coder Academy

Coder Academy offers Web Development, Data Science, and Coding, Cloud & Cyber bootcamp programs in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia and online. Coder Academy’s Accelerated Web Development Bootcamp is a full-time, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) accredited program and teaches participants HTML, Rails, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, and more. The Standard Web Development Bootcamp, which requires about 21 hours per week, is designed for upskillers, career changers, and those wanting to return to the workforce through tech. Apply now for these upcoming cohorts!

Accelerated Web Development Bootcamp

  • March 27 - Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Online

Standard Web Development Bootcamp

  • February 27 - Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Online

10. Codesmith

Codesmith offers full-time and part-time, full stack software engineering bootcamps in New York City and online. The bootcamps program teaches full stack JavaScript and computer science to prepare students for mid- and senior-level software engineering roles. The curriculum immerses students in modern web technologies, such as React and Node.js, and encourages them to tackle unique and unfamiliar problems to prepare them for the ever-changing tech landscape. Codesmith also offers a 2-day JavaScript for Beginners intro course as well as a 2-week CS Prep course. Apply now!

Software Engineering Immersive

  • January 16 - Online (CT)
  • January 30 - Online (PST)
  • February 6 - NYC
  • February 21 - Online (EST)
  • March 6 - Online (CT)
  • March 20 - Online (PST)
  • March 27 - NYC

11. Penn Boot Camps

Penn Boot Camps offer full-time and part-time, online programs in web development, cybersecurity, and data science. Penn Boot Camps are designed for working professionals and individuals who are actively pursuing a career change, advancement or looking to gain a new skillset. Apply here to join an upcoming course! 

Coding Bootcamp 

  • March 13 - Online (Full-time & Part-time)

Cybersecurity Bootcamp 

  • March 13 - Online (Part-Time)

Data Science Bootcamp 

  • March 27 - Online (Part-Time)

12. Epicodus

Epicodus offers full-time and part-time bootcamps in Portland, Seattle, and online. To reinforce tech skills learned during the bootcamp, Epicodus places students in a five weeks internship at a tech company. If you are a beginner to tech, check out their free Intro Courses. Apply here for upcoming bootcamps in programming!

Full-Time Full Stack Bootcamp

  • January 3 - Online, Portland, Seattle
  • March 13 - Online, Portland, Seattle

Part-Time Full Stack Bootcamp

  • January 3 - Online, Portland, Seattle

13. NYC Data Science Academy

NYC Data Science Academy is an accredited data science and data analytics bootcamp based in New York City. Bootcamps are geared towards students who have a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math or equivalent experience in quantitative science or programming. Apply now!

Data Science with Machine Learning

  • January 9 - Online (Full-Time & Part-Time)

Data Analytics

  • January 9 - Online (Part-Time)

14. Digitalcrafts

With campuses across the U.S. and online, DigitalCrafts offers full-time and part-time programs in web development, UX design, data analytics, and cybersecurity. DigitalCrafts keeps class-size small to allow for a more effective learning environment. Early enrollment financial incentives are sometimes available, so apply now for an upcoming bootcamp!

Web Development Immersive (Full-Time)

  • January 16 - Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Online
  • February 6 - Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Online
  • March 6 - Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Online

Web Development (Part-Time)

  • January 17 - Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Online
  • February 14 - Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Online
  • March 14 - Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Online

15. Momentum

Momentum offers full-time and part-time Software Engineering bootcamps for career changers in Durham, North Carolina as well as online with live, remote classes. With a project-based learning approach, Momentum’s Software Engineering Immersive is organized into four 4-week phases. Students learn the fundamentals of front-end and back-end development, and gain advanced skills in JavaScript, React, single-page applications, Deployment to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more. Apply now for an upcoming cohort!

Software Engineering Immersive (Full-Time)

  • January 17 - Online

16. Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs teaches full-time and part-time web development, data science, and data analytics bootcamps both online and on-site at campuses across Canada. Apply now for an upcoming winter cohort!

Web Development Bootcamp (Full-Time)

  • February 6 - Online
  • March 6 - Online

Web Development Flex Bootcamp (Part-Time)

  • January 23 - Online
  • February 20 - Online
  • March 20 - Online

Data Science Bootcamp (Full-Time)

  • February 6 - Online
  • March 6 - Online

17. Sabio

Sabio offers project-based, full-time and part-time coding bootcamps in Los Angeles and Orange County, California as well as online. Sabio's bootcamps focus on .NET/C# and students learn across the full-stack in Mobile, Front End, Back End, Source Control, Database and Development platforms. Apply now!

Full-Time Bootcamp

  • January 23 - Los Angeles, Orange County, Online
  • February 20 - Los Angeles, Orange County, Online
  • March 20 - Los Angeles, Orange County, Online

18. Coding Temple

Coding Temple offers online full-time, part-time, and self-paced flex coding bootcamps for career changers and upskillers. The full stack curriculum covers Python, Git, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular, React, jQuery, and Web API, and prepares students for both coding and data careers. Apply now to launch your tech career!

Software Engineering Full-Time Bootcamp

  • January 23 - Online
  • February 13 - Online

Software Engineering Part-Time Bootcamp

  • January 30 - Online
  • March 13 - Online

Data Analytics Bootcamp

  • January 30 - Online
  • March 27 - Online

19. Code Fellows

Code Fellows is a technical skills training academy in the Pacific Northwest that offers full-time and part-time software development, ops, Web3, and cybersecurity courses online and in-person in Seattle. The modular style of the Code Fellows program allows students to test into the course level that is most appropriate for their current skill level. In addition, the modular class structure allows students to choose the schedule and timing that meets their needs. Apply now for an upcoming cohort!

Code 101

  • January 14 - Online
  • February 11 - Online
  • March 4 - Online

Code 102

  • January 9 - Online
  • January 16 - Online
  • January 23 - Online
  • February 1 - Online
  • February 20 - Online
  • March 1 - Online

Code 201

  • January 10 - Online
  • January 23 - Online
  • February 4 - Online
  • February 6 - Online
  • March 6 - Online

Ops 101

  • January 15 - Online

Ops 102

  • January 10 - Online
  • January 17 - Online

Ops 201

  • January 23 - Online
  • February 6 - Online
  • February 11 - Online

Web3 101

  • January 29 - Online

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