New Year, New Career? Learning to Code in 2020!

By Jess Feldman
Last Updated December 30, 2019

Is your 2020 New Year’s resolution to break into tech? You already know that a coding bootcamp can help you get there – 82% of bootcamp grads get jobs in tech and the average alum sees a 51% salary lift. The first step is to apply, so we’ve compiled a list of 18 full-time, part-time, in-person and online coding bootcamps all offering upcoming bootcamps in early 2020.

Keep in mind that some bootcamp programs require pre-work that can take 1–5 weeks to complete. Reach out to the admissions teams at the schools you’re interested in to learn more about prerequisites and figure out the best start date for your goals.


2020 Coding Bootcamps That Start Soon

1. Le Wagon

Le Wagon is an international bootcamp, offering full-time, in-person programs with a focus on bringing tech skills to creatives and entrepreneurs. Le Wagon graduates are proficient in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, APIs, Github, and Heroku. To prepare for the bootcamp, Le Wagon requires accepted students to complete forty hours of online work. Brush up on your coding skills now and apply to an upcoming cohort!

Coding Bootcamp

  • January 20 - Bali
  • February 10 - Shanghai


2. Tech Elevator

Tech Elevator is offering a full-time Java Coding Bootcamp in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Participants will be given an introduction to programming, which is to include Java, Serverside programming in Java, Database programming in Java, Java frameworks and design patterns, and Clientside web programming (Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Web services, XML, JSON.) Apply here to join the upcoming cohort!

Java Coding Bootcamp

  • Jan. 27 - Philadelphia


3. Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy is a college alternative with bootcamps available both online and in-person at their Indianapolis, Indiana campus. The upcoming Software Engineer program requires no previous coding experience. Students will gain the necessary coding skills and sufficient understanding of computers and systems in order to architect, build and maintain complex applications. The User Experience Engineering program focuses on design and front end development, and provides an introduction to research, visual design, copywriting, project management and software engineering. Kickstart a new career in tech and apply for an upcoming cohort now!

User Experience Engineering

  • January 28 - Indianapolis, online

Software Engineering

  • January 28 - Indianapolis, online


4. LearningFuze

LearningFuze offers full-time and part-time bootcamps with students learning full stack front end and back end development at campuses in Irvine and Orange County, California. The upcoming Root JS Prep Class at the Orange County campus is a two week, in-person course that focuses on the core concepts of making applications dynamic. Students will learn loops, variables, functions and more. This is a great course for those wanting to begin exploring development. Apply now to take your first step in becoming a developer!

Root JS Prep Class

  • February 1 - Orange County, CA


5. Codeup

Codeup offers immersive 20 week, in-person bootcamps in full stack web development and data science at campuses in San Antonio and Dallas. Codeup guarantees all graduates a job offer within six months of graduation. The Data Science bootcamp teaches students to turn data into actionable intelligence using Python, SQL, Machine Learning, and data wrangling, exploration and storytelling. The Fullstack Web Development - Java program covers HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Java, Spring and MySQL. Join an upcoming cohort and apply now!

Data Science

  • February 3 - San Antonio

Fullstack Web Development - Java

  • January 27 - San Antonio
  • March 23 - San Antonio
  • March 26 - San Antonio


6. allWomen

allWomen offers 11-week, full-time bootcamps at their Barcelona campus. Apply here for the upcoming Data Science Immersive bootcamp, which gives students hands-on experience in Python, Machine Learning, and NLP & Sentiment Analysis in order to develop AI projects. No previous tech experience is necessary to apply!

Data Science Immersive

  • February 3 - Barcelona


7. Burlington Code Academy

Burlington Code Academy is located in Burlington, Vermont. Apply now to the upcoming Web Development Bootcamp to learn fundamentals such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript and how to apply those skills in a real development environment. 

Web Development Bootcamp

  • February 3 - Burlington, VT


8. Fullstack Academy

With campuses in NYC, Chicago, and online, Fullstack Academy offers full-time and part-time bootcamps in software engineering and cyber security. Fullstack’s Prep in a Week and Prep in a Month courses are best for students with some previous programming experience. Prep courses are free; participants are refunded upon completion of the course! These courses are a perfect way to get ready for Fullstack’s full-time software engineering programs. Apply now! 

Bootcamp Prep in a Week

  • February 8 - NYC
  • February 29 - NYC, online

Bootcamp Prep in a Month

  • February 5 - Chicago, NYC, online


9. Grace Hopper Program

The Grace Hopper Program is an immersive software engineering program in NYC for women. Grace Hopper is an affiliate of Fullstack Academy, and graduates of the program are fluent in Computer Science fundamentals, such as algorithms, data structures, and object-oriented programming. The Bootcamp Prep courses are an excellent choice for female-identifying students who are thinking of enrolling at Grace Hopper or another coding bootcamp. Participants who complete at least 90% of the prep course will be refunded. Apply soon!

Bootcamp Prep in a Week

  • February 8 - NYC
  • February 29 - NYC

Bootcamp Prep in a Month

  • February 5 - Chicago, NYC


10. Institute of Code

Institute of Code offers an all-inclusive coding bootcamp in Bali with an emphasis on small class sizes. Teachers at Institute of Coden are actively working in the industry, so all content taught reflects the latest industry standards. The 10-day Web Development bootcamp is perfect for those who have little to no coding experience. Students will learn HTML, CSS and jQuery in order to design, create and build websites from scratch. The 10-day Social Media & Content Marketing program will teach students how to become the social media manager for growing other brands or how to build your own brand as a social influencer. Apply here!

Web Development

  • February 13 - Bali

Social Media & Content Marketing

  • February 26 - Bali


11. Redwood Code Academy

Based in Orange County, California, Redwood Code Academy’s Full Stack Immersion bootcamp is a 12-week, full-time immersive program. The curriculum covers software fundamentals, web applications, and front end development. Students will learn languages, such as MongoDB, HTML, C#, Javascript, CSS, React.js, .NET, SQL and more -- apply today!

Full Stack Immersion

  • February 17 - Irvine, CA


12. Coder Academy

Coder Academy offers coding bootcamp programs in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Coder Academy’s Fast Track Coding Bootcamp is a full-time, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) accredited program and teaches participants HTML, Rails, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, and more. The Code/IRL Bootcamp is taught in partnership with Code Like A Girl, and is a full-time, female-only course with a focus on languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Rails, Ruby. Apply now for these upcoming cohorts!

Code/IRL Bootcamp

  • February 20 - Melbourne

Fast Track Coding Bootcamp

  • February 24 - Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney


13. Green Fox Academy

Green Fox Academy offers programming bootcamps at campuses in Budapest, Hungary and Prague, Czech Republic. By taking the Junior Development full-time immersive at the Budapest campus, students will learn the basics of web development as well as their application to larger, real-world projects. The Part-Time Programming Course being offered at the Budapest campus will teach students the foundations of programming, such as basic tools, methodology, web development principles, theory of algorithms and online sources. Apply now!

Part-Time Programming Course

  • February 24 - Budapest

Junior Developer Course

  • March 2 - Budapest


14. Coding Bootcamp at Harvard Extension School

The Coding Boot Camp at Harvard Extension School (provided by Trilogy Education Services) is a 24-week, part-time web development course offered at the Cambridge campus. The curriculum includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Git, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and more. Apply here to join an upcoming course! 

Full-Stack Flex (Part-Time) 

  • February 25 - Cambridge, MA


15. Epicodus

Epicodus offers full-time and part-time bootcamps in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington as well as online. To reinforce tech skills learned during the bootcamp, Epicodus places students in a five weeks internship at a tech company. If you are a beginner to tech, check out their free Intro Courses. Apply here for upcoming bootcamps in programming!

Intro to Programming (Part-time evening)

  • March 16 - Online, Portland, Seattle

Ruby and React 

  • March 16 - Portland

C# and React

  • March 16 - Seattle


16. NYC Data Science Academy

NYC Data Science Academy is based in New York City and offers 12-week data science bootcamps. Bootcamps are geared towards students who have a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math or equivalent experience in quantitative science or programming. The Immersive Data Science bootcamp teaches students modern data analytics techniques and mastery of Python and R programming languages as well as Hadoop. The full-time Live Online Data Science bootcamp is perfect for students who can’t commute to the NYC campus as each on-campus class is live-streamed. Apply now!

Live Online Data Science Bootcamp

  • March 30 - Online

12-Week Immersive Data Science Bootcamp

  • March 30 - NYC


17. Metis

The Data Science Bootcamp offered by Metis gives participants a well-rounded intro to the core concepts and technologies of data science, including basic machine learning principles and hands-on coding experience. Metis requires some previous knowledge, so apply now and start brushing up your skills. 

Data Science Bootcamp

  • March 30 - Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, online


18. Digitalcrafts

With campuses in Atlanta, Houston, and Tampa, DigitalCrafts offers full-time and part-time full stack developer bootcamps. DigitalCrafts keeps class-size small to allow for a more effective learning environment. Students learn JavaScript, React, Node.js, Python, and more. The Full stack Immersive course is a 16-week, full-time program for beginners and CS graduates alike, and teaches participants front end and back end web development. Early enrollment financial incentives are sometimes available, so apply now for an upcoming bootcamp!

Fullstack Immersive (full time)

  • March 30 - Atlanta, Houston

Not sure where to begin? Let us match you with the best coding bootcamps for you!

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