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  • Instructor Spotlight: Ivan, Code Fellows

    Liz Eggleston11/10/2014


    Ivan Storck has been teaching professionally and helping clients with web development since 2001. An early hire at Code Fellows, Ivan helped get the curriculum off the ground for the first courses. Now, he is helping expand Code Fellows into new markets, starting with Portland, Oregon. We talk to Ivan about his background, what goes into teaching a course, and why Portland was an obvious choice for a Code Fellows campus. 

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  • Student Spotlight: Dale, Code Fellows

    Liz Eggleston10/27/2014


    With a nonconventional work history, Dale Bustad turned to Code Fellows to learn new skills and to get noticed as a developer. We talk to Dale about his experience at Code Fellows, how he got the most out of his time in the JavaScript Development Accelerator, and how he landed a job as a Front-End Developer at Formidable Labs. 

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  • Code Fellows Expands to Portland

    Liz Eggleston10/20/2014


    We talk to Kristin Smith, CEO of Code Fellows, about the City of Roses and home to the newest Code Fellows campus: Portland, Oregon. Code Fellows' first Portland class will be the intro-level Foundations 1: Computer Science & Web Development. The 4-week night class grounds students in CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Class starts Nov. 3rd. You can apply online at

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  • Code Fellows Hiring Partner: Nick Soman, Reveal

    Liz Eggleston10/6/2014


    Nick Soman is the founder of Reveal, a social app based in Seattle, and has hired four Code Fellows graduates onto his team. We talk about his satisfaction with new hires, how he finds the most qualified graduates to join his team, and why he says that companies overlooking coding bootcamps are "missing an opportunity to find some tremendous talent that can really grow with the team."

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  • Student Spotlight: Michael Kohen, Code Fellows

    Liz Eggleston8/20/2014


    Realizing that traditional university courses wouldn't do the trick, Michael Kohen taught himself to make iOS apps through books. But learning on his own had it's limits, so he decided to apply to Code Fellows for more structured learning and feedback. Read our Q&A with Michael to find out why Code Fellows appealed to him, the projects he worked on during class, and how he landed a job as a Software Engineer at Getty Images!

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  • Student Spotlight: Lillian Ng, Code Fellows

    Liz Eggleston8/11/2014


    Lillian Ng had a background in electrical engineering, but wanted to work in computer programming, so she enrolled in the Code Fellows Ruby on Rails Development Accelerator in January 2014. Two months later, she had a new set of skills and a job with Simply Measured as a Junior Software Engineer. We talk to Lillian about a typical day in the classroom and how Code Fellows prepared her for a job in the real world. 

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  • Student Spotlight: Tim Hise, Code Fellows

    Liz Eggleston7/13/2014


    Tim Hise moved from Oklahoma to Seattle when he was accepted to the Code Fellows iOS course and now works as an apprentice at Liffft. We talk to Tim about his experience at Code Fellows and how the connections he's made have helped propel him into a new career!

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  • Instructor Spotlight: Cris Ewing, Code Fellows

    Liz Eggleston6/10/2014


    In addition to teaching a continuing education course in Python at the University of Washington and being an independent Python contractor, Cris Ewing teaches the Python Development Accelerator and the Foundations II: Python course at Code Fellows. Not only are we impressed with his experience in education and his time management skills, but we were also lucky to chat with him about Code Fellows. We talk with Cris about the differences between university students and bootcampers, the best learning resources for Python, and how Code Fellows is helping their students make meaningful career changes. 

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  • Instructor Spotlight: Brad Johnson, Code Fellows

    Liz Eggleston5/21/2014


    After graduating from the Code Fellows iOS Dev Accelerator, Brad Johnson decided to combine his interest in education with his new programming skills and join Code Fellows as a co-instructor. He's currently teaching his second cohort alongside iOS Developer and instructor John Clem, and took time to chat with Course Report about his ideal students, how the Dev Accelerators are structured, and how Code Fellows fits into the Seattle tech scene!

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