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A coding bootcamp can propel your career in tech to new heights, but that often means quitting a job, uprooting your life, or moving to a new city. Maybe you’re moving to a new city to become a developer and need a short-term housing option. Or perhaps you’re an international student without credit history. Regardless of your background, funds can become tight when committing to a full-time, intensive bootcamp, and suddenly expenses like rent and food can be stressful. Luckily, there are coding bootcamps that make housing easy.

We’ll cover three housing options for full-time, in-person, coding bootcamps in this article:


Coding Bootcamps that Include Housing (US)

CodeMasters Academy

Housing, computers, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), cleaning, laundry, gym pass are all included in the tuition price. Maximum of 10 Students stay together in dorm-style arrangements, separated by gender in an ocean view house.

Tuition: $19,800
Location: San Clemente (Orange County), CA.
Length: 14 weeks
Curriculum: .NET/C#, MEAN stack, WebStrom

Dev Mountain

DevMountain provides fully furnished housing, internet, and utilities included in the tuition for the full-time program, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students share rooms or pay extra for a private room. Food is not included.

Tuition: $10,500
Location: SLC, Utah, Provo, Utah, & Dallas, Texas
Length: 12 weeks
Curriculum:Full-stack JavaScript (MEAN stack)


42 has 163 dormitory rooms available for students accepted into the tuition-free program.

Tuition: $0
Location: Silicon Valley, California
Length: 3 to 5 years
Curriculum: Full stack web development

V School


V School offers free housing and free public transportation, including train passes and bikes. The student accommodation has a swimming pool, hot tub, and an entertainment room.

Tuition: $14,300
Location: SLC, Utah
Length: 12 weeks
Curriculum: Full Stack JavaScript (MERN Stack)


Coding Bootcamps that Include Housing (outside the US)

Alphappl Code Village

Tuition includes accommodation, food, tourist activities including surfing, karting, wine tasting etc. Students live together in UNESCO historic village of Obidos in a house with common spaces and a rooftop deck.

Tuition: Not available
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Length: 12 weeks
Curriculum: .NET/C# with option to specialize in mobile or front end

Camp Code Away


The course includes accommodation, lunch Monday through Friday, and all weekend activities. Each student has a room in the Hacker House with other students and instructors.

Tuition: $9,500
Location: Bali, Indonesia or Shanghai
Length: 12 weeks – 6 weeks remote + 6 weeks in Bali
Curriculum: Ruby on Rails


Tuition includes accommodation next to learning facility, weekend activities, and flight reimbursements.

Tuition: $12,800
Location: Costa Rica
Length: 14 weeks
Curriculum: Python and JavaScript

Institute of Code


Institute of Code tuition includes both housing and meals for the duration of the course at the bootcamp's villa campus in Bali, Indonesia.

Tuition: $3850
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Length: 10 days onsite + lifetime access to course materials
Curriculum: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Web Dev Camp


Tuition includes accommodation on-site, vegetarian food, activities in the countryside, and facilities for eight weeks. Students share fully furnished rooms with 2 or 3 people to a room.

Tuition: €8400 (pay upfront, no refunds), €9600 (pay upfront, refund available), €10,800 (pay as you go, refund available)
Location: Antskog, Finland (1 hour from Helsinki)
Length: 8 weeks
Curriculum: Ruby on Rails


Coding Bootcamps with Subsidized Housing Options (US)

Deep Dive Coding

Partnership with University Village Hotel. Fully furnished rooms with kitchen, wifi etc included.

Housing: $200 per week
Tuition: $5995
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Length: 10 weeks
Curriculum: Full-stack Javascript

DevPoint Labs


DevPoint Labs provides affordable furnished student housing at The DevHouse steps away from campus. Dorm-style: Includes utilities, internet, washer, dryer

Housing: $300 per month Private room: $600 per month.
Tuition: $11,000
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Length: 11 weeks
Curriculum: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript


LearningFuze offers an all inclusive package which includes housing, gym, pool, meals, transport, activities, and airfare.

Housing: $4000 (includes all of the above)
Tuition: $12,995
Location: Irvine, CA
Length: 12 weeks
Curriculum: Full stack JavaScript


Dorm-style shared room in a furnished house, includes utilities, some cleaning.

Housing: $3250 for the duration of the bootcamp.
Tuition: $16,920
Location: Austin, Texas
Length: 12 weeks
Curriculum: Full stack JavaScript

The Software Guild


Short-term subleases to furnished apartments within walking distance from the teaching facility.

Housing: $200 per week or $800 per month. ($2400 for the full program)
Tuition: $13,750
Location: Akron, OH, Minneapolis, MN, and Louisville, KY.
Length: 12 weeks
Curriculum: Full stack .NET/C# and Java

Tech Elevator


Tech Elevator offers fully furnished single apartments with all utilities/wifi, etc.

Housing: $1,000 per month ($3500 for full program)
Tuition: $12,000
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Length: 14 Weeks
Curriculum: Choice of Java or .NET

We Can Code IT


Affordable housing in two houses – one single family and one double. and includes utilities and internet.

Housing: $400 per month per room
Tuition: $10,000 ($1000 scholarship for women and minority groups)
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Length: 3 months
Curriculum: .NET


Coding Bootcamps with Subsidized Housing Options (outside the US)

We Got Coders


Live-in at the training facility including all food, utilities, laundry. Accommodation is an English manor house next to the river.

Housing: £255 per week
Tuition: £8000 tuition
Location: Bedfordshire, England (North of London)
Length: 12 weeks
Curriculum: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript


Short-term Housing Options (perfect for a bootcamper)

Partnership with Common

Common offers housing in a community setting with fully furnished memberships in New York City. Common does not require a credit score or history and is open to international students. Common homes are furnished, equipped with laundry facilities, offer free utilities and Wifi and are cleaned weekly. Plus, you can get $250 off your first month by following this link! The following bootcamps have partnerships with Common:

Partnership with Krash

Krash is a network of shared living spaces focused on members who want to be immersed in a culture of innovation in Boston, NYC, and DC. The following bootcamps have partnerships with Krash and may offer discounts:

Other Short-Term Housing Options

Now you have no excuse to be stuck with a Craigslist rando- choose a bootcamp that offers housing! How did you find housing during your coding bootcamp? Let us know in the comments!

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