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Web Dev Camp is an 8-week, full-time full-stack web development bootcamp in Helsinki, Finland. Students will learn skills necessary for full-stack development including, Ruby, JavaScript, style basics, html generation, Rspec framework, Performance NoSQL and more. Students work in small groups, build real applications for their portfolio and give presentations about their work to show mastery.

During the course, students live in an old village school, in the middle of beautiful Finnish nature. Housing accommodations and meals are provided.

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  • Full Stack Web Development

    HTML, Git, JavaScript, jQuery, Rails, CSS, React.js, Front End, Ruby
    In PersonFull Time54 Hours/week8 Weeks
    Start Date None scheduled
    Class size9
    Students will learn the skills needed for full-stack web development. Details http://webdev.camp/course
    Deposit0 - 2100€ depending on payment plan
    Tuition Plans9000 € basic plan, no cancellation 10000 € flex plan, easy cancellation 10800 € super flex, pay as you go http://webdev.camp/payment
    Refund / Guarantee10% for every referral
    ScholarshipBasic and women only scholarships available (500/1000 respectively)
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelSome programming
    Placement TestNo

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  • €500 Web Dev Camp Scholarship

    Course Report is excited to offer an exclusive Web Dev Camp scholarship for €500 off tuition!


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    • Full Stack Web Development (Helsinki)

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  • Mae  User Photo
    Mae • Graduate Verified via GitHub
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    The program was very hands on as we learned to build an application right at the beginning of the course.  I learned a lot in the course and it has given me great confidence to start my career in technology.  I personally learn best with a teacher next to me hence I had a great time learning from a teacher who has a tonne of industry experience. The live-in program also have me valuable time and space to learn without distraction.  Would recommend it, highly!

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  • Luke • Graduate
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    9 weeks ago I left my job and the UK and headed to Finland to attend this course to learn full stack web development. Upon arriving at the airport I was greeted by Torsten and Raisa and they made me feel instantly welcome. We travelled to the house in Fiskars and I started exploring the small, peaceful village before returning to the house for some much needed rest in anticipation of the first day of lessons.

    Torsten is an excellent teacher, he is patient, knowledgeable and has clearly put time and effort into making sure the course is taught in a way that will be most beneficial for his students. By week 2 we were building an app with rails and as the days went by it was clear how much we had all learnt in such a short time. The course was intense but by the end I was very pleased with the progress I had made and I am confident I will find work as a web developer. Torsten didn't just teach me to copy/memorise code but he taught me how to think and problem solve in a way that will help me with all my future endeavours.

    For the duration of the course I was living with the other sutdents in a house in Fiskars, there's a shop nearby and the surrounding nature is beautiful. We worked for 6 days a week, 9 to 6 every day with a relaxed and pragmatic approach to breaks. Raisa would cook a vegan lunch for us, I had never eaten a vegan meal before arriving here and it was always excellent!

    Torsten and Raisa put in a lot of effort to make me feel welcome and I can't thank them enough for making this experience as good as it was. I have learnt so much about coding in 9 weeks that I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a developer.

  • Zita Székely • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
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    It all started with Rails Girls Tampere in May 2016. WebDev.camp had a presentation there about the opportunity to become a web developer in just 8 weeks, living in the beautiful Finnish countryside where participants can focus on studying and learning how to code.

    Although I had worked as a software test engineer for almost 15 years, I had never done any coding. I have always been a tech savvy person, but I have never been good with mathematics and I thought programming and math go hand in hand. I never thought I could code, and being 100% honest, I was always afraid to try it in order to save myself from the disappointment of failure. 

    Then I heard about Rails Girls.

    When I participated in the Rails Girls event, I was able to try for a day what would it be to be able to read a line of code. It was there that I understood... maybe I could do coding after all!

    I applied to participate in the Webdev.camp more in hope of being accepted than in expectation. So when I got accepted to Webdev.camp I was both excited and scared, and I wasn’t sure if I could do it because it would be a real test - not just of my skills, but also of my character; but I knew that IF I could make it through the course then I could become a developer. The commitment to the camp was going to be complete; it meant that I had to leave everything for 8 weeks, including my husband and kids and my “everyday life” – work, colleagues,hobbies.

    Before I embarked on the course 8 weeks ago, I had no idea how to build an application and no idea about object oriented programming, whilst coding was a magical and mysterious thing done by other people.

    During the first two weeks at the Webdev.camp, we had intensive theory lessons where we learned about such things as attributes, objects, models, Active Record and MVC's.

    After two weeks we started on our first real application in Ruby,and put all of that theory work into practice. We were handling associations and validations, sketched mock-ups, drew diagrams of associations and worked with database structures and the github API.

    We implemented functions with Haml and Sass, Bootstrap and Susy front-end frameworks and worked on back-end with data structures and associations as well as learning the importance of Test Driven Development (TDD) implementing Rspec, factory girl and capybara testing tools.

    Though the work was challenging, demanding and intense, it was also amazingly satisfying and hugely enjoyable, and I got a great sense of achievement in what I was doing. 

    After 5 weeks of actual coding we had a working beta version of our application, and gave an introduction about our application as a presentation to ruby developers at the Helsinki Ruby meetup, demonstrating our skills and talking about our experiences. 

    The whole experience of Webdev.camp has been an intensive and empowering learning journey for me, and not just with regard to my new skills. Yes, I now think of myself as a developer, and the dream is a reality because I now know I CAN code, but more than that, I have proved to myself that if I apply my mind to something, and work hard, I can achieve my dreams.

    Coding is still a magical thing but it is no longer mysterious to me. I am looking forward to the rest of my life as a developer, as well as the increased self confidence that the whole experience has given me.

  • Alice Dee • Graduate
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    At WebDev.camp we had the amazing experience of working on an open-source app that will be genuinely useful to people in the Ruby community. We learned Ruby, Rails, Javascript and how to use Github, as well as CSS, HTML and Haml. We worked extensively with APIs in our app and learned about different methods of deployment. It makes such a difference to work on real problems, and it was great to be able to look at and work with real open-source code right from the start of the course, as well as then creating our own open-source app. At WebDev.Camp I have learnt so much about programming but also about mentoring, pairing, teamwork and managing my time effectively to be the most productive I can be while still enjoying what I do.

    Living on site gives you the opportunity to really focus on your personal development and learning, without the problems of everyday life interfering or distracting you. I think that is one of the reasons that this course accomplishes so much in 8 weeks. We also had the opportunity to go to several meetups and events, and get to know the Helsinki Ruby community. In our penultimate week we gave a presentation on our app to a Ruby meetup, which was an excellent learning opportunity, and this experience will be extremely valuable going forward in our future jobs. I would definitely recommend Web Dev Camp, I doubt that any other bootcamp offers such a complete learning experience for the cost of the course which is extremely competitive.

    The learning environment is comfortable and beautiful and while the curriculum is intensive, living onsite means that you can fit so much more into your day without a commute or the usual distractions of daily life. Breaks and working at your own pace were really encouraged and I found that being able to take beautiful walks in the surrounding area as well as playing in the snow(!) provided an excellent way to unwind. 


  • Ioana Rosu • Student
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    Since I was a child I have always wanted to build something that count. Like Paul Shane Spear says, I know that “As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.”

    My story with programming started this year when I finished an on-line course of foreign language. Because is hard to learn by yourself I used an application for more help. I was amazed how a team of programmers, scientists and coaches can create an application with such great results.

    Somewhere on this road I discovered that programming had become such a magical skill, and up until some moment in time, I never considered it, because my “not-object-oriented-mind” had been so unfair to it. After seeing how beautiful and useful so many apps are, I thought, “Who are the people who build these things?” And then I decided to improve myself and just do it.

    I found out about WebDev Camp on Course Report, after looking through Twitter and finding out about their scholarship opportunities. I thought it was interesting because it is in the midst of nature, and if you’re feeling stuck, you can just go for a walk and come back to coding feeling refreshed.

    Here I discovered that school can be extremely fun, that you can sketch an app at the seaside on a rock and that you can be more inspired looking at skyline than at your computer’s screen. Here the forest is our backyard and I can organize my thoughts on my ruby classes by walking and thinking, or by staying in on the evening, reclining near the fire.

    I would say that this program teaches you not only about coding, but how to interact with people who might be different from yourself, since you will be living with them for several weeks. This can sometimes be difficult, but it teaches you how to work with and get along people in a group.

    Our teacher, Torsten, is like a guide, not just for our rails coding but for all the moments when we panic or struggle. He’s always present to help out in our small community.

    What else is there to say? Web Dev Camp is a wonderful, life changing experience that I’m glad I did!

  • Anonymous • Graduate
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    Teaching: WebDev Camp is obviously very different from university teaching methods. Firstly, we worked straight away on a 'real' solution. There was no 'faffing about'. Secondly, the feedback loop is much quicker as Torsten is always present to answer question when we are too stuck. At the same time, there is enough room to think for yourself and learn by yourself - which is a good skill to have. You also get to develop a lot of your people skills as you work and live together throughout the duration of the course.

    Setting: the camp is in the middle of the woods, with many lakes near by. It is absolutely magical. The camp's large garden is also something out of a fairytale. It even has a little waterfall. 

    Webdev Camp is probably the most relaxing, albeit intensive bootcamp of web development. You get to destress in the traditional Finnish sauna in the evening or go for a short hike during the breaks. Last but not least you will be near the picturesque village of Fiskars.  

  • WebDev Bootcamp
    - 11/6/2016
    Anonymous • Applicant
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    I heard about WebDev Bootcamp through Facebook and thought that it was an intriguing opportunity. The camp is located in the pleasant countryside of Finland, presenting me with the ability to experience something different, that would provide me with an experience that could set me apart from others and allow me to expand my horizons.


    I was able to speak to Torsten Ruger, who runs the camp. He proved to be a very charming fellow and very knowledgeable about the subject manner. He had been a coder for over 20 years professionally, and really impressed me with his passion for coding and his desire to help people develop into their best selves.


    WebDev is a program premised on the combination of nature and innovation. Student code in the Finnish countryside, a coding retreat that allows students an immersive environment in which the singular focus can be on the coding and your personal development.  Some of the bootcamps I researched were run like mills that had little regard for the students’ personal development.


    There is something beautiful and unique about what is being done at WebDev. I am excited to be part of something that is good full of good energy and that offers something so valuable at a reasonable rate. But what sets WebDev apart is the sense of community, that it is something that is being built together from the ground up. That is where true innovation comes from.

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