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  • Meet a Sabio Instructor Getting Students Past the Gatekeepers of Tech

    Liz Eggleston6/11/2020

    Meet a Sabio Instructor Getting Students Past the Gatekeepers of Tech

    Gregorio Rojas co-founded Sabio in 2013 after a successful career in programming. And as a career changer himself, his goal is to get more folks past the gatekeepers and prepared for jobs in tech. Learn what makes Sabio different from other bootcamps, Gregorio’s teaching style (both in the classroom and remotely), and how students can thrive in an online bootcamp. 

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  • JavaScript 101: Arrays

    Liz Eggleston5/5/2020

    Learning JavaScript? Arrays are an important data structure and you’ll need to understand them as a building block to become a great JavaScript developer. Get a 10-minute lesson on Arrays from Gregorio Rojas, the co-founder (and instructor) at Sabio. Plus, Arrays are one of the topics that Gregorio covers in Sabio’s new online JavaScript Foundations course!

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  • Why ServiceNow Hires Support Engineers from Sabio

    Liz Eggleston4/2/2020


    Nicholas Roberts is the Director of Advanced Support Technologies at ServiceNow in San Diego – and a huge advocate for military veterans in tech. In the past year, ServiceNow has hired two Sabio graduates (also military veterans) into their apprenticeship program. We caught up with Nicholas to find out why coding bootcamp graduates should keep an open mind during the job search, the challenges veterans face in transitioning to tech (and how to support them through it), and why hiring managers at ServiceNow said the Sabio candidates “interviewed perfectly.” 

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  • Meet an Instructor: Brijesh Patel from Sabio

    Jess Feldman1/31/2020

    Sabio coding bootcamp instructor Brijesh Patel

    Brijesh Patel is an instructor at Sabio’s Full-Time Coding Bootcamp – a bootcamp he graduated from 4 years ago! We caught up with Brijesh to learn how (and why) he became an instructor at Sabio. He also shares how working with partners like the City of Los Angeles on real projects benefits Sabio students, the Sabio teaching philosophy, and the characteristics of the most successful Sabio bootcamp graduates. 

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  • Meet Brady: From Army to Software Developer with Sabio

    Liz Eggleston12/23/2019

    Meet Brady: From Army to Software Developer with Sabio

    As Army Veteran Brady Keegan returned to civilian life, he met another veteran who showed him the path to Software Development. Now he’s attending Sabio and learning .NET while building a real full-stack portal for a client project! Find out why Brady chose Sabio, the importance of Sabio’s PreWork course, and why he decided to use his GI Benefits instead of doing the Vet Tec Program. 

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  • Web Developer Salaries After Coding Bootcamps

    Imogen Crispe2/20/2020


    What will your salary be after coding bootcamp? Coding bootcamps are judged almost entirely by their ability to find students high-paying jobs as web developers. Some schools release data about alumni jobs, others offer money-back job guarantees or deferred tuition, but how much are students earning when they graduate and how does their earning potential change as they gain experience? Every year, Course Report surveys real coding bootcamp graduates to better understand who is graduating from coding bootcamps and how successful they are in the workforce. Let’s explore the web developer salaries that alumni see after a bootcamp.

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  • The New Cyber Security Curriculum at Sabio

    Imogen Crispe12/13/2017


    With a growing skills shortage in cyber security, Los Angeles technology bootcamp Sabio is launching a cyber security bootcamp in addition to their well-established web development program. Experienced IT and security professional Gwenique Williams recently joined Sabio to build and teach the new curriculum. Gwenique tells us what technologies and skills the program covers, why background checks and security clearances can be important when working to protect sensitive or confidential information, and what sort of companies are hiring for various cyber security roles.

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  • Alumni Spotlight: Philip Percesepe of Sabio

    Imogen Crispe11/13/2017


    As Philip Percesepe was transitioning out of the Marine Corps he came up with an exciting tech startup idea. He realized he needed more specialized technical skills to build the idea, so he used the GI Bill to enroll at Sabio coding bootcamp in Los Angeles. Since he graduated in February 2017, Philip has continued to work on his startup, Knot My Yacht (like Airbnb for yachts), and has launched a couple of other businesses. Philip tells us how his military background was helpful both at Sabio and in a startup environment, and why going into tech through a bootcamp is a “no brainer” for other veterans.

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  • 4 Benefits to Learning React

    Sara Inés Calderón9/7/2017


    Should you learn React? Sabio coding bootcamp graduate Sara Inés Calderón uses React every day in her engineering role at Musx in Austin. Here, Sara shares her four top benefits for learning React (plus a couple of inevitable drawbacks), and how you can use React in your own development projects.

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  • Employer Spotlight: Why PDG Consulting Hires From Sabio

    Liz Eggleston8/17/2017


    With clients like Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, and AT&T, the five (5!) Sabio grads who landed jobs at PDG Consulting are working on some seriously exciting projects. We sat down with HR Lead Domenick Calise to find out how he works with Sabio to recruit Associate Software Engineers onto the technical team at PDG. Read on to learn what separates Sabio graduates from other bootcampers, how Sabio developers have adapted to learn new programming languages on the job, and why PDG Consulting will be hiring more Sabio graduates in future!

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