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Curriculum Spotlight: Learning Part-Time at Sabio Coding Bootcamp

Jess Feldman

Written By Jess Feldman

Last updated on April 4, 2023

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Sabio’s remote part-time bootcamp format offers students the same job-relevant curriculum as the full-time program, but with additional flexibility. Robert Johannes, Sabio’s Director of Admissions, takes us through the part-time program – from the real world project that students will build to the career support that part-time graduates can expect. Find out how to choose between Sabio’s part-time vs full-time formats, and Robert’s 3 tips for making the most of the online, part-time experience. 

Robert, why has Sabio decided to offer a part-time coding bootcamp in 2023?

Being a full-time student is the pathway for thousands of students every year but the reality is, this isn’t feasible for everybody. Whether it’s due to employment, looking after a new baby, or caring for an elder, there are a number of circumstances where full-time study isn’t possible. Life is busy and one of the greatest advantages of part-time study is being able to combine online learning with family and personal commitments. 

If you don’t have the time to commit to a full-time coding bootcamp, then Sabio’s part-time course is a flexible alternative that provides online access to our full-time curriculum — complete with real-time support from instructors, our industry-tested learning platform, hands-on assignments and much more! 

The Part-Time Commitment at Sabio

How many hours a week will students have to commit to the part-time bootcamp?

Our part-time format is a 21-week commitment. The schedule is Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 3PM PST, along with 10 hours of flexible clocked homework and lab time, which we recommend completing over the course of the weekend. 

Can the part-time bootcamp be completed while working full-time?

It really depends on the individual and their work hours as well as other obligations. Incoming students do need to understand that while this is a part-time program, it is still a fully immersive course. This allows students and instructors to work intensively together for a shorter period than the norm in order to enhance focus and facilitate learning through real-world application. 

The Sabio Part-Time Curriculum

What can students expect to learn in this program? 

Overall, Sabio simulates a professional work environment with real-world projects and builds complex applications that will bolster your professional portfolio. As a result of our focus on cohesive teamwork, Sabio graduates leave transformed and confident in their soft skills and technical skills.

The curriculum focuses on full-stack, which means front end, back end, and middle tier. As you might expect, full stack professionals are capable of addressing both sides of the proverbial equation and are in high demand. If you’re a beginner, full stack development will give you a “multi-layered edge” in the job market and will also improve your longevity owing to your learning of complete web design.

Is the curriculum different at all from the full-time program? 

When it comes to part-time vs full-time coding bootcamps at Sabio, the curriculum tends to be the same for both formats. Part-time and full-time students will receive the same level of education and learn the same subjects to an industry standard. 

The Sabio curriculum is developed by industry experts and is tailored to meet the needs of many top employers including Booz Allen Hamilton, Google, Microsoft, Raytheon and Tesla. We work closely with employers and industry professionals looking for bootcamp graduates from top schools like Sabio in order to optimize our fullstack curriculum and ensure that we are continually teaching the most in-demand technologies. 

Will part-time students be able to choose between .NET and Node.js

They absolutely will be able to choose! Both are great languages to learn and are highly desired across all industries. And, after mastering, a student is more easily able to adapt their understanding to a new programming language.

Project-Based Learning at Sabio Part-Time

What are the instructors like for the part-time bootcamp?

Sabio instructors have over 100 years of combined professional software engineering experience. Our commitment to small class sizes along with expert instruction gives students a “multi-layered edge” when competing in the job market which allows them the ability to set themselves apart from the competition.

What kinds of projects will part-time students work on?

The program is built to get you fully prepared to enter the workforce, and just like our full-time students, include real world projects run by UCLA Anderson Business School tech entrepreneurs. These projects can be huge sometimes, where we have different cohorts (part-time and full-time!) doing different project work for the same company. The really cool thing about overlapping different cohorts for these projects is that this is how it works out there in the real world!

Admissions at Sabio Part-Time

Is there an ideal student for the Part-Time bootcamp? 

You may assume that in order to go back to school full-or-part-time and switch careers, you need to first quit your day job. Not true on either side. The majority of full-time workers choose to become part-time students as it allows them to progress through the program while enjoying the financial benefits of employment. Also, the part-time program being solely online allows for education to be more accessible to a wider number of people.

Most of our students come to Sabio from different backgrounds and work experiences. They recognize that education and hard work are vital to achieving their goals. It is inspiring for all us at Sabio to be a part of their journey. I work collaboratively with our amazing team of counselors to provide support and guidance to prospective students throughout their entire application and admissions journey.

Does the part-time bootcamp include payment options?

We have a number of tuition payment options, and we work with a number of lenders. Tuition can be paid up front, there are scholarships, and even an option to pay no tuition until a graduate gets a higher paying job. The bootcamp is an investment, but one that will pay for itself many times over after you start your new tech career. 

Will U.S. veterans be able to use veterans benefits towards the part-time program?

Unfortunately, not at this time, but we are working toward that goal. 

What is the admissions process like for the Part-Time bootcamp? 

Our application process is a vetting process that we have put in place to ensure that there is an appropriate match to our culture and that your determination and commitment to the training meets our standard. Your journey with Sabio truly starts with our admissions call. The admissions call typically takes 20-30 minutes, and the point of this call is to get to know you and your career goals to help you determine if Sabio is a good fit for you. We answer any questions you may have on that call, too! 

Unlike other coding bootcamps, we’re not judging applicants on their soft skills on this admissions call. We’re focused on understanding an applicant’s goals and if they are ready to commit to this program. Here at Sabio, we are fully prepared to take incoming students who know nothing about working in tech to become mid-level engineers.

We offer online informational sessions each week where attendees are free to ask questions to myself or another member of the admission staff along with a Sabio alum. These have proven to be very helpful for both the admissions team as well as prospective students and should one enroll after attending, they will receive a discount of $125 off their tuition!  

Do you need to know how to code to apply? 

No coding experience is needed to apply! When it comes to applicants, Sabio works with all skill levels. We provide an environment and team that will challenge the most advanced developers in the industry as well as the ability to support those that need more work on their foundation.

Incoming students receive 6-12 weeks of instructor-led pre-work before starting the intensive bootcamp. If someone wants to get a headstart, we offer free coding courses that will teach you everything from the fundamentals of JavaScript development to an introduction to front end web development. These online prep courses come with access to our weekly group tutoring with Sabio's head instructor and an online forum. With our free coding courses, you will also get an invitation to our Sabio Slack Community, which allows collaboration amongst their peers, alumni, and the entire team at Sabio from admissions to instructors to career services and more. 

Should applicants expect a technical challenge in the admissions process?

Not at all! The exception to this is if you’re already trained in the basics of coding, you can opt to take a Tech Assessment instead of participating in our pre-work. 

Career Services at Sabio Part-Time

Do part-time Sabio students get access to career services? 

We believe that the best way to launch your career is to be surrounded by top industry leaders who have already been there, and with an 80% post-graduation job placement success rate, we are committed to our student's success! We do not wait for you to graduate then send you a resume template and wish you the best of luck. We built the job search into the program — roughly 2 weeks before graduation, students will connect with their Career Service coach and begin the process. The process includes but is not limited to: resume building, interview coaching and preparation, mock interviews, portfolio reviews, job matching, salary negotiation help, networking, and of course, applying for jobs!

All graduates have access to Sabio's extended mentorship and their professional development program for 5 years post-graduation, which consists of technical training sessions, speaker workshops, hackathons, and individual mentorship sessions.

What types of jobs does the part-time bootcamp prepare students for?

Sabio prepares students for entry-level and mid-level developer jobs. 

How are part-time graduates connected to the larger Sabio community? 

Sabio was built with the desire to create a community that supports our students and graduates throughout their career. We offer lifetime support to our Sabio grads. Our graduates can always come back to us for coaching help with algorithm practice or interview help. For those wanting to add to their skill set, we offer Motivational Mondays, which dive into different topics for our graduates. 

What is your advice for getting the most out of this part-time bootcamp experience?

  • Ask questions and then ask some more questions followed by more questions! In other words, don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Get to know your cohort, your instructors, mentors, alumni, and the amazing team at Sabio. We are all here for your success!
  • Set yourself up for success and perfect your time management. Time management is such a crucial factor that separates a successful student from one that struggles. We strongly recommend knowing your schedule and time needed for commitments. 

Find out more and read Sabio reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with Sabio.

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