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WCoding offers a 12-week intensive coding bootcamp, as well as 4-week intensive or part-time coding courses in Seoul, Korea. The classes cover topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP, C#, libraries, frameworks, and project experiences with a team. WCoding teaches a range of computer languages that will prepare students for careers in coding. The 12-week program is a Foreigner Package designed for English speaking visitors to Korea, and the shorter courses are taught in Korean. Students can learn both front end and back end programming. The co-founders and instructors at WCoding are people with experience in the tech industry. All instructors are on-site and available to interact with students. The school also offers free technical English lessons for students who need extra language support. 
To sign up for the 12-week Foreigner Package, applicants need to complete an online form and pay a deposit. No experience is required for that course. The 4-week classes have various levels to help students decide which is best for them based on their prior experience. To register, students need to transfer tuition to WCoding or pay on site before classes start. There is no formal application process. WCoding offers tuition discounts for certain classes if students are the first, second, or third to sign up. The materials needed for class are a laptop, a pen, and paper.
WCoding states that they want Korea to be a leader in the computer coding industry.  The goal of the courses is to teach students what they need to know to be able to get a job as a computer programmer. WCoding helps their students to find jobs in Korea or abroad. They aid students in networking with employers in the hopes that they ultimately obtain careers. In addition, WCoding programs for tourists include Korean lessons and leisure activities.

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    • Exclusive Foreigner Package

      HTML, PHP, C#, JavaScript, CSS, Java
      In PersonFull Time30 Hours/week12 Weeks
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      A 12-week intensive coding bootcamp covering topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP, C#, libraries, frameworks, and project experiences with a team. The 12-week program is a Foreigner Package designed for English speaking visitors to Korea.
      Getting in
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      Placement TestNo
    • Eunhye • Graduate
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      I completed the Full-Stack Intensive course at Wcoding this year from January to March. I'd considered a number of different options to get my foot in the door to software development, like online courses and other popular bootcamps. Wcoding stood out for me because of their curriculum flexibility and small class size. If you aren't sold by being just another statistic to a lot of the big bootcamps out there, and you genuinely want a more tailored and personal learning experience, I recommend Wcoding. I liked that even though my class was varied in terms of existing knowledge and background, the teacher was still able to challenge us in different ways and further our learning. The final team project was a really good experience for working effectively within a team and creating a fully functioning app from start to finish. Importantly, although you'll get lots of support from the mentors, you'll only get the most out of the course if you take the initiative to push yourself and stay disciplined throughout - as in don't expect to be spoon-fed! 
    • phil c • fullstack developer • Graduate
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      I think the best thing about wcoding is the team there. go to their site to check the people out your self. Having direct access to people who are so experienced (esp Alex and Marie) was incredibly helpful. They are in Korea but the coding bootcamp's in english which was another plus for me. As an american citizen I was able to get the entire thing done in the span of the 3 visa-free months so it basically felt like I took a travel vacation to become a fullstack developer. I guess the cons are that I had to come back to the states so I couldnt take advantage of the career prep stuff and their network. but I kept in touch with them and they hooked me up with a job at one of the international startups in seoul (there are so many!) so i ended up comig back here.  
      Be warned that it definitely isn't the easiest thing you go through. But the small class size and the personal help and the fact that I was traveling a different country made the whole thing a lot of fun.