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  • How Thinkful’s ISA + Living Stipend Made Austin’s Career Change Possible

    Jess Feldman12/7/2021

    Austin was interested in computer science but working as a security officer. At Thinkful’s Software Engineering Bootcamp, Austin says he “found his people,” and expanding his network helped him land his first job at Xima! Learn how Thinkful’s Income Share Agreement and Living Stipend made the immersive bootcamp accessible for him, and how career services and a supportive cohort made the whole experience worthwhile. Plus, Austin shares his insights about interning and interviewing for jobs after a coding bootcamp.

    What inspired you to pivot into tech?

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  • UX Design vs Web Design: A Helpful Guide for Beginners

    Rachel Meltzer12/15/2021

    If you’re a creative problem-solver, then a career in design may be for you! But how do you choose between a career in web design versus a career in user experience (UX) design? Since these two career paths are both user-focused, they have many similarities, but we’re breaking down the nuanced differences between web designers and UX designers to help you find the better fit for you! Find out how these two careers differ, what the daily life of web designers and UX designers look like, and the salaries to expect in these career paths. Plus, our favorite online tutorials and bootcamps to become a Web Designer or a UX Designer!

    User experience (UX) design considers any interaction a user has with a product or service and optimizes it. UX design thinks about how an experience makes the user feel, how an interface looks, and how easy it is for the user to accomplish desired tasks. 

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to RESTful APIs

    Jess Feldman10/13/2021

    REST APIs are relied upon by today’s software engineers and are a cornerstone of the web. But what is a REST API and how exactly is it used on the job? From general concepts to the core principles, Rich Greenhill of Thinkful breaks down the inner workings of REST APIs. Find out what it takes to create and use REST APIs, and how the Software Engineering curriculum at Thinkful prepares students to use REST APIs in their first jobs! 

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  • From Food Delivery to Game Analyst After Thinkful’s Data Analytics Bootcamp

    Jess Feldman8/4/2021

    Even with a background in economics, Doug was passed over for the data positions he wanted because he didn’t have an advanced degree. He spent his time rising up the ranks at Domino’s Pizza, going from food delivery to store manager, before the pandemic had Doug reassessing his career goals. In this article, Doug tells us why he chose Thinkful’s Immersive Data Analytics Bootcamp and how he learned the hard and soft skills he needed to land a job as a Game Analyst at App Annie. 

    What inspired you to make a career change into data analytics?

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  • Web Designer vs Web Developer

    Jess Feldman7/22/2021

    So much goes into building a successful website, and it requires the efforts of both web designers and web developers. But what exactly are the differences between these two tech roles? We dive into the typical responsibilities and average salaries of today’s web designers and web developers, plus the languages and tools that web developers and web designers rely on. Plus, find out how to learn web development and web design, whether you’re upskilling or making a career pivot!

    A lot of work goes into building a website and how a website looks is one of the most important aspects. Web designers are responsible for the visual aspects of a website. 

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  • Inside Thinkful’s Deferred Tuition Plan: Everything You Need to Know

    Jess Feldman9/14/2021

    Thinkful is now offering Deferred Tuition (which can also cover living expenses!) to eligible students in the US. We caught up with Erin Thompson from Thinkful to learn how this new plan creates more accessibility to Thinkful’s immersive bootcamps. Erin breaks down the differences between Deferred Tuition and an Income Share Agreement (ISA), what the Living Expenses portion of the program actually covers, plus the kinds of career support Deferred Tuition students can expect. Trying to decide between upfront tuition vs ISA vs deferred tuition plans? We cover that too!

    Why has Thinkful decided to offer Deferred Tuition + Living Expenses now?

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  • 5 UX Designer Jobs You Can Land After a Bootcamp

    Jess Feldman7/22/2021

    5 ux designer jobs   thinkful infographic

    UX design is an in-demand, creative tech field that is a part of every business, from web and app design to product development. What kinds of jobs can you expect to apply for and work in throughout your UX design career? From entry-level to senior roles, Thinkful Senior Career Coach Elyse Yarnell is breaking down the typical UX designer career path, including the skills you need to land the job and the UX designer salaries you can expect at each stage. Plus, learn how Thinkful’s curriculum and career support teaches students the sought-after technical and soft skills and effective job search strategies to land a UX designer role right out of bootcamp graduation. 

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  • 6 Fintech Companies That Hire Bootcampers

    Rachel Meltzer4/29/2021

    With almost all personal banking, lending, electronic payments, and trading done online these days, financial technology is an in-demand field for technologists in 2021. But do the top fintech companies actually hire coding bootcamp graduates? We’re breaking down what to expect at a financial technology company, and the top 6 Fintech companies that hire bootcamp alumni. Plus, our tips for employers who are onboarding bootcamp grads onto their fintech teams!

    Fintech stands for financial technology, and this term essentially describes innovative technology that improves the delivery of financial services. While fintech has technically been around since the 19th century, it wasn’t until the birth of Bitcoin in 2009 and the post-2008 financial crisis regulatory changes that fintech truly started to blossom. 

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  • 8 Companies That Hire Digital Marketing Bootcampers

    Rachel Meltzer4/21/2021

    Before you dive into a digital marketing bootcamp, you might be wondering, “Who hires digital marketing bootcamp graduates anyway?” The quick answer is: plenty of companies! Many companies rely on bootcamper talent for their cutting edge marketing know-how and real world experience. We’ve rounded up some of the best companies to work for after your digital marketing program. These companies hire for entry level marketing jobs like social media management, SEO specialist, content marketer, or marketing manager. 

    Companies know that digital marketing bootcamps teach the most important skills for modern marketing. Unlike hiring interns or college grads, bootcamp alumni are already equipped with the skills they need to succeed because they learned from real-world examples. 

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  • Career Roadmap: Product Management and Technical Project Management

    Jess Feldman3/24/2021

    Working alongside development teams, design teams, and company shareholders, product managers and technical project managers ensure that ideas come to fruition. From top responsibilities to average salaries, Thinkful experts Jim Jones and Anne de Ridder break down what to expect in these career paths. For those pivoting into these in-demand, tech-adjacent fields, Jim and Anne demystify the typical interview process for these roles and what to expect in the technical assessment. Plus, learn how Thinkful is graduating students with the experience and portfolios they need to land a technical project manager or product manager role. 

    Jim Jones, Technical Project Management Immersion Instructor at Thinkful

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