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Happy Summer! This month, we released our Best Online Bootcamps list for 2023, including the eight top-rated online schools. To celebrate Pride Month, we updated our post of bootcamp scholarships available for LGBTQ+ folks. And in honor of Juneteenth, we refreshed our blog post with the latest scholarships for people of color who want to attend a bootcamp. In the news this June, we saw a big fundraise for a European bootcamp, and two large OPMs reacting to the latest guidance from the Department of Education. With skills-based hiring gaining momentum, there was more news about workforce development programs (read: free technical training for you!). Plus, we’ll let you know about the 9 new coding bootcamps that we added to the Course Report directory in June.

Curious about what happened in May? Check out last month’s episode to hear our May coding bootcamp news roundup!

Course Report · June 2023 Coding Bootcamp News Roundup


  • According to Finance Company, Italian coding bootcamp Develhope closed a fundraising round of 6 million euros this month. 


  • Wiley announced this month that it is also selling its OPM business, Wiley University Services. Phil Hill dives into the many reasons why Wiley is divesting from its OPM business.
  • Noodle Partners announced that they are reorganizing their fee structure, management, and services to better partner with colleges. 


  • A recent study by staffing firm, ManpowerGroup, found that 74% of IT employers in the US say they are still having difficulty filling open roles. 
  • Canadian coding bootcamp, Lighthouse Labs, released its 2022 student outcomes report and found that its cybersecurity bootcamp students were landing more jobs after graduation than its web development and data science students. 
  • We got so many good career insights this month in our live Q&A with cybersecurity experts from Springboard, Code Fellows, DigitalCrafts, and Evolve Security Academy.
  • Accenture has partnered with cybersecurity company Immersive Labs for its new, free Cyber Million training program. 


  • More states like Virginia and Florida eliminated degree requirements for their state jobs.
  • Former U.S. President Bill Clinton focused on the importance of skills-based hiring at the recent SHRM conference for HR professionals. 
  • Roger Low, founder & CEO of the Colorado Equitable Economic Mobility Initiative, wrote an opinion piece for Stanford Social Innovation Review, arguing that the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) badly needs an update.
  • Westside Connect highlighted the free technical training program, Bay Valley Tech in Modesto, California that expects to teach over 1,000 students in 2023.
  • Golden Gate University and Outlier.org launched the Degrees+ Workforce Transfer Network. Learners that have completed training programs at Merit America and Thinkful will receive up to a semester of guaranteed transfer credit if enrolling in Degrees+ starting this fall.


  • Essence Magazine highlighted Obsidi Academy, a full-stack developer bootcamp that is providing a solution to the "Not Enough Black Talent To Choose From" problem in big tech.
  • Obsidi Academy announced that it’s graduated 134 Black professionals who now work at TD Bank. A new cohort is about to start, which means Obsidi will hit its original goal of 200 grads by the end of the year, so they’ve made a new goal of 600 graduates by 2025! 
  •  The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City is providing no-cost tuition for software and cybersecurity training through Code Fellows
  • Bloomberg highlighted the new documentary, “Glory in Overcoming,” that interviews single mothers as they make career changes into tech. The women are enrolled in the Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator, a free technical training program offered in partnership through Goodwill Industries and Google. 


  • Springboard has partnered with Auburn University.
  • Upright Education has partnered with Old Dominion University.
  • Fullstack Academy launched its AI & Machine Learning course as well as a Cloud Computing course.
  • edX announced a new Machine Learning & AI MicroBootCamp. 
  • Hack Reactor is now offering a 38-week, part-time course.
  • Coding Temple launched its new Quality Assurance course



Jess had a great conversation with a General Assembly graduate, their instructor, and the executive director from the nonprofit, Kuda Vana about a website redesign. In this Q&A, we get to explore how this project for a real world company actually affected the nonprofit’s fundraising efforts and visibility.

Liz published a virtual tour of BrainStation’s Miami Campus, and loved to see how this Wynwood campus has evolved over the past few years! 

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