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Python is often hailed as one of the best programming languages for first-time coders to learn as they break into programming. It’s the main technology powering big data, finance, and statistics, and its clean syntax reads like English. Python developers are in demand, not to mention the average Python developer in New York City earns $140,000 per year! Companies like Amazon, Dropbox, and Dell are built on this powerful language, making it a great time to learn Python bootcamp. We’re breaking down Python bootcamps, across the country and online, for a range of price points and time commitments.

NOTE: All of these code schools are in-person coding bootcamps with at least one campus in the USA. There are also online coding bootcamps which may teach you how to learn Python, and many data science bootcamps teach Python.

(in alphabetical order)

1. 4Geeks Academy


2. Berkeley Boot Camps


3. Byte Academy

“Byte Academy has devised a great finance and technology programming bootcamp. I went from having no programming experience to completing a kickass fintech project in three months. Highly recommend.” -Anonymous via Course Report


4. C4Q Access Code


5. Code Fellows

“If you have the desire, the money, the drive to learn (and keep learning), and you can afford a few months of life without making any money to fully jump into something, Code Fellows is a high-quality school offering a lot of potential growth. It was quite literally a life- and career-altering decision for me, and I'm thankful I got the opportunity to attend.” -Mark Palfreeman via Course Report


6. Coding Dojo

"Going to Coding Dojo was a game-changer for me...The immersive experience was just what I needed to get my hands dirty and get the wheels of a programming mind turning. Through the many hours I spent coding, I can say that it worked. The payoff was great as long as you put in the work. The teachers were kind and helpful" - Anonymous reviewer via Course Report.


7. DigitalCrafts


8. Hackbright Academy

“I’m really happy that I went somewhere Python-focused and more focused on CS fundamentals than just learning Rails as a web framework.  Now, it’s going to be easy for me to pick up Ruby and Rails, whereas it might be less easy to go the other way. I think it’s probably likely that where I end up will be a Rails shop, but I’m glad that I learned Python first.” -Siena Aguayo via Course Report


9. Nashville Software School


10. Northwestern Coding Boot Camp


11. PDX Code Guild


Short introductions to Python and online Python courses:


12. Eleven Fifty

“The instruction was phenomenal and very hands on, I was typing my own code and editing images and actually understanding what was being taught. I felt comfortable asking questions at times when I didn't fully grasp certain concepts, but the course itself moved at a pace that kept me from feeling like I was drowning. I couldn't be happier with Eleven Fifty and the investment I made in this class. I will certainly be returning for more advanced classes in the future!” -Trevor Steele via Course Report


13. Code Fellows


14. Thinkful

“One could argue that you could find similar projects to work on and just use free tools. Maybe. But for me the bundle of the Thinkful curriculum, plus mentor, plus projects was really a winning formula. Different people learn in different ways. But if you're busy with a day job and family, and are serious about learning, I really would recommend Thinkful. It will save you time and maximize your learning. Good luck!” -Edoe Cohen via Course Report

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