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Jess Feldman

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Last updated on November 30, 2021

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Course Report · Course Report November 2021 Coding Bootcamp News Roundup

As we begin to wrap up 2021, we saw coding bootcamps rebranding, achieving graduate success milestones, and helping people reskill during the Great Resignation. We saw some buzz this month evaluating the real value of a coding bootcamp, plus an honest take from Silicon Valley tech recruiters about if bootcamp graduates are welcomed as new hires in that space (spoiler alert: they are!). We were excited to learn more about coding bootcamps aimed at helping get women veterans and Indigenous people into tech careers. Plus, find out which 8 new bootcamps we added to the Course Report directory this month!

Curious about what happened in October 2021? Check out last month’s episode with the biggest bootcamp news from October.


  • Bloomberg reported that Udemy went public in October, raising $421 million in its initial public offering. Higher Ed Dive published three takeaways from the Udemy IPO.
  • TechCrunch reports Lambda School is now officially Bloom Institute of Technology (BloomTech, for short), and offers a new loan program that includes a 110% tuition refund. 
  • Tech Elevator has officially graduated 2,000 alumni and placed them in technology jobs. Congrats to Tech Elevator!


  • CNBC highlighted how bootcamps like General Assembly can be an effective way to pivot your career.
  • HR Dive reported on the top reasons tech employees have been considering quitting their jobs. Learning and training opportunities topped the list!
  • HR Dive notes the recent surge of interest in Udemy’s corporate training product, Udemy Business. 
  • Forbes reported on the corporate training partnership between Flatiron School and Amazon. 
  • Flatiron School announced a commitment-to-interview campaign with Amazon’s Career Choice Program. 
  • Vancouver Sun reported how Canada’s Institute of Technology and Lighthouse Labs have seen an upsurge of interest in reskilling and tech training certificate programs. 

Pro-Tip: To help Canadians learn how to code for free, Lighthouse Labs is doing their 21-Day Coding Challenge through to December 12th!


  • Work Shift dove into a new working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research that shows why Americans from disadvantaged backgrounds choose short, training programs instead of college. 
  • Did many students take a pandemic gap year? EdSurge revisited the hypothesis.
  • Higher Ed Dive points out that competency-based learning could be an important piece in how we ensure an equitable recovery.
  • BuiltIn looked at what UX designers can learn from therapists (and why some therapists are making the career pivot into UX design now).


  • Business Insider scrutinized coding bootcamp graduate placement rates and success rates, and caught up with CIRR for their tips on ISAs. 
  • Forbes published a great article this month about how adaptability is the new must-have skill for those working in tech and entrepreneurs.
  • Business Insider interviewed Silicon Valley tech recruiters on how they assess coding bootcamp grads as potential hires.


  • HR Dive looked into a recent Metlife study about how nearly two-thirds (63%) of women who left the workplace during the pandemic (due to a childcare crisis) now plan to return.
  • KSBY reports that Galvanize’s Operation Level Up is now focusing its efforts on supporting more women veterans getting into tech careers.
  • Business Insider investigated whether bootcamps are having an effect on diversifying tech.
  • Work Shift dug deeper into if paid internships and virtual recruiting are diversifying the workforce.
  • According to Vancouver is Awesome, Jelly Academy is working to launch the marketing careers of dozens of Indigenous people in Canada. 


  • Upright announced a new university bootcamp partnership with Norwich University.
  • Galvanize partnered with the Defense Logistics Agency to train DLA personnel in data analytics and data science. 
  • Nashville Software School announced a partnership with Amazon to launch a new software engineering program aimed at expanding opportunities and access to tech careers to those who live in Nashville.
  • Northcoders opened a new campus in Newcastle as part of the innovation hub at Barclays Eagle Labs. 

We added 8 new bootcamps to the Course Report directory:


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