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DesignerUp offers a self-paced, online Product Design (UI/UX) Bootcamp designed to be completed in 12 to 24 weeks. The curriculum covers business and product strategy, IA and user interaction design, usability principles, MVP design, mindful design and workflow optimization. As part of the bootcamp cost students receive access to our student community and additional resources. Students will finish the bootcamp with an original case study and portfolio.DesignerUp is...

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  • Madeline Wukusick
    Visual Designer, Freelance • Graduate • Product Design (UI/UX) Bootcamp • Online
    Feb 16, 2023
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    Well-Structured Intro Course in UI/UX Fundamentals

    I'm a senior visual designer / graphic designer / art director. In Spring of 2021, I was looking for a way to freshen up my digital design skills (after 10+ years freelance), as well as gain exposure to the basics of UI/UX design to enhance my visual design focus. I found the DesignerUp Bootcamp through a post on Medium and was really drawn to the async nature of the course (at that time, this seemed to be less common) as well as Elizabeth's unique perspective as a self-coined 'mindful d...

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How much does DesignerUp cost?

DesignerUp costs around $1,997.

What courses does DesignerUp teach?

DesignerUp offers courses like Product Design (UI/UX) Bootcamp.

Where does DesignerUp have campuses?

DesignerUp teaches students Online in a remote classroom.

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