June 2019: a coding bootcamp fundraise, an interesting acquisition, and great new initiatives to encourage more women and underrepresented groups to get into tech. In this month’s podcast, we talk about the status of the tech skills shortage, what is happening to fill the gaps in areas like data science and cybersecurity, and the ongoing conversation around ISAs (income share agreements). Plus, the CEOs of huge companies like Intuit, Upwork, and IBM share their opinions of bootcamps. And we’ll give you the scoop on new campuses and 7 new schools in the Course Report directory.

Fundraises, Acquisitions, and More

Encouraging Women and Underrepresented Groups in Tech

Tech Skills Shortage Update

Getting into Data Science and Cybersecurity

Tips and Advice for Breaking into Tech

Should You Go to University or Coding Bootcamp? 

An Update on Income Share Agreements

Coding Bootcamp News + Updates

New Schools on Course Report

Our Favorite Pieces on the Course Report Blog

  • Imogen enjoyed chatting with Stacey, a student at Hackbright Academy, an all women’s bootcamp. Stacey used to be a veterinarian, and is now studying to become a software engineer! During the video interview she shared her screen and demonstrated her awesome final project - an app to help vets calculate drug dosages for animals!
  • Liz had fun doing a video interview with three instructors from Tech Elevator who were all women in different cities – Katie Dwyer from Cincinnati, Beth Campbell from Pittsburgh, and Margaret Green from Detroit. They talked about the tech scenes in each of their cities, their teaching styles, and why they’re passionate about ushering more women into the tech space. 

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