August 2019 Coding Bootcamp News Roundup

Imogen Crispe

Written By Imogen Crispe

Last updated on August 29, 2019

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Coding bootcamps are ramping up as we get closer to fall – in August we published our latest market growth report (23,000 grads expected in 2019), Flatiron School acquired a cybersecurity bootcamp, and companies like LinkedIn and JPMorgan Chase hired bootcamp graduates! We chat about the history of income share agreements, coding bootcamps for social good, women in tech, and companies hiring from (and vouching for) coding bootcamps. Plus, we tell you about the 9 newest tech bootcamps that opened in August!

But First, 2 Course Report Updates!

Acquisitions & Business News

  • Flatiron School announced that they’ll acquire SecureSet cybersecurity bootcamp. That means that Flatiron now teaches Web Development, Data Science, UX Design, and Cybersecurity.
  • Flatiron is also launching a 10-month online bootcamp at UC Irvine in California, according to an article in Yahoo Finance.
  • As Flatiron’s parent company, WeWork, files for its initial public offering, EdSurge looked at WeWork’s IPO filing documents which show that WeWork paid $28 million for Flatiron School which included $15 million in cash and the rest in stock. The article also looks at the growth of Flatiron and its tenfold revenue increase. 
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote about 2U, which recently acquired Trilogy Education, and how its shares dropped from $36 to under $14, which has been loosely attributed to 2U’s spending spree on Trilogy (they spent $750MM). 
  • Education Dive reports that Strategic Education which owns for-profit universities and bootcamps, like Hackbright Academy and DevMountain, reported growth in their short-term programs like coding bootcamps and software design programs.

Graduate Outcomes – Two New Approaches

Income Share Agreements: August Updates

Partnering with Companies for Real-World Experience 

Coding Bootcamps Filling Talent Shortages

Coding Bootcamps for Social Good

Advice for Careers after Bootcamp

New Campuses + Curriculum Updates

New Schools on Course Report in August

  • CEI Bootcamp, a 7-month JavaScript bootcamp with campuses in Spain and Portugal
  • Wcoding, a 12-week coding bootcamp in Seoul, Korea
  • Code Belgium, a 9-week coding bootcamp in Brussels, Belgium
  • Adalab, a 12-week coding bootcamp for women in Madrid, Spain
  • DataFlair, an online data science school with 2 and 3-month courses
  • Nexul Academy, which offers full time and part-time coding bootcamps in St Louis, Missouri
  • Akademy.AI, a 10-week artificial intelligence school in Barcelona, Spain
  • UCI x Flatiron School, a partnership between UC Irvine and Flatiron School which offers full time and self-paced online courses.
  • Pesto, a 12-week coding bootcamp in Delhi, India

Our Favorite Articles on the Blog

  • We’ve been working on more Final Project spotlights recently, because seeing what a bootcamper can actually build is a great way to understand the quality of a bootcamp. Liz talked to DevMountain UX Design student Katie Stakland who created a roommate communication app called Gabble! Katie got to collaborate with iOS developers on this group project – and wrote a Medium article about it that has 15,000 reads!
  • Imogen enjoyed chatting with three part-time DigitalCrafts students who all learned to code and upgraded their careers without quitting their jobs or compromising parental duties. Nick was working as an IT rep and juggling family responsibilities while at DigitalCrafts, and is now a fully-fledged software engineer. Mom to a 2-year old, Sarah, relied on support from her husband so she could learn to code in the evenings and on weekends. Lizzy’s employer paid for her to do the part-time course so she could upskill and contribute more to her team! They gave some great tips for juggling a career change while still carrying on with life!

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