This November has been super busy in the immersive coding education world, and at Course Report! We read about how Amazon’s new headquarters will impact the coding bootcamps in New York City, we celebrated successful coding bootcamp grads, we were sad to hear that a school is closing, we heard advice for being successful at bootcamp, and found out about new initiatives to improve diversity in tech! Plus we look at new schools and campuses around the world and discuss our favorite pieces on the Course Report blog.

Top News

Success at Coding Bootcamp

Landing a job after bootcamp

Regulatory News

Diversity in Tech

Growing Tech in Communities

Bootcamp Announcements

New Bootcamps in November

  • University of Saint Katherine’s San Diego Code School, in San Diego, CA,
  • WeCloudData - a data science bootcamp in Toronto, Canada
  • Elbrus Coding Bootcamp - in Moscow, Russia

Favorite Articles on the Blog

Liz Eggleston

  • I talked to a Hackbright instructor, Heather Mahan. She was a technical writer before she actually went to Hackbright, and now she’s an instructor at Hackbright Academy’s South Bay campus. We had a great conversation and you can get to know her on the blog!

Imogen Crispe



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