Are Data Science Bootcamps Worth It?

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Last updated on November 13, 2023

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Are data science bootcamps really worth it? If you’re looking to make a career change into data science more quickly than traditional routes, then the answer is yes! But not all data science courses are equal — we’re diving into what to look for when researching data science bootcamps, how much you can expect to spend on data science bootcamp tuition, and how to calculate your data science bootcamp ROI.

Are Data Science Bootcamps Worth It?

  • The short answer is Yes! On average, graduates who learn Python at a bootcamp earn $78,604 at their first job after bootcamp. That’s a +43% salary increase over their pre-bootcamp jobs.
  • At a data science bootcamp, you should expect to spend 12-16 weeks learning to build and deploy software using hands-on, project-based teaching. Career Services teams will be responsible for preparing you for the job search. 

How much will I earn after a data science bootcamp?

Programming Language and Post-Bootcamp Success (source)




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+ 43%

Many data science bootcamps release current, transparent outcomes reports to the public. Let’s dig into a few examples of success at Codeup, Zip Code Wilmington, and Springboard

According to Codeup’s CIRR Report, 81.6% of CodeUp students graduate on-time from the Data Science Bootcamp. 85% of students are employed in-field within 180 days of graduation. And the Median Annual Base Salary of CodeUp Data Science graduates is $73,000. Most CodeUp graduates go on to be Data Engineers.

According to Zip Code Wilmington’s Audited Outcomes Report, 100% of their Data Engineering bootcamp graduates graduate and 90% are placed within 6 months. Their average annualized salary was $82,944.

According to Springboard’s Outcomes page, more than 3,500 students have enrolled in Springboard’s Data Science Career Track since its inception in December 2016. They average a salary increase of $25,911 in their first job after graduation, as reported by students who provided pre- and post-course salaries.

Are data science bootcamp grads actually getting jobs?

Overall, between 74% – 90% of data science bootcamp grads land jobs using the data skills they learned at the bootcamp. 

Do employers like hiring data science bootcamp grads?

The quick answer is: yes! We’ve interviewed so many data science bootcamp students who have made career changes and landed data roles soon after graduation. Data science bootcamp grads are working in a variety of industries at companies like Vinted, Rogers Communications, LGND Group, Cred Protocol, Known, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cirium, and more. Here are a few examples:

  • Former lawyer Indre enrolled at Turing College to become a Decision Scientist at Vinted. Indre attributes his success in the job search to Turing College’s guidance: “Coming from the law industry, I didn’t know anything about the IT industry, and Turing College opened my eyes to the industry and what employers are actually looking for. I was referred as a candidate for the Decision Scientist position at Vinted by the staff at Turing College! A Senior Team Lead at Turing College suggested that I apply for the position. I didn’t have a lot of confidence that I would fit in but the position was nice and they encouraged me to go for it! I’m certain that the portfolio and feedback from Turing College were really helpful in landing the job.”
  • With Lighthouse Labs, Mauro pivoted from business development to Data Analyst at Rogers Communications. Although Mauro said it was “a tough three months of my life,” he doesn’t regret it. In fact, Mauro says “Lighthouse Labs was 100% worth it – the bootcamp really helped me. I wanted to change my career, and I couldn't have done it without Lighthouse Labs.”
  • Former realtor Zack became a Blockchain Data Engineer at LGND Group after Jigsaw Labs. Zack says that LGND Group “was interested in hiring a data engineer with e-commerce experience and familiarity with blockchain. They were interested in the culmination of my experience, including my Jigsaw Labs’ Data Engineering bootcamp and internship experience with an e-commerce startup. They liked that I had also completed a blockchain course and developed a decentralized application from it.”
  • Econometrics major Aaron attended Jigsaw Labs to become a Data Engineer at Cred Protocol, a startup in San Francisco that focuses on web3 crypto blockchain. Before he was hired as a full-time Data Engineer, Aaron actually started with an externship at Cred Protocol (organized by Jigsaw Labs). 
  • Former chemical engineer Jonah attended NYC Data Science Academy and landed a job as a Senior Data Analyst at Known.
  • Mike went from environmental scientist to data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton after the Data Analytics Bootcamp at Texas McCombs. Reflecting on his experience, Mike said “Not to sound hyperbolic, but UT Austin Boot Camps changed my life! I'm making close to three times what I was making before working on boats. I'm more engaged in the work I do, and I really enjoy it. Going from living out of a bag and working on fishing boats, to having a good, steady income makes me feel so lucky. It was hard work to get here, but I had fun doing it.”
  • Former sports broadcaster Nathan enrolled at Coding Temple and became a Data Analyst at Cirium.

How much does a Data Science Bootcamp cost

Data science bootcamp tuition can range from $7,000 to $18,000. (That said, there are free data science bootcamps that you may be eligible for!)

How to Calculate Data Science Bootcamp ROI

Data science bootcamps can be costly, so it’s important to consider your return-on-investment when weighing your options between data science bootcamp vs masters degree or bachelor’s degree. 


Data Science Bootcamp

Data Science Bachelor’s Degree 

Total Investment

$10,000 – $20,000

$60,000 (in-state) – $240,000 (private)

Starting Salary Goal



Our Tips: Making a Data Science Bootcamp Worth It

  1. Take a data science prep course. A prep course will give you some of the fundamentals you’ll need in the bootcamp, plus you will get a sense of what the bootcamp teaching style and culture is like.
  2. Research the best way to pay for your data science bootcamp. You may be able to use veterans’ benefits, a 529 account, or a workforce development program to cover your tuition. There are also free data science bootcamps that you may be eligible for!
  3. Fully commit to the data science bootcamp. A data science bootcamp is an intensive program, requiring your full attention in order to successfully complete it. Make sure to clear your schedule and prioritize your class-time and studying. 
  4. Start building your network. Many immersive data science bootcamps will provide career services and coaching, but landing your first data science role is still hard work. When you start building your network early through platforms like LinkedIn, you are increasing your chances of landing a job soon after bootcamp.
  5. Leave a review of your data science bootcamp experience on Course Report! Your review is a huge help to anyone else thinking of making a career change into data science or data analytics. 

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