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Woz U is an EdTech enterprise that offers 33-week online software development, cybersecurity, and data science courses. Students will learn full stack development including HTML basics, CSS, Java, Javascript, and C#. The data science bootcamp covers tools such as Python, R, SQL, and NoSQL with Mongo and Node.JS. Woz U was founded by Steve Wozniak who, in 1977 with Steve Jobs, created the first personal computers at Apple. Woz U’s mission is to disrupt the current educ...
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  • Mike
    Graduate • Software Developer • Online
    Sep 24, 2019
    Overall Experience
    Job Assistance

    The biggest scam online!

    Please avoid this company at all cost! Within the first week I realized this school was nothing but bs. They steal curriculum from other free coding websites and sell it to you with absolutely no help learning the material at all. I asked multiple times to be removed school and the only response  I got was scare tactics and manipulation. I was told by many people there that the second I signed my name I was...

  • Jennifer
    Student • Software Developer • Online
    Jan 29, 2019
    Overall Experience
    Job Assistance

    Great School But Needs Improvement

    I love attending, and being apart of the Woz U class!! It has helped strengthen my skills, taught me a lot of coding, and developed my problem solving skills. The community is very helpful and kind. I have realized that sometimes I feel like there is a bit of disconnect between mentors and students, maybe it is just me. I sometimes feel as though I do not receive the help I need from my mentor and will instead have to reach out to fellow classmates. I am learning a lot and still succeeding...


    Priscilla of Woz U

    Student Success Coordinator

    Mar 26, 2019

    Thanks for your review! We would love to hear more about your experience, so that we can use your valuable feedback to deliver an even better experience next time. Please reach out to info@woz-u.com with any further comments or suggestions you wish to share. Again, thank you for taking the time to review our program!

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How much does Woz U cost?

Woz U costs around $13,200.

What courses does Woz U teach?

Woz U offers courses like Cyber Security, Data Science, Software Developer.

Where does Woz U have campuses?

Woz U has in-person campuses in Scottsdale. Woz U also has a remote classroom so students can learn online.

Is Woz U worth it?

Woz U hasn't shared alumni outcomes yet, but one way to determine if a bootcamp is worth it is by reading alumni reviews. 14 Woz U alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed Woz U on Course Report - you should start there!

Is Woz U legit?

We let alumni answer that question. 14 Woz U alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed Woz U and rate their overall experience a 4.21 out of 5.

Does Woz U offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?

Right now, it doesn't look like Woz U offers scholarships or accepts the GI Bill. We're always adding to the list of schools that do offer Exclusive Course Report Scholarships and a list of the bootcamps that accept the GI Bill.

Can I read Woz U reviews?

You can read 14 reviews of Woz U on Course Report! Woz U alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed Woz U and rate their overall experience a 4.21 out of 5.

Is Woz U accredited?

While bootcamps must be approved to operate, accreditation is relatively rare. Woz U doesn't yet share information about their accreditation status.

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