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  • Anja Lena’s Journey to UX Design with CareerFoundry

    Liz Eggleston1/22/2020


    Want to become a UX designer but have no idea where to start? Anja Lena Sack-Hauchwitz was in the same boat until she found CareerFoundry’s online UX Design Course. She tells us about what she learned at CareerFoundry, how she funded bootcamp tuition through Germany’s unemployment agency, her favorite inspirational UX podcasts, and how she uses her background in design to fuel her creativity and communication skills as a Junior UX Designer at Dept! 

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  • Günther’s Story: From Lawyer to Web Developer with CareerFoundry

    Liz Eggleston11/27/2019

    Günther von Häfen’s itch to learn something new started while he was working as a lawyer in Germany. He began dabbling in web development courses online and loved it so much that he decided to make a career change and enrolled in a CareerFoundry bootcamp. In just 5 months, working in the wee hours of the morning as a full-time dad, he landed a full-time job as a Web Developer at 3B Scientific while still working on the course with just having finished around 50% at that time! Günther tells us why he chose CareerFoundry, what (and how) he learned in the JavaScript curriculum, and how he balanced fatherhood with his career change. 

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  • Finding UX Design Later in Life with CareerFoundry

    Imogen Crispe10/4/2019


    After being a pastor for 19 years, Jeff was looking to get into tech, and discovered UX design as a great way to combine logic and creative skills. He wanted to learn future-focused skills, and found online UX design bootcamp CareerFoundry met all his requirements. Jeff tells us how he balanced his part-time studies with his full time job in Charlotte, North Carolina, how Germany-based CareerFoundry ensured he had access to North American mentors, and how he landed his job as a Design Strategist at an Energy company!

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  • Online Coding Bootcamp Cost Comparison

    Liz Eggleston10/23/2019


    The landscape of online coding bootcamps is vast – ranging from $30/month subscriptions to full-time bootcamps that cost $20,000. And many online coding programs now offer Income Sharing Agreements, which adds another layer of complexity when comparing online coding bootcamp costs. In addition to flexibility, remote code bootcamps cost less than in-person bootcamps – the average online bootcamp tuition is $11,118 (and lasts ~15 weeks) while in-person bootcamp tuition is $11,906 on average (and lasts ~14 weeks). Cost is an important factor when choosing an online bootcamp, so how do you decide what to budget for? We're breaking down the costs of several popular online coding bootcamps.

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  • October 2018 Coding Bootcamp Podcast

    Imogen Crispe10/31/2018

    Just as coding languages are always changing, things also change very quickly in the coding bootcamp industry! In October we read about two big acquisitions, some fundraises, and partnerships and rivalries between universities and bootcamps. We heard about the interesting backgrounds of some female bootcamp founders, and what demand there is for software developers in the tech industry! There were also articles about companies teaming up with bootcamps and two coding bootcamps going through hardships. Read the summary or listen to the podcast!

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  • Guide to Coding Bootcamps with Job Guarantees

    Imogen Crispe11/4/2019


    So you want to land a job after coding bootcamp? The statistics are on your side – 73% of bootcampers report being employed as developers after graduation. But did you know that many coding bootcamps go one step further and offer a job guarantee? We’ve put together a list of in-person and online coding bootcamps in the USA and around the world which offer guaranteed job placement. And don’t get caught off guard by the details – we’ve also included specifics about job guarantee tuition refunds, conditions, and tips to help you work out if a job guarantee coding bootcamp is right for you.

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  • Why a UI Designer is Not a UX Designer

    Sean Beaubien12/2/2016


    UX? UI?  So you’ve seen the acronyms everywhere, but now you’re wondering what exactly is the difference between the two terms? And to make it even more confusing, just what is a UX/UI designer? Some kind of unicorn hybrid? While some people tend to group the two positions in the same boat, they’re actually separate disciplines that both share a common goal of creating a product that is centered around the needs of its users. But just how does the role of a UI designer differ from that of a UX designer?

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  • Mentor Spotlight: Wojciech Hupert of CareerFoundry

    Imogen Crispe11/21/2016


    Wojciech Hupert originally studied advertising and graphic design, but as the market demand for web skills increased, he transitioned into UX design. Now Wojciech is a UX Design Mentor at online coding bootcamp CareerFoundry. He also works full-time as a UX/UI Designer at Berlin startup BigchainDB. Wojciech explains why he wanted to get involved in education, how he uses his varied background to give career advice, and why he loves seeing CareerFoundry students grow and learn.

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  • Alumni Spotlight: Alex Thetford of CareerFoundry

    Imogen Crispe9/2/2016


    Alex was a printer and graphic designer in the UK, and a teacher in Thailand before he moved to the states and decided to learn to code. He started CareerFoundry’s six-month remote Web Development Program in January, and studied part time while working full time as a dog walker in NYC. Alex tells us why online bootcamp CareerFoundry suited him so well, explains how intuitive and easy to follow the lessons are, and even gives us a live demo of the learning platform.

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  • Why You Should Learn UI Design

    Eric Bieller7/27/2016


    You’ve probably heard about the field of UI design. Maybe you’ve been wondering why it’s so popular and whether learning UI design could be a way to shift careers into something more challenging, fun and lucrative. Well, I’ve got some good news for you! In this post, I’m going to dig into what UI design actually is, why it’s so popular, and why you should start learning it right now.

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