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Guide to 11 Coding Bootcamps with Job Guarantees

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Last updated on May 31, 2024

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So you want to land a job after coding bootcamp? The statistics are on your side – 73% of bootcampers report being employed as developers after graduation. But did you know that many coding bootcamps go one step further and offer a job guarantee? We’ve put together a list of in-person and online coding bootcamps in the USA and around the world which offer guaranteed job placement. And don’t get caught off guard by the details – we’ve also included specifics about job guarantee tuition refunds, conditions, and tips to help you work out if a job guarantee coding bootcamp is right for you.

What is a coding bootcamp job guarantee?

A number of coding bootcamps offer a full or partial tuition refund if you are not able to find a job within a set amount of time after you graduate. But be aware that job guarantees usually have extensive conditions, including a minimum number of job applications per week, and no turned down job offers – make sure you read all the terms and conditions!

Some coding bootcamps, like Revature, offer guaranteed employment or apprenticeships with their parent company, and other bootcamps don’t get paid until the student finds a job.

Which coding bootcamps have a job guarantee?

You should expect to see more job guarantees from online schools than in-person bootcamps. Check out the comprehensive list of coding bootcamp job guarantees below: 

  1. CodeUp
  2. Revature
  3. Ubiqum Code Academy
  4. CareerFoundry
  5. Springboard
  6. Jigsaw Labs
  7. Coding Temple
  8. TripleTen
  9. BloomTech
  10. 4Geeks Academy
  11. Awesome Inc U

Why choose a coding bootcamp with guaranteed job placement?

There are a number of reasons to choose a coding bootcamp which offers a job guarantee:

  • You want assurance that you’ll get assistance in finding a job
  • You are worried about investing in a bootcamp and not finding a job
  • You cannot afford to be unemployed after bootcamp
  • You have heard stories of other students who have not found jobs after bootcamp

What to watch out for when you see a “job guarantee”

  1. Is the school guaranteeing you a job or a job offer?
  2. Do you understand all of the graduation requirements (ie. final exams, project work, time commitment)?
  3. Are you able to repeat a section of the course or even the entire course?
  4. Are job search requirements clear? (ie. networking, proof of minimum # applications, time limit, reporting back to the bootcamp careers team)
  5. Does the school count contract, part-time, non-developer, non-technical, or the school’s own job offers as “offers?” Can those void the guarantee?
  6. Are you being guaranteed a full or partial refund?
  7. Are there any prerequisites to be eligible for the job guarantee? (ie. city you live in, English skills, college degree, age etc)

5 In-Person Bootcamps With Job Guarantees

1. 4Geeks Academy

4Geeks Academy offers a Full Stack Coding Bootcamp and a Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp at in-person campuses in the US, Canada, Latin America and Europe as well as online. The 4Geeks Academy job guarantee states that graduates who do not land a job within six months of graduation receive a full refund on tuition.

Length: 9 weeks full-time
Price: $9,999 (tuition varies depending on location and course)
Locations: Multiple locations worldwide including Miami, Toronto, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Madrid, and Lisbon.
Alumni reviews of the 4Geeks Academy Job Guarantee are largely positive. For example, Tomas Fuentes explains in his 4Geeks Academy review, "I enrolled... with zero programming experience, [so] naturally I was feeling kind of insecure with the journey I was about to start, but the minute I stepped into the class, I received all the help that I could've ask for. They were (and still are even after I graduated) always willing to help, from a coding related question to how to improve your CV... They even helped me land my first job a little less than a month after I graduated."

2. Codeup

Codeup’s full-stack program is a career accelerator to turn non-techies into entry-level software developers. The Codeup job guarantee states that graduates are guaranteed a job offer within six months of graduation or receive 50% refund on tuition.

Length: 16 weeks
Price: $17,500 
Locations: San Antonio 
Alumni reviews of the Codeup Job Guarantee are overwhelmingly positive. For example, Steven Garis explains in his Codeup review that "The best service Codeup provides, beyond the amazing education, is the dedication to getting each student placed in a job after graduation or a money back guarantee. Going to Codeup allowed me to transition into a career where I feel significantly more job satisfaction with the work that I do on a daily basis. This new career has also provided me with a significantly better source of income which has drastically improved my life and wellbeing."

3. Revature

Revature is a talent technology company providing talent for corporate and government partners. 
The Revature Job Guarantee states that students who successfully complete the program are guaranteed employment with Revature in an enterprise setting, and will be assigned to a Revature client. Students are screened for hireability before being admitted to the school.

Length: 12 weeks
Price: Free 
Locations: Reston, VA; Scottsdale, AZ; New York, NY

4. Ubiqum Code Academy

Ubiqum Code Academy offers full stack web development bootcamps for total beginners. The Ubiqum Code Academy Job Guarantee states that students pay 50% tuition upfront, and 50% once they get a job. If they don’t find a job, they don’t have to pay the second 50% installment. Ubiqum does have specific Guarantee conditions:

  • This offer applies automatically to those who have a university degree and are 22-35 years old
  • Candidates who do not meet these requirements need to pass a personal interview and Ubiqum reserves the right to maintain and/or modify this offer 50/50 depending on the candidate's profile.

Length: 5 months
Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany

5. Awesome Inc U

The Web Development Bootcamp at Awesome Inc U was created for career changers and focuses on full stack development. Awesome Inc U guarantees that graduates of its 16-week bootcamp who uphold the job search requirements will receive a job offer within six months of their graduation date or the school will refund their tuition. 

Length: 6 months
Lexington, KY
Alumni reviews of the Awesome Inc U Job Guarantee are very positive. For example, Lindsay Haddix says in her Awesome Inc U review: "I have never absorbed as much information in such a short period of time ever in my life... When it was all over I felt such a sense of accomplishment, and that was just the start! They helped me get my dream job so quickly! My employer is so impressed with the knowledge that I have, and now I am in a place that I had started to think I would never get to. I highly recommend this bootcamp. It is changing lives in my city, and I'm so happy to have been part of it!" 

6 Online Bootcamps with Job Guarantees

1. CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry is an online mentored coding bootcamp with a job guarantee.The CareerFoundry Job Guarantee states that students will find a job in your new career within 6 months of graduating, or get your money back. However, there are specific Guarantee Conditions:

  • Complete 100% of the program
  • Complete a careers services questionnaire
  • Create updated resume and online resume profiles
  • Complete one call with a personal placement specialist, and check in bi-weekly via email
  • Demonstrate skills through projects, Github, and portfolio improvements
  • Proof of at least 15 job applications

Length: 6 months
Price: $4000
Locations: Online
Alumni reviews of CareerFoundry point out that the Job Guarantee was a major reason that they chose CareerFoundry. However, other reviews also point out that the requirements to qualify for the job guarantee are overwhelming. 

2. Springboard

Springboard is a flexible, online bootcamp that is mentor-driven and offers a job guarantee. The Springboard Job Guarantee states that if you put in the work and don't land a job, you'll get a refund. There are many terms that apply and eligibility requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Successful completion of all mandatory coursework, core projects and career development tasks
  • Fulfill all post-completion job search requirements — regular networking, job applications and interviewing

Length: ~6 months
In Springboard reviews, Regina Bauernschmidt says that the Job Guarantee at Springboard gives peace of mind and Danielle Medeiros points out that "Having the job guarantee was a nice bonus safety net, and was something that would keep me accountable." 

3. Jigsaw Labs

Jigsaw Labs is a backend engineering and data engineering bootcamp delivered live and online. 
The Jigsaw Labs Money Back Guarantee states that your tuition will be refunded if you do not receive salary of $70,000+ within 9 months of graduating.

Length: 30 weeks
Price: $9,500
Locations: Online
Alumni reviews of the Jigsaw Labs Job Guarantee point out that the guaranteed internship is a big selling point. As Wayne Banks says, "Enrolling in the program guarantees you an internship that will jumpstart your portfolio and give you experience for your resume, which is HARD to come by."

4. Coding Temple

Coding Temple is an online technical training provider that offers pathways in Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Quality Assurance. Coding Temple's Money-Back Guarantee Program outline that if you do not receive a qualifying job offer within 270 days of your job-seeking start date, you will be eligible for full tuition reimbursement. There are quite a few requirements to be eligible for the Coding Temple guarantee

Full-Time, Part-Time, or Flex
Alumni reviews of the Coding Temple Job Guarantee
point out that if you can meet the requirements of the job guarantee, it will pay off. Loc Tran says "I chose this bootcamp because it's one of the shortest timeframes out there and they offer a money back guarantee. It's real - but it's pretty hard to achieve IMO. Just know that while there are horror stories out there about some bootcamps, Coding Temple is legit. It's very expensive, but I feel proud that I did it. I will never regret investing in an education."

5. TripleTen

TripleTen is an online bootcamp with a job guarantee that teaches Software Engineering, Quality Assurance, Business Intelligence Analytics, Data Analytics, and Data Science. The TripleTen Job Guarantee states that if you finish your bootcamp, follow the TripleTen Career Services blueprint for success and money-back guarantee requirements, and don’t find a relevant job within 6 months, TripleTen will refund the full cost of your bootcamp. More info about the money-back guarantee in TripleTen's Terms of Use.

Length: 20-46 week online
Price: ~$7,000
Locations: Online
In her review of TripleTen, Dina Saadeh said she chose TripleTen because "it was cost-effective, it's expertise and curriculum was rated highly, and because they guarantee job placement in your field within 6 months of graduation. Six months into the program, I could say that this program definitely provides a solid foundation of training in data science."

6. Bloom Institute of Technology

Bloom Institute of Technology offers immersive online coding bootcamps teaching full-stack JavaScript with live instructors and pair programming. The BloomTech Job Guarantee states that if you don't get a paying job in the web development industry earning more than $50,000 per year, you pay nothing. There are quite a few guarantee terms:

  • Once you're earning at least $50,000 (or $4166 per month) you pay 17% of your income for two years, or up to a cap of $30,000
  • Jobs include full-time, contract-to-hire, contractor, and internship positions
  • Bloom Tech will receive access to your income taxes to verify your income

Length: 30 weeks
Price: $0 Upfront
Locations: Online


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