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Many competitive coding bootcamps want you to have some programming knowledge in order to be accepted into their programs – whether they’re looking for past experience on your resume or require that you pass a coding challenge. For a beginner, it can be tough to get the experience that a selective bootcamp looks for in the application process. There are many ways to learn basic coding (including teaching yourself) but if you want to make sure you’re covering the right material and quickly, then a bootcamp prep program may be for you.

How to Know You Need a Bootcamp Prep Program:

  1. You have your heart set on a specific bootcamp and want to get in on the first try
  2. You applied to a coding bootcamp but didn't get in
  3. You've been learning to code on your own for a while, and don't know if you're ready
  4. You're not sure if you want to do a full-time bootcamp, so you're looking for a trial-run.

Do any of those apply to you? Then keep reading for our list of great bootcamp prep programs, including a variety of in-person and online programs at different price points! Most of the following programs cover basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; some of them offer application and interview prep. Others also guarantee participants entry into a coding bootcamp, or a money-back guarantee.

Remember that most coding bootcamps require you to complete pre-work once you’ve been admitted before starting class; however, this is a list of bootcamp prep programs to help you apply for and get accepted to a bootcamp!

1. App Academy Bootcamp Prep

Length: 4 weeks, part-time (40 hours total) – this class meets on weeknights from 6:30-9:30pm
Curriculum: Intro to web development, intermediate JavaScript, debugging, interview techniques, and bootcamp application techniques.
Admissions Guarantee: App Academy guarantees that after this course you will be accepted into App Academy, Fullstack Academy, Hack Reactor, Flatiron School, Galvanize, or Actualize or your money back. According to App Academy, 100% of graduates who have applied to these schools have been accepted to at least one. 

Cost: $2,999. If you are accepted into App Academy, the cost of Bootcamp Prep will be deducted from your deposit.
Locations: San Francisco, New York

2. Codesmith Prep

Length: 2 weeks on weeknights and weekends (~30 hours total)
Curriculum: Core JavaScript concepts including callbacks, higher order functions, closure, scope, execution context. See how pair programming in CS Prep can prepare you for bootcamp.
Admissions Guarantee: You're guaranteed a Codesmith technical interview, but not guaranteed admission. If you are accepted into the Codesmith immersive program, the amount you pay for CS Prep goes toward your Codesmith tuition as a credit.
Cost: $1,500 
Location: Online

JavaScript the Hard Parts

Length: Two, 2-hour workshops (4 hours total)
Curriculum: Core JavaScript concepts including callbacks, higher order functions, closure, scope, execution context.
Admissions Guarantee: None
Cost: Free
Location: Los Angeles or New York

3. DevLeague Prep

Length: 4 weeks part-time (48 hours total)
Curriculum: DevLeague teaches 4-week JavaScript Prep, Cybersecurity Prep, and a Basics of Web Development Prep
Admissions Guarantee: If you are accepted into the DevLeague bootcamp, the cost of DevLeague prep will be put towards your tuition.
Cost: $735
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

4. First Step Coding Bootcamp Prep

Length: 8 weeks, part-time, two evenings per week
Curriculum: Introduction to JavaScript and algorithmic thinking, pair programming, coding challenges, personal coaching and mentoring, designed to prepare you for applying for bootcamps. See why Sara started her tech journey at First Step Coding.
Admissions Guarantee: None, but all alumni are eligible for tuition credits at partner bootcamps (ie. $500 off App Academy or Learners Guild, $1500 off Rithm School or Startup Institute).
Cost: $1,999
Location: San Francisco, Boston, Online

5. Flatiron School Bootcamp Prep

Length: 60-75 hours total (self-paced)
Curriculum: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, interview prep
Guarantee: Students who complete Bootcamp Prep will become priority applicants for Flatiron School which will fast track their applications.
Cost: Free
Location: Online

6. Fullstack Academy Bootcamp Prep

Length: Fullstack offers three different versions of this course (same content, different pace/learning environment). All can be taken remotely:

Curriculum: JavaScript fundamentals, problem-solving, mock interviews, final project.
Guarantee: Completion of Bootcamp Prep does not specifically guarantee acceptance into a Fullstack program. According to Fullstack Academy, students who complete the Bootcamp Prep course and apply to one of Fullstack's programs are 2.5x more likely to be accepted to the program. Enrolled Fullstack Immersive students are credited back the amount they paid for Bootcamp Prep

Cost: $250 for Week-long and Month-long course. $175 for 40-hour Online Course
Location: NYC, Chicago, or online

7. Hackbright Prep

Length: 4-weeks, evening and weekends
Curriculum: Python foundations, HTML, CSS, Flask, Application prep. Before applying to Hackbright Prep, you should understand variables, data types (integers, strings, floats), and lists/arrays. See inside Hackbright Prep at Netflix, San Jose and see how Valerie Got into Bootcamp with Hackbright Prep!

Admissions Guarantee: Students who have completed Prep are eligible for a $1,500 discount if enrolling in the Software Engineering Program.
Cost: $1,895
Location: San Francisco or South Bay, CA

8. Hack Reactor Premium Bootcamp Prep

Length: 60-90 hours, self-paced
Curriculum: Fundamentals of front-end JavaScript, hackathon
Admissions Guarantee: Hack Reactor Prep does not guarantee admittance into Hack Reactor's Immersive Programs. According to Hack Reactor, 75% of students who interview after completing Bootcamp Prep in its entirety are accepted to Hack Reactor.  
Cost: $795 (Basic Prep is free, but doesn't include guidance from staff).
Location: Online

9. LearningFuze Root Level 1

Length: 2 weeks (40 hours total including 15 hours of class time)
Curriculum: HTML, CSS, intro to JavaScript, Github, dev tools, debugging, layouts, mobile design
Admissions Guarantee: If you are accepted to the LearningFuze full immersion program, the cost of Root will be put towards your tuition.
Cost: $95
Location: Irvine, CA or online

10. Metis Admissions Prep

Length: Self-Paced
Curriculum: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability, Statistics, and Python Fundamentals. You can also prep with a skills course – see why Carolina took a Python + Math course before Metis.
Guarantee: None
Cost: Free
Location: Online

11. One Month

Length: One month (as the name implies!)
Curriculum: Courses in Python, HTML, Rails, Ruby, JavaScript
Guarantee: None
Cost: $299 per class







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