Learn DevOps at These 121 DevOps Bootcamps

DevOps is a project management tool for the communication between the software development and operations teams. It is a byproduct of Agile development focused on enhancing cross-functional team development. DevOps essentially combines software development and information technology skills to increase a team’s ability to create and deliver applications or services more quickly. The DevOps model combines the development and operations teams where Engineers will work across the entire lifecycle of an application instead of only on development, testing, or operations. A DevOps Engineer is an innovative Software Engineer who solves problems with new fixes and develops features.

You’ll want to find a devops bootcamp that teaches C, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and/or Go. Holberton School graduate, Jacob, who became a DevOps Engineer says, “Every DevOps junior engineer should be aware of Linux, a public cloud like AWS, a configuration manager like Ansible, containers like Docker, container organization like Kubernetes, a CI/CD pipeline like Jenkins, and infrastructure as code (IaC) like Terraform.”

A Devops Engineer Bootcamp can range from 8-weeks to 26-weeks. Some programs like Clarusway, La Capsule, The Bridge, and Yellow Tail Tech, and The Jump offer a specific devops boot camp, but most immersive coding bootcamps teach the skills of Full Stack Developer in a way that is applicable to a DevOps Engineering role. A majority of these bootcamps offer DevOps Bootcamp Online as well. Like software engineering, DevOps can be a good career path for tech beginners and career changers. As Mehmet says in his review of Clarusway, "My computer knowledge was no more than playing computer games and using a basic computer. However, when I met Clarusway and received 9 months of AWS & DevOps training, I can now say to myself that I am an AWS & DevOps Engineer."

There are 121 bootcamps that teach DevOps skills around the world – which is best for you? This list has top-rated bootcamps like Pipeline Data Engineering Academy, Skillslash, GOMYCODE. As you do your research, look for DevOps bootcamps with great alumni reviews, proven student outcomes, and a strong DevOps curriculum.


121 Best DevOps Bootcamps

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