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Dented Code Academy offers a 22-week, part-time Full Stack Developer bootcamp at its campus in Rockdale, NSW, Australia. The course covers the MERN stack and also covers HTML, CSS, Github, JavaScript, AWS, unit testing, API integration, project management, and more. Dented Code Academy’s founder has been coding for 15 years and is committed to teaching quality programmers. Instructors are experienced coders with industry knowledge.

Dented Code Academy is for students of all backgrounds and it’s a popular option for career changers and upskillers. To begin the admissions process, fill out the information form.

This bootcamp is designed to make students job-ready full stack developers after graduation. Career planning and assistance is part of the program’s curriculum. Career services include resume review, LinkedIn profile optimization, technical and coding interview prep, and mock interviews.

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    • Full Stack Development Intesive Coding Bootcamp

      Start Date Rolling Start Date
      Class size20
      In just 24 weeks, our expert instructor will guide you through the well-structured curriculum. After finishing this course you will be able to plan, manage, design, develop and deploy a large scale real-life complex project on your own, and also be able to take on projects from any stage of the software development lifecycle. So, Are you ready? Once you’ve finished the pre-work with your enrollment, your journey in the IT career begins here! The course will run as the following modules. Module 1. Focus The Fundamentals Technologies may change over time but fundamentals stay the for a long time. Like they say to build a strong building the foundation must be built stronger first, likewise, we believe building fundamentals in the right way is a crucial part of building a successful career. Topics include: System set up for modern web development Set up for social success VS Code, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript History Module 2. The First Step To FrontEnd Development Once the fundamentals are learned, it’s time to get our heads dirty. Fire up the code editor and start building some mini projects by applying the skills learned in the previous module. Topics include: Advanced HTML, CSS and Javascript Workflow, Project Mgmt. Building portfolio GitHub, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Bootstrap, React Bootstrap Module 3. Build The Backend System Once we learn the FrontEnd development, It’s time to build a backend API server like a pro backend engineer. In order to build a secure, robust and scalable API server, it is important to have a strong understanding of and skills in problem-solving, coding, design patterns and more skills. Topics include: Server-side validation JWT, Authentication, Authorization Workflow, Project Mgmt NodeJs, ExpressJs, MongoDB, MySql, Redis DB System design pattern, Monolithic, Microservice Module 4. Advance The FrontEnd Development Build a FrontEnd application like a frontend engineer. Analyze the performance of a frontend application and get ready to optimize and scale the app for complex data flow with the best UX, UI design in mind Topics include: Client-side validation JWT, Authentication, Authorization Workflow, Project Mgmt. API Integration Payment Integration Unit testing, Integration Testing React, Redux, Redux Toolkit React Router Dom React Bootstrap Module 5. Standing Tall At this point, you have learned the most in-demand skills that companies looking to hire. It’s time for you to prove that you have all the skills you need to build a large real-life complex project from absolute scratch and deploy it in the cloud as part of the final project. You will be working as a team to build the complete project yourself Topics include: HTML, CSS, JavaScript React, Redux, Redux Toolkit React Router Dom Node, Express, MongoDB/MySql API Integration JWT, Authentication, Authorization Payment Integration System design pattern, Monolithic, Microservice Project Mgmt, Teamwork Unit testing, Integration Testing Module 6. Show the world It’s been blood and sweat over the months of learning through the most challenging skills, it’s time to show the world what you have built and let the world know what you can do. Time to set up the CD/CI pipeline to deploy the projects in the cloud. Topics include: MongoDB in the Cloud Docker, Container CD/CI, Deployment AWS Module 7. Cracking The First Job Believe it or not, you have reached an important point where most people can’t. You have committed and put efforts tirelessly, now you deserve a dream job. Topics include: Resume review LinkedIn profile optimization Data Structure and Algorithm Technical/Coding interview Mockup Interview BIG QUESTION? Now, take a moment and think who would get the job, the you who applied for countless jobs before having the above-mentioned skills or you after having the skills that the job market needs. Once you have completed the course, you have not only become a developer, you have learned to become a senior-level engineer who can think through the problem and come up with a measurable solution. 👩‍💻 DON’T JUST BECOME A DEVELOPER, BECOME ONE OF THE TOP 10% DEVELOPERS.
      Tuition PlansInstalment plans are available with this school.
      Refund / Guarantee30 Days Money back guarantee. If the course is not suitable, students can request a full refund within the first 30 days of the class.
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelThis course is open to beginners. However, good typing skills would help.
      Prep WorkPre-work is completed as part of enrollment.
      Placement TestNo
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