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Academy is a 12-week intensive coding bootcamp in Stockholm, Sweden. Tailored for the Swedish IT industry, the program covers C#, .NET, SQL, JavaScript, Visual Studio, and UX. Students also learn soft skills like project methods, agile techniques, and presentation skills. The program is taught in Swedish.

Over the program students get at least 500 hours of coding experience, and are well prepared for roles as junior software consultants. Academy guarantees all students a job after graduation, and follows a “try and hire” model, where employer partners can work with graduates as consultants before taking them on full time.

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  • C# .Net Intensive Bootcamp

    C#, JavaScript, .NET, ASP.NET, SQL
    In PersonFull Time13 Weeks
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    This 12-week bootcamp covers C#, .NET, ASP.NET, SQL, JavaScript, Visual Studio, UX and more.
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  • Automatic engineer
    - 10/24/2019
    Alexis Ubilla Lundmark  User Photo
    Alexis Ubilla Lundmark • Automatic engineer • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
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    Academy erbjuder 3 månaders intensiv utbildning för unga vuxna som vill byta karriär och har drivet att köra till slutföra utbildningen.

  • Anonymous • PROJECTMANAGER • Graduate
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    The education was absolutely delivering a high standard as promised. In my class 80% of the curriculum was especially focused from a construction point of view where we basicaly counted how many nail there were in a wall. We were all asking for more focus on leadesrhipskills and PM as the main focus of the program was project management. A very short time, all together 3 weeks maximum, was utilised for the main purpouse oi the ducation, PM and leadership, and the rest was spent on learning about the head teachers own company set up. Did not learn much and in the end we all have to fulfill our contracts with shitty pay and no payed vacation for a year, otherwise you end up owing them 150 000 SEK for learning how to count nails in a wall... Not recomended! Also, the majority of the class sorted their own positions after we graduated as academic work failed in rounding up enough interviews. However, some ppl have now had the minimum gaurantee wage for 6 months without even attending a single inteview after the program. So if you dont get hired, dont worry they will pay a pretty decent wage for not doing anything. However, all student are very ambitious so this was offcourse a great disappointment for those not getting hired straight away. However, if you are looking for a career, there are many other options out there! Some ppl ended u in nice positions as project managers, however lacking qualifications in scrum etc since the curriculum didnt focus on that very much at all.. All the group rooms where always taken by staff or classes doing tests, so no place for quite down time woith your studies.. Not great as you where barly allowed to leave the premises as they threatned to kick you out if you didnt stay in the builing from 8-17. 

    Response From: Frida Ericson of Academic Work Academy
    Title: Co-founder
    Thursday, Oct 31 2019
    Thank you for your input and feedback and I´m sorry that you have this experience from Academy. We always strive towards great quality and work hard on executing Accelerated Learning Programs according to our pedagogical views in The Academy Way. That´s why we ask for feedback on a weekly basis and take actions accordingly, but we´re also humble in that we learn everyday in how to develop our school. Academy offers free education that leads up to a fulltime employment with Academic Work as a consultant in their network. We are really proud that over 1300 people have changed career via us and are out working at one of approximately 350 clients that partner with us to find new colleagues with sought after competence. I´d be happy to talk directly to you to see how we can keep improving our concept.

    Best regards,
    Frida Co-founder of Academy