November 2017 Coding Bootcamp News + Podcast

By Imogen Crispe
Last Updated December 1, 2017

On the Course Report Coding Bootcamp News Roundup, we keep you up to date with the blossoming coding bootcamp industry. This November, we're covering the WeWork/Flatiron School acquisition, over $2M in funding to various bootcamps, and why tech is booming in "Heartland" cities. Of course we also look at new schools, new campuses, and our favorite pieces to work on this month for the Course Report blog! Plus, is The Iron Yard back from the dead? Read the summary or listen to the podcast.

Top News

Listen: 2:02

The Current Status of the Bootcamp Industry

Listen: 6:17

Investments in Coding Bootcamps

Listen: 10:48

Cities Tapping into Coding Talent

Listen: 12:43

Students Share Their Bootcamp Experiences

Listen: 17:53

Coding Bootcamps Highlighted in November

Listen: 19: 26

New Bootcamp Programs and Campuses

Listen: 23:40

New Schools Added to Course Report this Month:

Favorite Pieces on the Blog

Listen: 27:05

Imogen Crispe

Liz Eggleston

  • Jeff Casimir from Turing School walked Liz through how an application gets developed from business requirements, to front end, to back end, to data and ops, and explained how to decide which part of the stack is right for you.

Lauren Stewart

  • Lauren enjoyed listening to Liz moderate the Building Diversity in Bootcamps podcast with the COO of Flatiron School Kristi Jordan, and a Flatiron Grad now Spotify iOS Engineer, Susan Lovaglio.



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