Which Coding Bootcamps Have Been Acquired & Raised Money?

Liz Eggleston

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Last updated on November 1, 2022

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Since the first bootcamp acquisition in June 2014, we’ve seen several coding bootcamps get acquired by a range of companies from for-profit education companies (Capella Education), to co-working companies (WeWork), and other coding bootcamps (Thinkful + Bloc)! With rapid market growth in the bootcamp industry, for-profit education companies are taking note. These acquisitions and consolidations should come as no surprise, and some have been very successful, with schools going on to increase their number of campuses and course offerings. As coding bootcamps become more mature, we are seeing them get snapped up by more well-known companies, for increasingly large sums (e.g. General Assembly for $413 million and Trilogy Education for $750 million!) We’ll keep this chronologically-ordered list updated as bootcamps announce future acquisitions.

2022 Bootcamp Funding & Acquisitions

As of November 2022, bootcamps have already secured over $375M in funding. The largest fundraises were from Multiverse, who raised $220,000,000 to expand the tech bootcamp and apprenticeship model. Bootcamp-adjacent companies also announced big news – Skillsoft acquired Codecademy in January for $525M and Guild Education raised $175M in Series F funding. On top of those major fundraises, we've already seen Holberton School acquired by ALG (African Leadership Group). 

2021 Bootcamp Funding & Acquisitions

In 2021, bootcamps secured over $1 Billion in funding! The largest fundraises were Emeritus's $650M fundraise for university bootcamps and Product School's $25M Series A round. Bootcamp-adjacent companies like Codecademy and Blair Capital also raised an additional $158M in 2021. Plus, Udemy went public in October, raising $461M in its IPO. On top of those major fundraises, we saw two major acquisitions in 2021 – Brainstation acquired Wyncode in January and SNHU acquired Kenzie Academy in March. 

2020 Bootcamp Funding & Acquisitions 

Bootcamps secured ~$160,000,000 in funding throughout 2020 – the largest fundraises were Lambda School's $74M Series C and Springboard's $31M Series B. Bootcamp-adjacent companies like Coursera and Udacity also raised an additional $385M in 2020. On top of those major fundraises, we saw several major acquisitions in 2020 – for example, Stride/K-12 purchased Galvanize for $165M and Tech Elevator for $24M, and WeWork sold Flatiron School to Carrick Partners for an undisclosed amount.

Infographic: Coding Bootcamp Fundraises + Acquisitions 2017-2021

Timeline: Every Coding Bootcamp Acquisition Since 2014



Acquired By


Dev Bootcamp

June 2014

Kaplan Test Prep

Zipfian Academy

November 2014


$10 million


January 2015

ReactorCore/Hack Reactor


Software Guild


April 2015

Learning House


The Iron Yard

July 2015

Apollo Education


Mobile Makers

September 2015

ReactorCore/Hack Reactor


New York Code & Design Academy

January 2016

Strayer Education, Inc

~$7 million

Starter League

March 2016

Fullstack Academy


Hackbright Academy

April 2016

Capella Education (now SEI)

$18 million


May 2016

Capella Education (now SEI)

$20 million

Bitmaker Labs

August 2016

General Assembly


Flatiron School 

October 2017



Viking Code School and The Odin Project

December 2017



General Assembly

April 2018


$413 million


April 2018




May 2018



Hack Reactor

July 2018


Undisclosed, though it was partially financed by a $32 million Series C round


August 2018

Flatiron School 


Fullstack Academy

March 2019

Bridgepoint Education (now Zovio)

$50 million


April 2019




April 2019




June 2019

Goal Structured Solutions


 SecureSet Academy

August 2019

Flatiron School


Galvanize/Hack Reactor

January 2020

K12 (now Stride)


Flatiron School

June 2020

Carrick Partners


Tech Elevator

November 2020

K12 (now Stride)


Wyncode Academy

February 2021



Kenzie Academy

March 2021

Southern New Hampshire University



August 2021 American InterContinental University System  Undisclosed


February 2022

Cengage Group


Holberton School 

July 2022

African Leadership Group (ALG)



June 2022

Le Wagon



August 2022



Notable Acquisitions

The First Major Acquisition: Kaplan buys Dev Bootcamp

Dev Bootcamp was acquired by Kaplan Test Prep in June 2014. As of December 8, 2017, Dev Bootcamp will no longer be operating.

Although this was the first acquisition in the coding bootcamp industry, it wasn’t Kaplan’s first foray into coding bootcamps- they launched data science bootcamp Metis in Boston and New York in early 2014. Kaplan shut Dev Bootcamp down in December 2017 but continues to operate Metis.

Multiple Acquisitions by Galvanize + Hack Reactor since 2014

Zipfian Academy was acquired by Galvanize in November 2014. Zipfian Academy was one of the first data science bootcamps in the US, and after one year of success, joined Denver-based education & coworking powerhouse Galvanize. Zipfian co-founder and CEO Ryan Orban joined the Galvanize team as EVP of Product and Strategy. 

MakerSquare was acquired by ReactorCore in January 2015. Hack Reactor reorganized in October 2015 into parent company, ReactorCore, which manages a network of schools.

Mobile Makers was acquired by ReactorCore in September 2015. ReactorCore was announced as the parent company of Hack Reactor, Hack Reactor Remote Beta, MakerSquare, and Telegraph Academy. It’s first major move was to acquire Chicago-based mobile bootcamp Mobile Makers. Mobile Makers Academy Director of Education Jessi Chartier was promoted to CEO.

Major For-Profit Education Enters the Bootcamp Space: The Iron Yard & NYCDA

The Iron Yard brought on Apollo Education as a “strategic investor” in July 2015. As of October 13, 2017, The Iron Yard is no longer operating.

New York Code & Design Academy was acquired by Strayer Education, Inc in January 2016 – it is no longer operating.

Hackbright Academy was acquired by Capella Education in April 2016 and shortly after, DevMountain was acquired by Capella Education in May 2016. Capella Education is now SEI.

Flatiron School + WeWork

Flatiron School was acquired by WeWork in October 2017. WeWork also scooped up MissionU in May 2018 and Flatiron School acquired UX design bootcamp Designation in August 2018 and cybersecurity bootcamp SecureSet Academy in August 2019.

Facing all sorts of financial obstacles in 2020, and as WeWork started to divest from many of its assets, they sold Flatiron School to Carrick Partners in June 2020. 

Thinkful Goes on a Buying Spree – and Gets Acquired in 2019

Viking Code School and The Odin Project were acquired by Thinkful in December 2017

Bloc was acquired by Thinkful in April 2018

Thinkful was then acquired by Chegg for $100 million in 2019.

Largest Acquisitions to Date: General Assembly and Trilogy

General Assembly was acquired by Adecco in April 2018 for $413 million! According to Axios, GA had been valued at $440 million. Between 2011-2015, GA raised nearly $120 million in VC funding, and earned $100 million in revenue in 2017.

Trilogy Education broke that record in April 2019 when they were acquired by 2U for $750 million.

Timeline: Every Coding Bootcamp Fundraise Since 2014



Fundraise Amount


Coding Ninjas 2022 $17,000,000



2022 $2,000,000  
Cybrary 2022 $25,000,000

Past Fundraises:

$15M Series B in 2019

Microverse 2022 $16,500,000  

Coding Dojo

2022 $10,000,000  


2022 $220,000,000

Past Fundraises:

$130,000,000 in 2021

$44,000,000 in 2021


2022 $3,000,000  
Encode Club 2022 $5,000,000



2022 $10,000,000  
Masterschool 2022 $100,000,000  
Epicode 2022 €10,000,000  

Ada Developers Academy

2022 $10,000,000 grant  


2021 $62,000,000  
Academy Xi 2021 $14,000,000


Veroskills 2021 $500,000  
Rocket Academy 2021 $1,100,000  


2021 $2,600,000


Turing College 2021 $1,005,000  


2021  $650,000,000  
Multiverse 2021 $130,000,000

Past Fundraises:

$44,000,000 in 2021 

HyperionDev 2021   £2,500,000  

Past Fundraises:

$1,800,000 in 2021

Product School 2021 $25,000,000  


2021 $12,500,000

Past Fundraises:

$3,200,000 in 2020

CodeBoxx 2021 $2,000,000  


2021 $2,500,000  
4Geeks Academy 2021 $10,000,000  
Holberton School 2021 $20,000,000

Past Fundraises:

$8.2M in 2018

$2.3M in 2017

Codecool 2021 €7,000,000  
Rithm School 2021 $25,000,000  


2021 $1,800,000  
Burlington Code Academy 2021 $10,000,000  
Ironhack 2021 $20,000,000

Past Fundraises:

$4,000,000 in 2019

$3,000,000 in 2017

Multiverse 2021 $44,000,000  
Victory Lap 2021 $25,000,000  
Flockjay 2021 $11,000,000

Past Fundraises:

$2,980,000 in 2019

Hacktiv8 2020 $3,000,000  
LeWagon 2020 $19,000,000  
Microverse 2020 $3,200,000  
Code Institute 2020 $1,200,000  
Noodle Partners 2020 $16,000,000


Lambda School 2020 $74,000,000

Past Fundraises:

$30M in 2019

$14M in 2018

Springboard 2020 $31,000,000

Past Fundraises:

$11M in 2019

Podium Education 2020 $12,000,000  
Sabio 2020 $500,000  
Kenzie Academy 2019


(debt financing)

Past Fundraises:

$7.8M in 2019

$4.2M in 2018

$1.6M in 2017

Pathrise 2019 $3,200,000

Past Fundraises:

$7.8M in 2019

$4.2M in 2018

$1.6M in 2017

Cybrary 2019 $15,000,000  
Galvanize 2019 $13,440,000

Past Fundraises:

$43.3M in 2018

$7M in 2017

Momentum 2019 $2,750,000  
CodeOp 2019 $320,000  
Coded 2019 $1,300,000  
Bitwise 2019 $27,000,000  
Make School 2019 $15,000,000  
CodeCool 2019 $3,500,000  
Holberton School 2018 $8,200,000

Past Fundraises:

$2.3M in 2017

Trilogy 2018 $50,000,000

Past Fundraises:

$30M in 2017

$30M in 2017

Thinkful 2018 $10,000,000

Past Fundraises:

$9.6M in 2018

 Andela  2017 $40,000,000   
 MissionU  2017 $8,500,000   
 Wyncode 2017  $1,000,000   


We’ll keep this chronologically-ordered list updated as bootcamps announce future acquisitions.

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