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Harry Hantel

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Last updated on April 6, 2015

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(updated April 2018)

Slide across the roof of the General Lee, we’re heading south of the Mason-Dixon to check out the best coding bootcamps in the southern United States. There are some fantastic code schools from the Carolinas to Georgia and all the way to Texas, and we’re covering them all. Talk about Southern Hospitality!



Hack Reactor

Why: Even as they’ve expanded to San Francisco and Los Angeles,  Hack Reactor has maintained their base in Austin and continued to graduate qualified JavaScript developers thanks to their rigorous schedule. If you want serious coding (and a sweet job afterwards), MakerSquare has it.

Where: Austin, TX

Cost: $17,980

Program Length: 12 weeks



Why: Miami doesn’t always register as a tech hub, but the startup scene here is constantly growing. Wyncode has partnerships throughout the city and is a major part of the burgeoning tech community, creating a supplying a tech talent pool. They teach Ruby on Rails in an intensive environment that promises to take even total beginners to a competitive professional level. Come for the beautiful beaches, stay for the awesome opportunities.

Where: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, FL.

Cost: $11,500

Program Length: 9 weeks


Tech Talent South

Why: It’s right there in the name, Tech Talent South is a southern code school through and through with their newest campus springing up in New Orleans. TTS is beginner focused and promises to teach students the fundamentals of code in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. It’s an ideal starting point.

Where: Asheville, NC. Atlanta, GA. Charlotte, NC. Dallas, TX. Jacksonville, NC. New Orleans, LA. Phoenix, AZ. Raleigh-Durham, NC. San Antonio, TX. Winston-Salem, NC.

Cost: $6750

Program Length: 8 weeks



Why: DigitalCrafts offers intensive classroom experiences for full and part-time students, transforming beginners into full stack software developers trained in JavaScript, React, Node.js, Python, and more. Unique to DigitalCrafts is the Elective Program, where students or alumni may elect to study rotating concepts like “CS Fundamentals” as an additional perk of joining their network.

Where: Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX

Cost: $9500 - $13,950

Program Length: 16-week, full-time and a 24-week 

Nashville Software School

Why: Nashville Software School is a community-funded non-profit that is committed to increasing the tech workforce of mid-Tennessee. Nashville Software School offers training, mentorship, and apprenticeship in both part time and full time options. The 6-month program is divided into 3 months of front-end development foundations (HTML/CSS, JavaScript) and 3 months of specialized training in either Ruby on Rails, .NET/C#, or Node.js. If Nashville’s where you want to be, then Nashville Software School is where you want to learn to code.

Where: Nashville, TN

Cost: $11,900

Program Length: 6 months



Why: Offering courses in iOS development as well as Ruby on Rails, IronHack provides intensive programming education in Miami. While it’s not for complete beginners, IronHack takes people with basic knowledge of programming with a genuine interest in learning and takes them to the level of a junior developer. By the end of the course you’ll be ready to show your stuff at their demo day where plenty of hiring partners will be in attendance.

Where: Miami, FL

Cost: $10,000

Program Length: 8 weeks



Why: Located in San Antonio, Codeup is trumpeted as a supportive learn-to-code environment, intended to give everybody a chance. They make no demands of your prior programming knowledge, education, or age. CodeUp teaches JavaScript and PHP and has high placement rates to go with their egalitarian philosophy. It’s the marriage of a good cause with great results. What could be better than that?

Where: San Antonio, TX

Cost: $17,500

Program Length: 4-6 months


CODEcamp Charleston

Why: CODEcamp Charleston divides their courses into a front-end and back-end “track” that allows students to pick and choose what’s most important to them. CODEcamp has hiring partners throughout the Charleston Digital Corridor where tech employment and industry is on the rise and the need for qualified workers keeps going up.

Where: Charleston, SC

Cost: ~$250 per course

Program Length: Varies


Austin Coding Academy

Why: With their three potential curricula in front end, back end, or one specifically tailored to the needs of your company, Austin Coding Academy is a pragmatic, intensive coding education. ACA has 3 levels (Intro, Intermediate, Advanced) that take students and get them job-ready. It’s project-based learning with mentorship along the way and hiring partnerships at the end. They invite anyone to apply as long as they’re ready to work hard.

Where: Austin, TX

Cost: $2490

Program Length: 10 weeks/track


General Assembly

Why: General Assembly offers a wide range of courses throughout the US and their national reputation for high quality holds just as true at their southern campuses in Atlanta and Austin. GA has full time courses in Product Management, UX, and Web Development to go with a myriad of part time courses and one off classes and workshops. General Assembly has the chops to back up the reputation they’ve built up as they’ve expanded from New York since 2011.

Where: Atlanta, GA. Austin, TX.

Cost: $9500-$13,500

Program Length: 8-12 weeks


Coder Camps

Why: Coder Camps has four campuses around the US, including one in Houston, TX. Students can choose from four full stack tracks including .NET, JavasCript, Java, and Ruby. Students also learn Agile techniques, team work skills, the application life cycle, and build mobile and cloud applications.

Where: Houston, TX

Cost: $11,900

Program Length: 12 weeks



Why: DevMountain started in Utah, and now offers its 12-week coding bootcamp in Dallas, TX, as well. Students are trained and mentored by industry experts through hands-on learning, a flipped classroom, and intense instruction. DevMountain offers a full-time immersive class, and an after hours part-time class.

Where: Dallas, TX

Cost: $10,500 (immersive), $4,500 (after hours)

Program Length: 12 weeks (immersive), 16 weeks (after hours)


Coding Dojo

Why: Coding Dojo has campuses around the US where students can choose to learn three out of five in-demand programmming languages over 14 weeks. Options include Ruby on Rails, LAMP, MEAN, Python, Swift/iOS. Students build advanced web applications, solve job relevant problems, and have access to mentorship.

Where: Dallas, TX

Cost: $9450 (special Dallas price)

Program Length: 14 weeks



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