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Codaisseur offers a 10-week full-time web development and 12- week part-time Cybersecurity academy in Amsterdam and online. Their program prepares students for full stack developer roles where professionals teach what they know and love through this unique course. In collaboration with industry professionals and employers, the Codaisseur Academy curriculum matches market demand. By starting with foundational knowledge of web development, students will then be equipped with cutting-edge technology skills by participating in code reviews, quality assessments, team collaboration, and more. All course materials and instruction are provided in English to best prepare students to work in an international coding environment. 

Applicants do not need previous technical experience to join Codaisseur, but they must participate in the Admissions Training Camp, a one-week bootcamp at the start of the Academy. After this week, they will be evaluated on their motivation, progress and technical skills. The evaluation will determine whether they continue in the No Cure - No Pay or Pay Upfront model. The Codaisseur team believes that a strong motivation and dedication are the best drivers for success.

The Codaisseur team works to ensure graduates are hired as junior web developers within 5 months of graduating. During the job application phase, graduates must do everything within reason to secure gainful employment in their field of study. Typically, employers pay the bulk of the tuition cost.

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  • Codaisseur Online Academy - No Cure No Pay Model

    Start Date None scheduled
    Class size25
    Codaisseur Academy Become a web developer! Whether you are looking for a complete career switch or are interested in a week-long course on a specific technology, our software development experts will prepare you for a future in one of the most exciting industries to work in. We pride ourselves with our 10-week program which we offer with a no cure, no pay model. We will invest in you and work hard to help you get your first developer job. Codaisseur graduates are the most hireable web developers because we share the same interest: if you succeed, we succeed.
    DepositWe offer a 'no cure, no pay' model on the tuition fee.
    999 euros in Admission fees.
    Tuition PlansThe company that hires you pays the tuition fee in max 29 instalments of max 298 euros each.
    Refund / GuaranteeIf you are not hired within 5 months of graduation, then we will bear your *full* tuition fee.
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelN/A
    Placement TestYes
  • Cyber Security Course - Part-time

    Start Date None scheduled
    Class size20
    Prepare for a career in Cyber Security, a lucrative and fast-growing industry. In this course you'll be trained in practical skills and knowledge to land an entry-level job in Cyber Security or to advance in your current field by adding strong Cyber Security knowledge to your resume. The Cyber Security industry suffers from a big shortage of talent and with the increasing threat of cyber attacks, it is becoming a more pressing matter. The course is offered part-time so it's ideal to combine with your current occupation.
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelNo technical background required
    Placement TestNo
  • Sarah • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    This course meets every definition of an intensive program and is incredibly challenging, but the rewards are well worth it.  I came in with no previous experience, but after a lot of time and hard work I can confidently say that I feel ready to attack the job market.

  • The best in NL
    - 5/10/2017
    Robert Hopman • jr developer • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    The information is up to date (cutting edge in most cases). The teachers are patient and experienced. A lot of good projects to apply what you learn. The learning curve is specified to your own needs after the first weeks. Open 24/7. Oh and free coffee if you're interested in that.

  • Anonymous
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    Job Assistance:
     When I decided to study at codaisseur 2 years ago, they advertised their program as "No experience or previous knowledge needed, in 10 weeks become a software engineer". 

    And this is a huge lie. 

    I had no experience in coding before joining the bootcamp, but I have always been quite tech-savvy. And there I was, just on the first day we learned about git, the terminal, HTML and CSS. All in the span of 8 hours. How would anyone expect somebody with "no previous coding knowledge" to get familiar with all these 4 topics in just one day? The second day we were already busy with javascript, no need to say I was falling behind the program from the first day and that there was a huge gap of knowledge. At the end of the second week we were already busy with React. 

    I did my university years working full time at the same time, and that was not half stressfull as were these weeks at Codaisseur. An insane amount of information is thrown at you, with no time to process it and to properly learn. Learning, especially in coding, must be a process of changing your way of thinking and to "mold" your head. Not to type code without really understanding what you are doing. 

    I decided to stop the bootcamp on the third week. In the exit interview I mentioned what I just wrote referring to the "no experience needed", to which they answered "no experience needed is very subjective", no, my friends, no experience is no experience, period. 
    I felt like a failure. It took me one year to gather the motivation again to start learning coding, and this time I did it on my own, with Udemy courses and online resources, learning at my own path and really letting the new information sink in and changing my way of thinking code-wise. Now I am working as a junior developer. 

    After doing the online courses I could see the value of the Codaisseur program, but this was because I already had some knowledge about it. And to be honest, if you already feel comfortable with coding, I wouldn't say the program is worth going into debt for it. Just keep learning on your own. 

    + Good teachers
    - Terrible structure of the program, rushing to learn and you end up learning nothing and hating code before knowing what is actually code 
    - Misleading marketing strategies, or in other words, lying strategies. "No experience needed, but, actually.... " 
    Response From: Lisa of Codaisseur
    Title: Admissions&Employment
    Friday, Sep 24 2021
    Hey! Lisa here, from the Recruitment Team. Thanks for leaving us your feedback, even if I would have appreciated hearing it right after and not more than 2 years later.

    I'm sorry to hear that you were unable to keep up with the pace of our Bootcamp, and had to drop out at week 3. As you know, our business model 'No cure - No pay' means that as you weren't able to graduate, we did not charge you for the 3 weeks of education you received here with us.

    Codaisseur is a very intense Bootcamp, and we're very proud of having been able to help over 500+ students transition into a new career as a Developer in just such a short time.
    During our communication, admissions interviews, and also our events, we stress the fact that this course is not a walk in the park. It is called a Bootcamp for a reason :) We will not hold your hand, but we will train you to become a full-stack web developer in a short time, giving you the hands-on skills you need to get hired with a company you love, and where you can start adding value from day 1!
    - > "How would anyone expect somebody with "no previous coding knowledge" to get familiar with all these 4 topics in just one day?" - This is a great point! As soon as a student goes through our tough admission process, they gain access to a short course that will prepare them for day one.

    - > "I was falling behind the program from the first day" - Our teachers, coaches and mentors are always available, it's a pity that you never let us know that you struggling so much. We could have helped you put together a study plan, and assisted you to overcome this hurdle! 
    Asking for help isn't always easy, but it is essential to know when and how to reach out when you are stuck. 

    TL;DR - Don't take my word for it, just head over to LinkedIn and check out all of our graduates. Their backgrounds ( professional sport, finance, biology, Horeca, customer support ...etc) and where they are working today are all publicly available. 

    I wish you all the best of luck with your new career in Development, and if you'd like to stop by for a coffee and chat you know where to find us :)

  • Anonymous • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    Tl;dr - Please avoid this scam/school. Freecodecamp is free. If you really want to do a coding bootcamp then join another one... and always read the contract. 

    What seems too good to be true is probably too good to be true. *Invisible conditions attached. What Codaisseur's advertising so proudly says appears more like a burden once you read the contract. According to the contract you cannot go anywhere out during the job search period. You cannot get sick. Yes you cannot get sick. You have to be spending 36 hours applying for jobs per week. Even during corona period if you cannot pay for your accomodation or need to find a part time job you are not allowed to do that. I am sure this is not allowed by the Dutch government. 

    Unfortunately you only do receive the contract when you have completed a post-application interview and paid the 800 euros fee to 'reserve your seat'. In the interview I was told the below 2 things which turned out to be untrue. 

    A - My batch had a graduation rate of 50% which leads one to believe that Codaisseur has been fudging their stats for a while. Their model does not want to help you which is what a school should do. Instead they focus on eliminating those who fail tests every week so that only those who can either learn a lot very well or those who already had prior coding experience remain. For both these groups of people it would have been wiser to avoid the school altogether in hindsight. 

    B - Illusions are everywhere. There is no such network of business partners. Since I graduated for almost a month I had to request this list multiple times from the Codaisseur staff. When they finally sent it to me I was shocked to see what looked like a very amateur school project of business contacts. These contacts were made by students who had graduated before and landed jobs. During the interview Codaisseur pushes students to advertise their employing of said student as a business connection. In reality this is more of a burden on both the company and the student. 90% of companies I applied to did not respond to me and I suspect it is because they already know about Codaisseur's predatory model. 

    The only pro is most of and not all the teachers. Most of the teachers are qualified and knowledgeable. Unfortunately the business model of the school is to churn out so called graduates every month like a factory which leaves the teachers overworked. They are unable to give individual attention and answer questions which is much needed at a school. 

    The cons are everything else. After graduation we had a horrible career guidance week which seemed very infantile and silly. The only thing we were doing is wasting our time with it. For a whole week we were forced to attend for the whole day and if we did not we were threatened with a bill by the team below. 

    The Codaisseur graduate team as they call themselves is one of the most unhelpful business centred teams I have come across in both my professional and educational career. The team has two lead members whose sole purpose is to find a reason to blame the student for their issues in obtaining a job after graduation. After graduation I had the misfortune of being cordial with these two people and sharing my progress. However they did nothing but point out mistakes in their so called checklist for the job search period which were not mentioned anywhere in the contract. I believe the team has the impression that they can bully people into accepting any job by threatening them with a bill for the whole course which is 8000 to 12000 euros. Even if the job is paying lower than the industry standard they force you to accept it which goes against what they advertise and what they constantly tell us. If you do not accept it you are constantly threatened with calls and emails. 

    Importantly there is no effort from Codaisseur's side during the job search. You are the only person searching for a job with no help unlike promised. You are using your own contacts and skills to find it. Even though they promise you help they do not help you. In the whole job search period which can be either 3 or 5 months which I will come to in the next paragraph I only received 2 job leads from the graduate team members and both these leads were something they found on the internet. They did not have any connection to the companies and they acted as if this was helping us. In the contract by saying that Codaisseur will do everything within reason to help you find a job. They have done absolutely nothing for me and almost all of my classmates. Being Dutch and still not being able to find a job in my own country would only be possible if there was something in my resume that makes people not want to respond and that was Codaisseur in my education. 

    About the 5 month contract. During Corona we were asked to sign a 5 month contract which guaranteed us online extra job search assistance and a discount of 4000 euros on the tuition. Since most of us needed the assistance most of us signed it. As I already wrote in the end there was no help from Codaisseur. I spoke to many students from other batches and most of them had a similar experience. A lot of people despite not finding a job or losing a job during corona were given a 12000 euros bill to be paid by the next month because of some reasons that do not exist in the contract. This is why reading the contract becomes important. This is not only unprofessional on their part but can be legally hazardous for a company as reckless as Codaisseur. The same graduation team forced me to accept any job that came my way and also threatened me with these same consequences even though I did everything that was required by the contract. Not surprisingly I did not have a single interview despite applying for more than 150 applications. This leads me to believe that they are threatening most of their students with debt unless they do anything they say which technically amounts to bullying and in a more legal manner extortion. 

    A school is supposed to support their students but the behavior of Codaisseur employees showed that this company was a scam at its finest. Stay clear of Codaisseur. I really hope someone reports them to the ministerie van onderwijs (ministery of education in the Netherlands).
    Response From: Lisa of Codaisseur
    Title: Admissions&Employment
    Tuesday, Dec 22 2020
    Hi there, Lisa here from the Recruitment team.
    Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

    First off, let me just say that I am sorry to hear about your experience here with us. We hold ourselves to very high standards, and our partner network has hired over 400 of our students for this reason.

    2020 has been a rough year for everyone, our students & graduates included. During the first lock-down, we saw a lot of companies here in the Netherlands issue a hiring freeze. Quite a number of our graduates, that were in their final rounds of interviews, were told that the position was closed, and we also had some alumni come back to us after their contracts weren't renewed.

    Before the pandemic, our hiring rate was over 90%, but between March - June we saw that number drop to 60%.  

    I am very proud to say that since September our hiring rate has reached 90% again, and our most recent class to graduate has a 100% hiring rate! This just shows that companies in the Netherlands have realised that Junior Developers are needed now more than ever before! Our grads possess all the cutting-edge skills & knowledge to add value to a company from day 1. 

    I'd like to respond to some of your comments in the review, as they are very misleading and/or false. 
    We are very selective in our admissions process, only 30% of all applicants are accepted under our no cure - no pay model. During your admission interview, you showed great motivation, talent and grit and were accepted under this model. 
    This means that if you hadn't have graduated, or if you hadn't have found employment during the job search period, we would've waived all of your tuition fee.

    ''Unfortunately you only do receive the contract ...''--- 
    After you pass the admission test, and have been accepted, you receive your contract immediately. Our contracts are all in English, and we ask that you reach out to us if there is anything you are not sure about. *Only* after signing your contract will you receive the €800 invoice for the admission fee. 

    ''You cannot get sick'' --
    Since our course is fast-paced and intense if you miss more than 2 days ( for whatever reason; illness/personal issues etc) we evaluate whether or not you should repeat some parts of the course. This year, in particular, we've seen many students recourse because of illness/stress or personal issues. 
    Our goals are completely aligned, if you don't graduate or don't find a job then we waive all of your tuition fee! Our teachers and staff do everything within their power to help you learn and find a job. 

    To ease some of the pressure from our students studying with us during the lockdown, we also offered a €4000 discount on your tuition fee. 
    You are correct when you say that you have to do all the hard work to find your dream job. We will never put you in a job, this is always up to the graduate to find the vacancies and companies they fit best with. However, we are with you the whole way, organising workshops, speed-dates, hiring events and much more. We are in constant contact with our hiring network. Very often we get requests from them looking to hiring a junior, and these leads are shared directly with our graduates.

    Since September 2020 we have held six hiring events, with over 20 companies, which led to many graduates getting hired!

    I would love to continue this conversation. We truly believe that feedback is the only way to grow! Send me an email and we can set up a phone call to discuss any other points you may have.



    Team Codaisseur
  • 0 value, 0 care
    - 10/7/2020
    Anonymous • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    • you feel pushed to learn since you committed by signing a contract
    • the teacher generally knowledgeable and good people
    • you got technical support
    • you would learn more from doing 3 Udemy courses than here in 11 weeks
    • the teaching quality is terrible, especially for the price
    • the don't care about you, your project, or whatever you do; you have to be very bad at programming to be able to "fail" and not pay

    Sum: The whole school is a waste of money and time. Since they don't guarantee work, just urge you to get one, so they get paid, you way better off learning from the much higher quality online sources, and maybe hire a coding coach/career coach when you feel ready, for less money.

    When I was researching boot camps to learn programming, Codaisseur looked so good. Good reviews, Amsterdam is a fantastic city; everything seemed OK. Entry "interview" was a bit strange; they accepted everybody to the school, which is OK. You got access to an online site, mostly written material with some videos and barely any challenges. During "teaching" time, a teacher reads up the material, solves the problem, and you should do the same material rest of the day. The academy is 11 weeks, which is divided up the following:

    1-2: Basic JavaScript/React; the most advanced stuff is how to use react-router.

    3: Assessment week. Monday/Tuesday, you got a practice assessment, which you should solve alone but can get help. Wednesday/Thursday, you got a real assessment that you must submit - the same as the practice one. Friday, you wait, and a teacher will tell you if you passed or not. You might be able to get into a "workshop" on this day, which was terrible.

    4-5: NodeJS and Redux; in the end, you should write basic REST API and use Redux. Teaching was still mostly reading up written material.

    6: Assessment week. Same structure as week 3, but you have to write rest API and use redux.

    7: "New technology" week, where you got one day for TypeScrip, GraphQL, React Native. Even more shallow teaching than before, you have a look at the material

    8-9: Portfolio Project weeks. You have to make your portfolio project which after two weeks, somebody checks for 5 mins and says if it's OK or not. During the two weeks, the school's interaction is a daily call in the morning, where they only check that you are there, and that's it.

    10: Group project week: they split you into groups, you should do some program together. They provide a topic, but after that, not much shit is given. You got average daily 5 minutes check-in from the teacher.

    11: Carrier Accelerator week, where you get one technical interview, one formal interview, and they look at your CV and decide if it's good or not. Mine had some typoes that nobody noticed.

    After week 11, you get once a week check-in from the school to see if you got a job yet or not. It is the only part I see where they give a shit since after you get your first job, you owe them the full tuition.

  • Anonymous
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    At Codaisseur there are a lot of hidden costs, fake advertising, and promises. Though Codaisseur allowed me to change career paths in a short amount of time, I am unsatisfied with the company and feel lied to. 

    Of the 7 teachers, 6 of them are outstanding. They are always willing to help, motivate you and during the entire course, they gave me the feeling that they wanted me to succeed. Unfortunately, the teachers are constantly understaffed, you can notice that they are overwhelmed by the workload and they are unable to answer everyone's questions due to understaffing and a lack of time.

    After passing the final assignment there is a week called 'Career Accelerator' which was, to put it nicely, a joke. The quality was poor, the career advisor was unorganised and didn't seem to care if you'd get a job or not. 
    During the interview process, it was promised that Codaisseur would introduce you to their partners. In the end, not one student has been introduced to their so-called 'partners'. There is also NO job guarantee at all. YOU are the one who has to apply for the jobs, Codaisseur doesn't do anything to help you. You have a weekly call with their staff, but it's more to check if you're doing what they want you to do. They don't give advice (besides things like 'contact people on Linkedin', something every student does from day one...). We were promised job leads, the closest to those 'job leads' was that, after a few weeks of no serious job prospects, people were recommended by Codaisseur to take an (underpaid) internship.

    Again, there is no job guarantee whatsoever. There is a staggering amount of students that graduated months ago, do everything in their power to get a job, but are still unemployed. Codaisseur doesn't seem to do anything to help them besides the 'weekly calls'. 

    The course is fast-paced and extremely stressful. People dropped out of the course due to breakdowns from stress. These people still had to pay the whole fee of €10.802. 

    There are hidden costs. Codaisseur claims that you only pay the €800 admission fee and that the rest (€10.802) will be paid by your future employer. This is a lie. YOU are the one who pays the €10.802. Maybe your employer pays it directly to Codaisseur, but it will be subtracted from your salary, so in the end, you pay the €298 per month yourself, for 29 months.
    Another rather strange thing: they let the students do their sales talk with potential employers. The students have to tell them about Codaisseur, they have to tell them about the 11K debt that they have (and that the company will have to pay, if they hire them), they have to tell the company about becoming a partner of Codaisseur. Lots of students decide to never say anything about the fee to their potential employers because often employers will turn you down, simply because they don't want to hire a junior (who still needs a lot of training by their future employer) with a fee obligation of €10.802. 

    During Codaisseur you have the feeling that you're supported and valued, but as soon as you graduate the course, the focus switches to the new students that just started their course. 

    Another thing: Codaisseur claims that they are the #1 Coding Academy of the Netherlands. This does not mean that they are the best in The Netherlands, it just means that they are the first.
  • Awesome school!
    - 6/23/2020
    Anonymous • Front-end developer • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I had a great time learning with Codaisseur! Teachers, support, everything was just on point!
  • Anonymous • Something in IT • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I finished the bootcamp a year ago and here's pros and cons:


    • You will learn a lot and will have hands on experience with coding
    • You will build a couple of small apps which will give you a good idea what you're gonna do in future.
    • In comparison to other bootcamps it's cheaper for the students
    • There is help available from teachers and staff, not always though
    • If you really want to be a junior developer and you already coded for a while and built some small apps this course can open doors
    • If you like to be in IT industry in general, Having done this course increase your chances


    • Misleading advertisement: There is NO job guarantee! You will have to apply for jobs yourself and do everything so NO job garantee. What they later say is if you don't get a job after certain months, then you don't need to pay the fee, but there are a lof of IFs and BUTs about it.
    • Carriculum had big gaps. The first part (Ruby) was better orginised and teached, Second half with React wasn't orginised properly and students had so many issues trying to learn. We had only 2 days on whole Javascript which wasn't slightly enough for the future projects.
    • It is a very fast-paced and stressful course. It is nothing similar to a university or college course, We had people with near nervous breakdowns and stress-related drop outs, so if you can not cope with a lot of stress this course is not for you.
    • No real job support: We were told that we're gonna get job leads but in reality we didn't get any.
    • Under their contract you can not work with recruiters so it will limit your chances.
    • If you leave the course for any reasons for instance stress, you still have to pay the whole fee: 9000 euros.
    • Employment rate is debatable: Although some people got jobs but many people still didn't manage, and out of those who got the job many where not offered a contract after probation month. 
    • Evaluation is very arbitrary, You don't get marks, It's mostly based on how the instructor feels about you rather your real abilities in comparison to rest of the class. You can be kicked out of the course in any day of the course. Two people who i worked with in group projects and were better coders than me, were kicked out by saying you're not good enough.
    • Graduation rate: In additon to my own experience i had contact with batches after and before me and graduation rate was around 50% so almost half the students were either kicked out or droped out.
    • You're tied up for 2 years so if your employer doesn't agree to pay the fee which happens often, you have to decline the job offer or pay from your own pocket.


    • Prepare yourself at least for more than 3 months before the course learning about languages you're gonna work in the bootcamp and make sure you build some apps yourself. Try some online coding courses and for sure Codeacademy basic courses are not enough. You have to do more, people who did better were the one who coded a while before the course, People who were kicked out were generally the one who hoped they're gonna learn it there.
    • Read the contract carefully and make sure you know all about it.
    • If you want to stay in the course, In your project reviews with your instructors do not criticize anything about your work or the course, As the evaluation is quite random, If you say you liked it and you're trying hard, the like it, if you say you're struggeling or need some help, you'lll be out soon. They don't like any feedback whatsoever.
    • You won't have any time left during this course even weekends you'll be working, so make sure you're fully available.
  • Anonymous • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    If you want to start learning web development and you want to do it fast, Codaisseur is the right choice. Don't expect it to be easy, expect to give 150% of what you got (yeah, you have it) , expect to push your boundaries, to learn a great deal of stuff, to meet interesting people and friends, to have fun and to appreciate Friday beers. The most rewarding thing will be your graduation.

    The programe is being improved and changed according to the industry needs, you get to work on individual and team projects, even a real-life project on the last week of the academy and more important, your portofolio. One month and a week after I graduated, I got my first job as a junior backend developer.


Codaisseur Outcomes

On-Time Graduation Rate
In-Field Employed
Median Salary

100% of students intended to seek in-field employment within 180 days of graduating. 0% of students did not intend to seek in-field employment.Below is the 180 Day Employment Breakdown for 142 graduates included in report:

180 Day Employment Breakdown:

Full-time employee
Full-time apprenticeship, internship or contract position
Short-term contract, part-time, or freelance
Started a new company or venture after graduation

Employed out-of-field
Continuing to higher education
Not seeking a job for health, family, or personal reasons

Still seeking job in-field

Could not contact

Salary Breakdown:

80% of job obtainers reported salaries. 0% of job obtainers were hired by the school itself.

Notes & Caveats: