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Codaisseur offers an 11-week web development academy in Amsterdam and online. Their program prepares students for full-stack developer roles where professionals teach what they know and love through this unique course. In collaboration with industry professionals and employers, the Codaisseur Academy curriculum matches market demand. By starting with foundational knowledge of software development, students will then be equipped with cutting-edge technology skills by participating in code reviews, quality assessments, team collaboration, and more. All course materials and instruction are provided in English to best prepare students to work in an international coding environment. 

Applicants do not need previous technical experience to join Codaisseur, but they must take three tests (basic JavaScript, logic, and English) and participate in an interview as part of the application process. The Codaisseur team believes that a strong motivation and dedication are the best drivers for success.

The Codaisseur team works to ensure graduates are hired as junior software engineers within 5 months of graduating. During the job application phase, graduates must do everything within reason to secure gainful employment in their field of study. Employers pay the bulk of the tuition cost.

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  • Codaisseur Online Academy - No Cure No Pay Model

    Start Date August 24, 2020
    Class size25
    Codaisseur Academy Become a web developer! Whether you are looking for a complete career switch or are interested in a week-long course on a specific technology, our software development experts will prepare you for a future in one of the most exciting industries to work in. We pride ourselves with our 11-week program which we offer with a no cure no pay model. We will invest in you and work hard to help you get your first developer job. Codaisseur graduates are the most hireable web developers because we share the same interest: if you succeed, we succeed.
    DepositWe offer a 'no cure, no pay' model on the tuition fee.
    800 euros in Admission fees.
    Tuition PlansThe company that hires you pays the tuition fee in max 29 instalments of max 298 euros each.
    Refund / GuaranteeIf you are not hired within 5 months of graduation, then we will bear your *full* tuition fee.
    ScholarshipCodaisseur is a proud partner of the Start&Code Program by INCO, which is financially supported by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. Every year, INCO makes a number of Codaisseur Academy scholarships available to people with an unconventional background.
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelN/A
    Placement TestYes
    More Start Dates
    August 24, 2020 - Amsterdam Apply by August 7, 2020
    September 14, 2020 - Amsterdam Apply by August 20, 2020
  • Lorenzo Grandi  User Photo
    Lorenzo Grandi • Junior developer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
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    Job Assistance:

    When I was looking for coding schools in the Netherlands, one single data point made me go for Codaisseur: not all of the students make it to the end of the 9 weeks. This is unfortunate on one hand because it sucks to be rejected. On the other hand, it means that at the end of the school you'll have accomplished a great deal and you'll be ready to start looking for a job in web development.
    So don't make any plans for these 9 weeks, because you'll be at school during the day and you'll be working on assignments during the weekend. You'll be frustrated at times but you'll also get rewarded more and more as soon as things start making sense in your head.
    I recommend the school 100% - just don't assume you can make it to the end without fully committing to it ;)

    PS. I got a good job offer within 30 days from the end of the school.

  • Maja  User Photo
    Maja • Frontend web developer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
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    Job Assistance:

    If you are serious about learning how to code and finding a job as a junior web developer I would definitely recommend this course.

    I had no previous experience with coding and now I work as front-end developer in one of the strongest companies in Netherlands. 

    Training requires high motivation and dedication but if you make it, you're almost guaranteed an entry level dev position thanks to high market demand. It is also a nice community to be a part of.

    Some of the teachers are great, some not so methodological  but you learn most by doing (through frustration;) anyway.

    Only advice is to read the contract carefully before starting the course as there are 2y financial attachments (for your future employer or yourself).


  • Steve Galili  User Photo
    Steve Galili • Full stack web developer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
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    Job Assistance:

    When starting my journey with Codaisseur I didn't emagine I'd learn so much in such short period of time and at the end of the day also gain long life friends.

    What I enjoyed the most during the 8 weeks academy were the passionate teachers and the informal good vibe that Codaisseur had to offer. 

    During the last week of the academy, we had given the opportunity to work on a real world project simulating work procedures with a client. At the end of that week you get the chance to demo the project (and celebrating the end of the course) in front of companies, friends and family.

    After finishing the course a lof of job opportunities has been opened up for me. With the help and guidance of coaches (thanks Matt) from Codaisseur I've landed a job with in 6 weeks after ending the course.

  • Samuel  User Photo
    Samuel • Junior webdeveloper • Student Verified via GitHub
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    Codaisseur is a great start if you want to become a (web)developer. When I started the course I had a little experience in development but not much. The course got me up to a higher level within two month. After that I was able to build my own simple website and get more skills on my own.

  • Rein Op 't Land  User Photo
    Rein Op 't Land • Freelance Fullstack Webdeveloper • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I graduated from Codaisseur Academy #4 and doing the program worked out very well for me.

    It opened up many job opportunities at startups and other tech companies in the Amsterdam area. The working environment is stimulating and I find working as a programmer a challenging and fun!

    Why I chose Codaisseur over other bootcamps in the area:

    - The program is designed to make your future employer pay for your training. Therefore the initial fee is not that high.

    - My interests and Codaisseurs were aligned. If I didn’t get a job then the bootcamp would not get paid.

    - They offer continued training after the initial 2 months of training are over.

    - Talking to some of the teachers at the Taste of Code (a programming workshop they organize) gave me a feeling they were passionate about teaching programming (they are)

    My experience of the program

    The program is challenging but very doable. The program has a hands on approach where you have to look for your own solutions. Weekly projects teach you how to work together with other developers. I was amazed at what we could build during week after with only 2 or 3 weeks experience. This a webshop we built during week 3  (it takes a little while to load because its on a free heroku plan). 

    The material they use to teach is constantly being improved and updated. The bootcamp introduces you to many concepts, some languages and tools. You’re not meant to master all of it in 2 months. You’re meant to grasp everything good enough to be able to contribute to a development team in a meaningful way. Akin to a driverslicense.

    The teachers will provide you with challenges which are suited to your level. They do aim to train junior developers that they themselves would higher so there is definitely a bar that your work and attitude has to pass. 

    I cleared my schedule for the 8 weeks of the program which I can recommend you do. 

    Post Bootcamp

    I got hired after a month at a fintech startup. I got the job lead through Codaisseur. I worked there for 6 months but I left because of funding reasons. Right now I’m working freelance on different projects. The ability to ask questions to teachers at any time is very valuable especially now that I work freelance. 

    In closing:

    Overall working as a programmer has provided me with work that I enjoy doing, great colleagues and a steady income. Codaisseur made the career move to being a programmer much more accessible I don’t think I could have done it by myself.

  • The missing link
    - 5/10/2017
    JT Breunissen  User Photo
    JT Breunissen • Graduate Verified via GitHub
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    Job Assistance:

    With a history in business analysis at a bank, I worked alongside developers a lot. But, I didn't see an opportunity to start coding myself. Ofcourse there are many sources online that offer help with learning to code, but as many sources as there may be, with limited knowledge it is hard to get past obstacles because you simply don't know what to look for or where to start.

    Then I found out about Codaisseur, their model for the bootcamp spoke to me directly. After visiting the information evening, my mind was made up, I figured this would be the best way of changing careers and dive into coding/ web development.

    I enrolled last minute for the March 2017 Academy. The first week started with a bootcamp that covers the basics of mostly Front End Development. HTML/CSS and some Ruby on Rails, with a Hackathon to round the week off. 

    After the first week, the tempo went up, as we were steamed ready for development using Ruby on Rails. Diving into authorisation, associations/ data models, and API's. The teachers deliver this content with a lot of enjoyment, patience and experience, and this approach is what set this course apart from self studying the most.

    Going into week 5, the pace went up yet again, with JavaScript, React/Redux and more API's. With assignments ranging from making a simple To-Do app, to making a multiplayer game. Eventually rounding the Academy off with a real-life project, where you develop for an app for a "real company".

    A digital reader accompanies you through the weeks of your study. Overall this reader gives you a great base to start working from, and it great for reference if you ever feel like you need to refresh on something you did earlier. Since the course is still evolving, we did sometimes run into some issues where the reader wasn't updated yet from the last batch, but these issues were always resolved quickly.

    Looking back at the 8 weeks of Codaisseur Academy, I really think I made the right choice joining them. Being taught by experienced teachers has given me a solid knowledge base to work and grow from. I feel confident in the fact that I don't know everything yet, but I know where to find the needed information and will be able to apply it.

    Are you thinking about joining the Codaisseur Academy? These are some points I have taken from it:

    - This course will take all your time (and energy) for the 8 weeks, dont think you'll be able to have a busy schedule next to it.

    - Try doing some online courses and do them for a few days full time. If you don't mind the time you are spending on it, great. If you can't wait for the day to end, maybe rethink if this Academy is for you.

    - During the course, don't hold back asking questions or answering questions you are not sure about. It will only help you understand, and will show the teachers what you are thinking off. 



  • Tim   User Photo
    Tim • Javascript developer • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I really feel like Codaisseur and the choice of working for immidi was the best thing that could have happened to me. I met the founders of my company at the graduation ceremony and I was hired as a JavaScript developer only 2 months after graduating from the Academy; it’s my second week now and we are just about to finish a React Native app for a big client!

    Response From: Lisa of Codaisseur
    Title: Admissions Team
    Monday, Apr 29 2019
    Hey Tim!

    The team here at Codaisseur is thrilled to hear such good feedback, and we're proud to be the #1 coding schools in Amsterdam! 

    Did you know that we are organising a reunion for all of our Graduates? Follow us on Instagram  to stay up to date on breaking news! 

    We look forward to seeing you onsite soon! 
  • Dilip • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    An intensive course designed to take you from a basic level to a position where you are able to create what comes to your mind. There is always a lot to learn as a web developer but, the course will launch you on a path where you can develop yourself, which is a very nice thing. The methodology mixes theory and practice well with good support from the teachers who, want you to succeed!. I had a nice experience and would recommend it, if you are serious about being a developer. Good luck!
  • Gordon • Front-end Developer • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I joined Codaisseur after completing my master's because I was officially done with academia and I wanted to become a web developer. And it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

    The 11-week bootcamp was difficult, I'd say even more so than the mphil I did before in some aspects. It was really 9:30 - 6 every single day and I could only catch my breath on the weekends, but I chose to study anyways because it was very easy to fall behind given the speed and intensity of the course--and trust me--you do not want to fall behind. I have never worked this hard in my life and the hard work really paid off.

    In retrospect, the program is exactly what people need when they feel unsatisfied with their current endeavors and are in search of something more fulfilling. It is a trial by fire that will challenge candidates on multiple levels. In the end, you'd come through with a growth mindset and a much better work ethic. The more you're pushed, the further you'd go.

    Web development is a hot property in the market right now since virtually every company is undergoing digitalization. Among the many alumni, 3 graduates now work in de Bijenkorf e-commerce team, which exemplifies some wonderful opportunities the course opens for you (given you are good enough to pass).

    The programming teachers are experienced, passionate, and patient; and in the end there is a one-week career accelerator program that shapes you up to be a competent job hunter.

    10/10 would do that again.
  • Great opportunity
    - 11/27/2019
    Mirtles • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Codaisseur was very, very challenging - very little sleep, needing to be super focused, and learning new things every single day for 10 weeks all take their toll. Yet I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

    With React and NodeJS as the main focus, the curriculum was perfectly adapted to the current market. Lessons were fast-paced but well structured, with ample support from excellent teachers and teaching assistants. Questions were always encouraged, and feedback for homework and project-based work was clear and constructive. The job search workshops in week 11 were excellent as well, as were the meetings and feedback sessions with the career advisor afterwards. I found a job within a month.

    I personally had no coding experience before joining, and now I'm quite comfortable building a web application with a basic server to support it. If someone had told me what I'd be able to do after just 10 weeks, I would've probably laughed at them. Sorry, hypothetical person. You were right and I was wrong.

  • Student
    - 3/14/2018
    Annie • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    Despite completing all pre-learnings as requested, and all course and homework, they said I failed to keep up. Only those could keep up who got external help or have prior programming experience. For those worth to try, for others waisted time. Before judging, I am a mensa member. I just believed the advertisement. But at least I learned that how to use github. I did not gave up, I am looking for the next course more careful.