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While quitting your job and diving headfirst into your coding education can yield impressive results, we also understand that not everybody can commit to a full-time, 12-week programming bootcamp. Jobs, school, families - life, in general, can prevent that kind of commitment. For all the students who can’t give 40 hours a week to a code school, we’re outlining some part-time web development bootcamps accepting students for upcoming cohorts now. With a variety of price points and locations to choose from, you'll find a part-time program that can get you coding, even with your busy schedule. 

Learning web development at a part-time coding bootcamp is a beneficial option for students who live complex lives. If you can not afford to leave your job and learn full-time, our list of part-time web development bootcamps can start you on the right track! Bootcamps listed in alphabetical order.

12 Part-Time Web Development Bootcamps

  1. Actualize
  2. Byte Academy
  3. DevLeague
  4. Devmountain
  5. DigitalCrafts
  6. Flatiron School
  7. Fullstack Academy
  8. General Assembly
  9. Hackbright Academy
  10. LearningFuze
  11. Lighthouse Labs
  12. Tech Elevator

1. Actualize

Why: Actualize is unique in that their main bootcamp offering is part-time. It’s a four-month program, and students can choose between their Online Daytime (Monday-Friday 12PM-5PM EST) and Online Evening (Sunday 12PM-6PM EST and Monday-Thursday 7PM-10:30PM EST) programs. Over the course of the bootcamp, Actualize will not only teach you a mastery of Ruby on Rails, but also of JavaScript technologies and frameworks. All of this leads to a capstone project at their Student Showcase. The Actualize team also helps students get a job through networking, building up a portfolio, and resume and LinkedIn preparation.

Program Length: 16 weeks (20 hours/week) 
Cost: $16,900
Location: Online

2. Byte Academy

Why: Byte Academy offers a part-time Python bootcamp and a part-time Data Science Immersive. The material covered is the same as in the full-time version of the bootcamp, and includes data structures, algorithms, object oriented programming concepts, Python, and JavaScript. The boocamp includes a required internship. 

Program Length: 24 weeks
Cost: $14,950
Location: New York, NY (Python), Bangalore, India (Data Science), Online

3. DevLeague

Why: The part-time program at DevLeague is the same curriculum as their full-time bootcamp, just spread over 30 weeks instead of 16. The part-time program doesn’t equal part-time effort as the expectation at DevLeague is that you’re going to work harder on your projects and on your hackathons It’s fullstack JavaScript web development taught three days a week and full-time on Saturday, all in beautiful Honolulu.

Program Length: 30 weeks (19 hours/week)
Cost: $12,500
Location: Honolulu, HI.

4. Devmountain

Why: DevMountain offers Web Development, Python Software Engineering, Java Software Engineering, and iOS Development bootcamps both online and in-person at their campus in Lehi, Utah. Part-time bootcamp classes are held on nights and weekends for a flexible fit for anyone’s schedule.

Program Length: 26 weeks (11 hours/week)
Cost: $9,900
Location: Lehi, UT and online

5. DigitalCrafts

Why: DigitalCrafts offers the Software Development Certificate Program, which is a part-time coding program wth flexible scheduling that is perfect for working professionals. This program can be credit-bearing, and live interactive learning sessions are held daily. The Software Development Certificate Program now includes a 3-week, complimentary Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT course

Program Length: 15-30 weeks
Cost: $9,500
Locations: Online

6. Flatiron School

Why: Flatiron School's part-time Software Engineering Bootcamp is an asynchronous learning format that includes live and pre-recorded lectures. Part-time students will have access to study groups and mentors as needed, and the full stack curriculum is no different than what the full-time program covers. 

Program Length: 40 weeks (8 hours/day)
Cost: $17,900
Locations: Online

6. Fullstack Academy

Why: Fullstack Academy’s Part-Time Software Engineering Immersive brings their JavaScript curriculum into a 28-week format over evenings and weekends. The course is designed to allow you to learn without quitting your job. The program is divided into three sections, Foundations, Academy, and Flight that cover the fundamentals of coding, project building, and finally, prepare you to apply for developer positions and get the job you’ve always wanted with the help of their placement team.

Program Length: 28 weeks (14.5 hours/week)
Cost: $19,910
Location: Online

7. General Assembly

Why: With locations all over the world, General Assembly offers a 32-week, flexible, part-time Software Engineering Bootcamp. Live lectures are held each week on Mondays and Thursdays from 6PM-9PM EST. The part-time bootcamp curriculum is focused on Python and JavaScript, and also covers Agile, testing, debugging, version control, cloud computing, and AI. 

Program Length: 32 weeks (15 hours/week)
Cost: $16,450
Locations: Online

8. Hackbright Academy

Why: Hackbright Academy runs a 24-week, part-time software engineering program using the same curriculum as their full-time, Python bootcamp. This part-time program includes labs and lectures on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, plus Saturday. Apply here!

Program Length: 24 weeks
Cost: $12,900
Locations: San Francisco and online

9. LearningFuze

Why: The Part-Time Web Development Bootcamp at LearningFuze is tailored to students who are looking for a part-time alternative to the full immersion program. Students experience live instruction with the option to participate in-person or remotely.  With the flexibility to take the program over time, in steps or “modules” based on one's schedule, students can build practical skills by building numerous full-scale projects.

Program Length: 12 weeks (15-20 hours/week)
Cost: $4,695
Location: Irvine, CA and online

10. Lighthouse Labs

Why: Lighthouse Labs’s part-time Web Development Flex Bootcamp covers front and back end technologies and students will build working web applications. Online students can expect on-demand mentorship, student support, and lifetime career support. 

Program Length: 30 weeks (25 hours/week)
Cost: $14,000
Locations: Online

12. Tech Elevator

Why: The Part-Time Coding Bootcamp at Tech Elevator is a balance of self-study and group work. Students have access to live, instructor-led sessions as well as online review and group study sessions. Personal career coaching is included in the part-time format.  

Program Length: 30 weeks
Cost: $16,500
Locations: Online

Online Coding Bootcamps

Many online coding bootcamps are part-time or offer flexible options if you need to keep your job. Check out this list of online coding schools, and watch demos of online learning platforms.


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