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The App Academy was established in 2014 as the first Dutch coding school, and now offers intensive 8-week in-person iOS Development bootcamps in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The curriculum covers Swift programming fundamentals, Git, SwiftUI, XCode, and the newest Apple technologies. Bootcamp students will also learn app development principles, model-view controller structure, storyboards, test-driven development, and agile software development. The App Academy teaches stud...

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  • Marco Driessen
    Marco Driessen
    iOS developer • Student • Amsterdam
    Dec 03, 2015
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    Great course!

    Before I started I had no knowledge about programming, besides a few lines of html. 3 months later I am confident enough to say that I am a iOS developer. 

    We started with an introduction in Swift, Apple's new language. This took about a week and was just to learn us the basics of the syntax. Then we started learning Objective-C with help of a great book and even better teachers. The first weeks I was a bit nervous and I couldn't believe that at some point I was...

  • John
    Oct 18, 2016
    Overall Experience
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    As honest as it gets

    I have an Honest and different opinion.

    One of the worst programs I have ever attended in my life. Very poor material delivery. The teacher we had had no experience in teaching. When things went wrong in learning, they blamed it all on the student and kicked him out of the course. While the problem was in: they had no plans on what to do with students who fell behind. They gave me a book, and inforced me to keep reading by myself for 3 consective weeks. It was obvious from the fi...


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Liz Eggleston
Liz Eggleston
Updated July 27, 2015
Although Fehim Hatipoglu studied electrical engineering at Purdue, he was interested in an iOS coding bootcamp to get a job in mobile development. Since he always wanted to live in Amsterdam, The App Academy was the perfect fit. Having recently finished 9 weeks at The App Academy, we talked to Fehim about the growing Amsterdam tech scene, some of the projects he worked on over the course of the 9 weeks, and why he s confident in getting hired the next few months. You studied electrical ...
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How much does The App Academy NL cost?

The App Academy NL costs around €7,950.

What courses does The App Academy NL teach?

The App Academy NL offers courses like iOS Bootcamp.

Where does The App Academy NL have campuses?

The App Academy NL has in-person campuses in Amsterdam. The App Academy NL also has a remote classroom so students can learn online.

Is The App Academy NL worth it?

The App Academy NL hasn't shared alumni outcomes yet, but one way to determine if a bootcamp is worth it is by reading alumni reviews. 14 The App Academy NL alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed The App Academy NL on Course Report - you should start there!

Is The App Academy NL legit?

We let alumni answer that question. 14 The App Academy NL alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed The App Academy NL and rate their overall experience a 4.57 out of 5.

Does The App Academy NL offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?

Right now, it doesn't look like The App Academy NL offers scholarships or accepts the GI Bill. We're always adding to the list of schools that do offer Exclusive Course Report Scholarships and a list of the bootcamps that accept the GI Bill.

Can I read The App Academy NL reviews?

You can read 14 reviews of The App Academy NL on Course Report! The App Academy NL alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed The App Academy NL and rate their overall experience a 4.57 out of 5.

Is The App Academy NL accredited?

While bootcamps must be approved to operate, accreditation is relatively rare. The App Academy NL doesn't yet share information about their accreditation status.

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