Google’s Android OS is the most used mobile operating system in the world, and the little green robot has been winning hearts and minds for years now thanks to its high customizability and flexible open source developing options. Android programmers work in the Android Studio and develop Android apps using SDK manager, fetching up to $155,000 per year. It’s no surprise that you would want to learn how to develop for Android- do your research with Course Report’s list of top Android bootcamp and developer classes.

Updated March 2017

Eleven Fifty

Why: Students get the chance to build three ‘billion dollar apps’ based on Snapchat, Evernote, and Tinder and learn the fundamentals of Android and Java coding. Plus, courses take place at founder Scott Jones’ beautiful mansion and each 12 hour day comes jam packed with challenging work and delicious provided meals. What’s not to love about this weeklong course?

Where: Indianapolis, IN

Cost: $2500

Program Length: 5 days


The App Academy NL

Why: Students can learn full-time with The App Academy NL's Android Bootcamp. Build apps with Android Studio and learn the basics of UX design, agile project management, and Scrum methodologies. 

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cost: €12,500

Program Length: 12 weeks (full-time)


Turn To Tech

Why: Located in New York City, Turn To Tech offers bootcamps and classes in a variety of subjects. Their Android bootcamp promises to get students programming fluently with Java and using the Android Software Developer Kit (SDK) with confidence. Their JustCode system allows students to focus on coding rather than complex setup or tool installation.

Where: New York, NY

Cost: $3,000

Program Length: 12-16 weeks (full time), 8 weeks (part time)


Big Nerd Ranch

Why: Big Nerd Ranch has a variety of locations and subjects. When it comes to Android, there is an introductory 5 day Java class to get you started as well as an intensive course. The 5 day bootcamp is geared towards developers who already know Java and are ready to explore Android in-depth by building apps, learning how to debug, and unlocking the power of Android developer tools.

Where: Atlanta, GA & Monterey, CA

Cost: $4200

Program Length: 5 days



Why: Bloc has long been considered one of the leaders when it comes to online coding education and it’s no different when it comes to Android. Students have the choice to learn over 12, 24, or 36 weeks. Bloc’s program promises to teach students to develop complex apps, master Java programming, and utilize practical tools to get apps working the best they possibly can.

Where: Online

Cost: $4,999

Program Length: 12 weeks (other options available)

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