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Penn Boot Camps offer 12-week, full-time and 24-week, part-time programs in web development, and 24-week, part-time cybersecurity, and data analysis programs. The full stack curriculum includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.js, Node.js, databases, MongoDB, MySQL, and Git. The cybersecurity curriculum offers hands-on training in networking, systems, web technologies, databases, and defensive and offensive cybersecurity. The data curriculum include...

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  • Chris
    Student • Full Stack Flex - Part-Time • Philadelphia
    Feb 16, 2019
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    I signed up for this course not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my career or my future. After graduating college with a degree in Religion, this course helped me find careers that I didn't know were options for someone like me. I have a comprehensive and diverse portfolio, I feel like I am a competitively eligible web developer, and I have learned more than I had ever hoped.

    If I'm honest, I'm floored by how thorough the instructors have been and how much we all have lea...


    Boot Camp Team of Penn Boot Camps

    Community Team

    Feb 18, 2019

    Amazing! We're glad to hear you learned the fundamentals of full-stack web development and were able to create new career opportunities through our program. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, we wish you all the best moving forward.

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Qualifying Courses

  • Data Analysis and Visualization - Part-Time (Philadelphia)
  • Cybersecurity - Part-Time (Philadelphia)

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Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
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With their hard-working determination and unique ability to clarify difficult material, teachers have long been an asset to their teams. But with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 alongside low teacher salaries and long hours on the job, many educators began to reconsider their career choice. According to LinkedIn , the number of teachers on the site who left for a new career increased by 62% in 2021! The grit that most teachers show have made them an attractive applicant ...
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Jess Feldman
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Tired of working laborious, blue-collar jobs, Berlys was ready to make a change into a stable yet exciting tech career. Berlys chose Penn LPS Boot Camps , offered in collaboration with edX, to give her the real world experience she needed to launch a career and a prestigious name on her resume. Berlys built her portfolio throughout the bootcamp, which helped land her first role as a Cyber Security Analyst at Quantum Research International . Now Berlys shares her tips on how to make ...
Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
Updated October 31, 2022
When middle school teacher MaiAda hit a ceiling in her education career, she decided it was time to pursue her hobby software engineering. MaiAda enrolled in Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp , offered in collaboration with edX, to develop a new skill set and discover a new career path. MaiAda s commitment to learning and her dedication to her Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp projects helped her land a Software Developer position at a fintech startup right after graduation! What inspired you ...
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Jess Feldman
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Design teams rely on user research to ensure that their products are addressing the exact needs of their users. Jordan Mesias of Trilogy Education Services , a 2U Inc. brand, walks us through user research fundamentals and its role in product design. Jordan breaks down the three major steps designers follow when conducting user research and the five most popular user research methods interviews, surveys, card sorts, usability tests, and A/B tests. Plus, find out how you can ...
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Jess Feldman
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edX partners with over 50 universities across the country to offer technical boot camps across the US. Kyle Martinowich, a Career Director and Career Coach at edX, explains how their team gets students job-ready with the career support and job search skills they need to land the best position for them. Plus, find out which roles edX-powered boot camp students typically land after graduation, and what sets edX boot camp graduates apart in the hiring pool. What is your role at edX ...
Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
Updated December 16, 2020
Will Abbot worked odd jobs after dropping out of college, but he was looking for a stable yet interesting career that encouraged him to learn. When Will enrolled in the 6-month, part-time full stack web development program at Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp (offered in collaboration with edX) , he got the instruction and mentorship he needed to apply for junior developer jobs. Will shares how the career services team supported him in his job search even after program completion, how ...
Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
Updated September 10, 2020
Neha Nautiyal s love for learning led her to enroll in the web development program at Penn Boot Camps . Although Neha loved teaching chemistry, she found a new passion and talent for web development that eventually inspired her to switch careers. Neha explains how the instructors at Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp supported her in her journey into tech, her advice for other working moms getting into tech, and how she landed her first tech job at Vanguard after program completion! You ...
Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
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One trademark of a coding bootcamp is the project-based curriculum, which means students build many smaller projects throughout the bootcamp and one final capstone project, graduating with a full portfolio of web applications and mobile apps. Coding bootcamps prioritize teaching what the tech industry actually uses on the job today, so it s no surprise that Full Stack JavaScript is the most common teaching language at coding bootcamps, used in 44% of Web Development courses ...
Imogen Crispe
Imogen Crispe
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This September, one of the largest online tech bootcamps got acquired, two schools raised capital, and companies like Adobe, Pandora, Airbnb, Capgemini, and JP Morgan Chase talked to journalists about hiring from coding bootcamps! We also chat about two free coding bootcamp options and the difference between CS degrees, coding bootcamps, and self-teaching. Plus find out about 6 new schools and our favorite articles on the Course Report blog! Acquisitions & Fundraises ...
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As summer meanders into its final weeks, does back-to-school season make you long to be back in the classroom? It s not just high schools and colleges that are about to reboot their classes in fall these coding bootcamps all have upcoming courses online and in-person to jumpstart your new career starting in Fall 2023! Apply today and you could be a developer by the time 2024 rolls around! If you re interested in going to coding bootcamp soon, act quickly, as many of these fall coding ...
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Imogen Crispe
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Just as coding languages are always changing, things also change very quickly in the coding bootcamp industry! In October we read about two big acquisitions, some fundraises, and partnerships and rivalries between universities and bootcamps. We heard about the interesting backgrounds of some female bootcamp founders, and what demand there is for software developers in the tech industry! There were also articles about companies teaming up with bootcamps and two coding ...
Imogen Crispe
Imogen Crispe
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What happened in the world of coding bootcamps in July 2018? In our latest news roundup we look at the fascinating merger of two prominent bootcamps, an exciting fundraise for a bootcamp which focuses on apprenticeships, and a settlement worth 1 million. We also delve into the college versus coding bootcamp debate, celebrate lots of successful bootcamp graduates, and look at the proliferation of coding bootcamps in up-and-coming tech areas. Finally we look at new, innovative ...

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How much does Penn Boot Camps cost?

Penn Boot Camps costs around $13,995. On the lower end, some Penn Boot Camps courses like Data Analysis and Visualization - Part-Time cost $13,495.

What courses does Penn Boot Camps teach?

Penn Boot Camps offers courses like Cybersecurity - Part-Time, Data Analysis and Visualization - Part-Time.

Where does Penn Boot Camps have campuses?

Penn Boot Camps has an in-person campus in Philadelphia.

Is Penn Boot Camps worth it?

Penn Boot Camps hasn't shared alumni outcomes yet, but one way to determine if a bootcamp is worth it is by reading alumni reviews. 61 Penn Boot Camps alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed Penn Boot Camps on Course Report - you should start there!

Is Penn Boot Camps legit?

We let alumni answer that question. 61 Penn Boot Camps alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed Penn Boot Camps and rate their overall experience a 4.75 out of 5.

Does Penn Boot Camps offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?

Yes, Course Report is excited to offer an exclusive Penn Boot Camps discount for $500 off tuition!

Can I read Penn Boot Camps reviews?

You can read 61 reviews of Penn Boot Camps on Course Report! Penn Boot Camps alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed Penn Boot Camps and rate their overall experience a 4.75 out of 5.

Is Penn Boot Camps accredited?

While bootcamps must be approved to operate, accreditation is relatively rare. Penn Boot Camps doesn't yet share information about their accreditation status.

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