Framingham State University Coding Certificate Bootcamp


Framingham State University Coding Certificate Bootcamp

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Framingham State University offers an immersive part-time, 18-week coding certificate bootcamp located near Boston, Massachusetts. Students learn Amazon Alexa skills and languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, RESTful APIs, and SQL. With its project-based curriculum, students complete projects for real-world companies. Bootcamp graduates also learn adaptability, lean methodology, agile methodology, interview skills, and high-stakes communication. This bootcamp is held at the Framingham State University campus, which was established in 1839 as the first state-supported institution of public higher education in the United States. 

Framingham State University’s bootcamp is designed to fit around a work schedule. Classes meet two nights a week and every Saturday. The bootcamp is designed for students with little to no prior programming experience. There is no application process. A MacBook Air is included with the bootcamp tuition.

Students who complete the program receive a Framingham State University web development certificate, and leave with a project portfolio suitable to be shown to potential employers. Students gain a network of web developers and mentors with industry experience to guide them during and after the coding bootcamp experience. Graduates from the program go on to be web developers, junior software developers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, junior product managers, and technical customer success managers.

Framingham State University’s coding bootcamp is powered by Stack Education.

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    • Web Development Bootcamp

      HTML, Git, JavaScript, .NET, CSS, DevOps, Express.js, Node.js, Front End, MVC, SQL
      In PersonPart Time12 Hours/week18 Weeks
      Start Date May 30, 2020
      Class sizeN/A
      Students learn JavaScript, SQL, MySQL, RESTful APIs, Express.js, HTTP, test driven development, Node.js, Git, Github, Model-View-Controller (MVC Architecture), functional programming, Amazon Alexa Skills, JSON, Mocha, Chai, Expect, DevOps, Amazon Web Services (AWS), HTML and CSS. Classes meet in-person three evenings a week. Graduates of the program will have a completed portfolio of real-world projects and will also receive a Web Development Certificate.
      Deposit$500 deposit required at the time of registration.
      Refund / Guarantee100% before midnight of 1st class meeting. 90% before midnight of 2nd class meeting. 50% before midnight of 3rd class meeting.
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelBasic computer literacy required, including creating and naming files, moving files, and folders, and installing programs; familiarity with using web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
      Placement TestNo
      More Start Dates
      May 30, 2020 - Boston

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    • Pat  User Photo
      Pat • QA Software Engineer • Graduate Verified via GitHub
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      Relatively new program quickly gaining momentum in the greater Boston area. The instructors are very knowledgable and able to cater to various skill levels and abilities. The curriculum is challenging, but students are given plenty of individualized attention on a regular basis making learning a breeze. Plenty of in-class practice time means that you are able to apply what you are learning in a practical manner. It is a short program, but does an excellent job preparing students to take on a variety of career paths within technology. Overall, I was very happy with my experience. It is a lot of hard work, but I always looked forward to every class.
    • Michael Thum  User Photo
      Michael Thum • Data Center Site Lead • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      This is a good opportunity to pick up coding skills to complement current professional backround and experience.  I learned a lot and my resume receives many more viewings now that the program is listed as recent acheivements.  The instructors are helpful, clear, and available.  We as a class completed a cost of bug web site development project that was overseen by a local software engineering company.  They provided criticism and support.  Key learnings include javascript coding techniques and MySQL database skills.  Definitely worth the time and effort and I would recommend to people with varying backrounds.