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Alchemy Code Lab offers full-time, 24-week courses in Full Stack JavaScript and UX Design in Portland, Oregon. Alchemy Code Lab is an innovation-driven code school where students will engage in an advanced curriculum under the guidance of a team of industry-experienced instructors. The coding bootcamp covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL, and more. Alchemy aims to ensure their course offerings evolve and expand alongside innovations in software development, to allow students to hit the ground running with the most current toolsets in the field. Alchemy instructors don't want to just teach “getting it to work.” Instead, they aim to encourage the practice of writing quality code that can be sustained and maintained now, and by developers down the road. The team at Alchemy endeavors to live what they teach, and supports each other in passion projects and creative pursuits. The bootcamp strives to generate real opportunity for the next generation of professional developers to drive Portland's creative future.

The application process involves a long-form questionnaire detailing the applicant's work, educational background, and coding experience, along with informational and technical interviews. Students must complete 25+ hours of bootcamp prep before class starts.

Alchemy Code Lab seeks to collaborate with the experts and organizations that are powering Portland’s tech community, providing insider access to the industry. Career development support is provided to all students and alumni, both in the classroom and in one-on-one coaching. Students will establish a compelling online brand, network, and resume featuring professional knowledge, experience, and practices gained during the course, and will be able to demonstrate the skills to drive a successful job search. 

Alchemy Code Lab (formerly Code Fellows PDX) is powered by Code Fellows.

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    • Professional Software Engineering Program in Full Stack JavaScript with Comprehensive Career Services

      Start Date March 16, 2020
      Class size30
      Great tech careers start with strong trajectories. Alchemy's advanced software engineering training program launches grads toward exponential opportunity and salary growth, whether you've never looked at code or have already completed a bootcamp or online course prior. Graduates emerge as industry-ready software engineers after 6 months of rigorous, in-person training from Senior Development instruction.
      Tuition PlansEach of the three courses in the program are billed separately with tuition due 7 days prior to each starting class.
      Refund / Guaranteepro-rated per the State of Oregon's recommended refund schedule
      ScholarshipMultiple available! Inquire with admissions
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelBeginner or junior developer
      Prep WorkGit, JavaScript, HTML and CSS online Tutorials required. Bootcamp Prep pre-requisite. Entrance exams.
      Placement TestYes
      More Start Dates
      March 16, 2020 - Portland Apply by March 1, 2020
      June 22, 2020 - Portland Apply by June 1, 2020
      September 14, 2020 - Portland Apply by September 1, 2020

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    • Anonymous • Software Engineer • Graduate
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      Job Assistance:

      Alchemy Code Lab was a unique expierence. Like any bootcamp it requires a lot of dedication, late hours, and persistance. The courseload is heavy and you will need to be accountable otherwise you will struggle. This bootcamp is not for everyone. If you are truly interested in taking a deep dive into full stack web development this is the bootcamp for you. 

    • Anonymous • Student
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      I attended Alchemy Code Lab and completed the 401 Advanced JS course.  It was the best decision I could have made for my career.  I was offered a job in tech within one month of graduation....and my salary is higher than it's ever been!  I know that finding jobs like the one I have now is what leads most people to coding bootcamps.  And while I am very grateful to ACL for positioning me to land such a job, the new career is not the most valuable reward that I received from ACL.  

      By far, the greatest benefits of choosing ACL over other bootcamps in PDX are the top notch education and unwavering support that students receive.  This is a code school that values community and goes to great lengths to support students.  And the support does not stop at graduation.  Just last week I received an email from a career specialist at ACL who wanted to share some new job opportunities with me.  Alchemy Code Labs goes above and beyond to help students meet their career goals.

      Additionally, the education that you will receive at Alchemy Code Lab is unparalleled in PDX.  I recently attended a meet up where four of us in a group were all recent bootcamp grads (one from Epicodus, one from PDX Code Guild, and one from the Tech Academy).  We all swapped bootcamp stories.  The other boot campers were pretty envious when I started explaining what it was like to be a student at Alchemy Code Lab.  They were envious because of the community support and the school's commitment to equity and diversity in tech.  They were also struck by the deep knowledge and thorough skillset that ACL students possess. ACL provides a solid foundation of basic CS principles and plenty of white-boarding practice....I learned that these are lessons you will not receive at other bootcamps.  These are skills that set ACL grads apart from other bootcamp grads.  It may require a little more up front investment, but I can tell you, first hand, if you're serious about a career in tech, investing in training at ACL is well worth it.

      In fact, one of the boot campers from the meet up remarked, "I discounted ACL because of the price tag.  I wish I had understood that what ACL was offering was a higher level experience than my bootcamp.  I'd probably have a job right now."

      If you're on the fence about code schools in PDX, yes, ACL is more expensive....but if you're looking to be career ready and grab the higher paying jobs after graduation, ACL has every other school in town beat.

      NOTE: Coding bootcamps are super intense no matter which one you choose.  Buckle up.  It's worth the ride!