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Jess Feldman

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Last updated on January 31, 2022

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Course Report · January 2021 Coding Bootcamp News Roundup

2022 started strong with a $525M acquisition of a bootcamp-adjacent company and a $10M grant from Melinda French Gates. We continued to see stamps of approval on bootcamps from government and workforce development organizations, and a major indication from the Department of Labor about registered apprenticeships. Find out how coding bootcamps (especially non-profit programs!) are helping U.S. workers reskill into tech. Plus, find out which 7 new bootcamps we added to the Course Report directory this month!

Curious about what happened last year in 2021? Check out last month’s episode to hear our 2021 coding bootcamp news-in-review plus our predictions for trends in 2022!


  • SiliconAngle reports that Skillsoft has acquired Codecademy for $525M. 
  • According to KIRO-7, Ada Developers Academy received a $10M grant from Melinda French Gates and her investment company, Pivotal Ventures to expand their reach to Atlanta and Washington, DC. 
  • NGT Academy is featured in season 1 of the show “Going Public” — See how they prepare for their IPO!


  • Did you know that bootcamps can become accredited programs? Find out which bootcamps are accredited and what accreditation means for the bootcamp space. 
  • EdSurge dove into the future of university credentialing and how that extends to skills-based training and certificate programs.
  • EdSurge did a review of MOOCs, and how MOOCs in 2022 are now expanding into the enterprise training market. 


  • The Department of Labor reported that 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November 2021, and that there was still a record high number of job openings.
  • According to HRDive, the Department of Labor announced that it will award more than $8M for apprenticeships in pandemic-stricken sectors. The DOL also rescinded a Trump administration effort allowing employers and other stakeholders to create their own versions of the federal government's registered apprenticeship programs.
  • Crain’s reports that Amazon will be funding an upcoming cohort at Grand Circus. This Amazon-Grand Circus cohort in Detroit kicks off March 28th!
  • Zip Code Wilmington announced that it will receive $4.5 million over three years from the State of Delaware to provide tuition and living stipends to qualifying Delaware residents. 
  • Technical.ly reports that LaunchCode (which offers free tech training!) is expanding to Philadelphia with virtual Philly campus cohorts starting this February. 
  • The Charlotte Observer reported on the Carolina Fintech Hub’s Workforce Investment Network, which is a 24-week, Charlotte-based program that pays students while they learn to code.


  • Code Fellows was endorsed by the OneTen Coalition, and has committed to ensuring Black Americans, especially those without a four-year college degree, have access to education that leads to financially rewarding and stable careers.
  • NBC reports that Coding Dojo is working with REI Co-op to help diversify the data science space with full tuition data science scholarships.


  • Fullstack Academy has expanded its reach in a recent international partnership with upGrad to bring Fullstack’s training to India. These programs will be offered online through CalTech.
  • According to Campus Technology, the State College of Florida has teamed up with Flatiron School to offer a new software engineering bootcamp.
  • Williamson Source reports that Upright Education has partnered with Columbia State Community College.
  • Code Fellows has partnered with CodeFusion, a bootcamp licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission.

We added 7 new bootcamps to the Course Report directory:


Jess spoke with Chloe Condon, a Hackbright Academy alum who graduated 5 years ago. Since Hackbright Academy, Chloe has become a Senior Cloud Advocate and developer evangelist for companies like Microsoft, Sentry, and now Coinbase! Chloe gets real about what it took to make her career change, if bootcamp was worth it for her, and has literally so many good pieces of advice for any aspiring technologists out there.

Liz recorded a podcast episode about veterans benefits with Maggi Molina of Operation Code and Alicia Boddy of Code Platoon. As a veteran, there are several programs intended to fund your bootcamp tuition – some even cover housing! If you’re a veteran enrolling in a coding bootcamp this year, find out how to use GI Bill, VET TEC, and VRRAP to cover your bootcamp tuition!

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