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Boolean Careers is a 6-month, online, full stack web development bootcamp available online in Italy. Students will develop skills in PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, VueJS, APIs, Github, and Digital Ocean. Boolean was created for career switchers and students with various scholastic backgrounds. Their goal is to train each student for a career as a junior full stack web developer. This is done through an immersive program that has over 700 hours of code evenly divided between theory and practice. Classes are taught in Italian.

Boolean encourages applications from anyone with a strong desire to learn about the world of programming. No prior coding experience is needed. To begin, candidates must fill out an online application form on the company’s website. A Boolean Careers staff member will contact the candidate and ask that they take a multiple choice logic test to evaluate their readiness for the program. They will then go through a motivational interview to assess their career goals. Only after this screening process will a candidate be accepted into the program. 

At the end of the course, Boolean will introduce graduates to over 50 companies operating the IT sector. These hiring partners include startups, agencies, multinationals, and Italian tech companies. Boolean’s live and interactive online classes encourage students to build the skill set necessary to enter the job market. Boolean also supports students as they develop their CV and a portfolio of projects that showcase their abilities.

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    • Web Development

      HTML, Git, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS
      OnlineFull Time40 Hours/week26 Weeks
      Start Date None scheduled
      Class sizeN/A
      Students will develop skills in PHP, Laravel, JavaScript & jQuery, HTML & CSS, VueJS, APIs, Github, and Digital Ocean.
      Tuition PlansAfter paying the deposit, students pay 5 installments of €520, coming to a total of €4500.
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill Level No prior coding experience is needed.
      Placement TestYes

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    • Paola • Web developer • Student
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      I always be thankful to Boolean, because I turned my passion into a real job. If you want to change your life for real, then apply to Boolean.
    • Alessandro • Web Developer • Student
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      With boolean you can learn how the web works. You can learn how to develop web applications. With boolean you can start working as a developer and do a lot of cool stuff. All this in six months and without any prior knowledge necessary.
      This is what boolean gave me and for this I recommend it to anyone