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  • Alumni Spotlight: Harry Levine, Bloc

    Liz Eggleston6/10/2015


    To pursue a career in web development (without quitting his full-time job), Harry Levine enrolled in the Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp at Bloc, the online, mentored bootcamp. We talk with Harry about his mentor experience, how he continues to learn after graduating, and his new career as a contract Rails developer. 

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  • Alumni Spotlight: Abdullah Alger, Bloc

    Liz Eggleston5/26/2015

    Abdullah Alger, a Professor of English in Egypt who recently completed the Frontend Web Development Course at Bloc. He explained why he picked Bloc over other online options, walked us through two of the projects he made during Bloc, and described his goals for the future.

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  • Alumni Spotlight: Kervins Valcourt, Bloc

    Liz Eggleston4/14/2015


    Course Report gets a lot of questions about online, mentored bootcamps and how far you can really take your education online. In this live Q&A, we are joined by Kervins Valcourt, who will answer questions about his experience at Bloc, learning with a mentor. Kervins is now an iOS developer at Hearst, so we’re really excited to hear about his story. He’s also going to take us through a project that he made while he was at Bloc and a personal project, Subskribr, that he created after graduating and that he’s working on now.

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  • Developing for iOS: Objective-C vs Swift (webinar)

    Liz Eggleston4/9/2015

    So you want to develop apps for iOS, but you're not sure whether to start learning Objective-C or Swift. We've been there, but luckily we had Bloc iOS mentor Steve Schauer to guide our decision. 

    In this webinar, you'll learn:

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  • Learn Android At These 9 Developer Bootcamps

    Harry Hantel3/23/2015


    Google’s Android OS is the most used mobile operating system in the world, and the little green robot has been winning hearts and minds for years now thanks to its high customizability and flexible open source developing options. Android programmers work in the Android Studio and develop Android apps using SDK manager, earing up to $155,000 per year. It’s no surprise that you would want to learn how to develop for Android – do your research with Course Report’s list of top Android bootcamp and developer classes.

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  • Mentor Spotlight: Phil Spitler, Bloc

    Liz Eggleston3/19/2015


    Phil Spitler got his start in web development through an apprenticeship with a system administrator at his company, who guided Phil as he learned Perl. When he saw the Lead Mentor position open at Bloc, Phil was impressed by the software craftsmanship approach at the online coding bootcamp. We talk with Phil about his role as a Lead Mentor, the feedback loop between mentors and students, and why Bloc is his most rewarding career experience to date. 

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  • Spotlight on Chris Beck, Director of Mentorship at Bloc

    Liz Eggleston2/27/2015


    We recently sat down with Chris Beck, the head of mentorship at Bloc. With over 20 years of experience in software development under his belt, Chris was previously VP of Engineering at Privia Health, a DC health-tech company before joining Bloc. Chris has been a Bloc mentor for years, and joined full-time following Bloc's Series A funding announcement, to strengthen and grow Bloc's mentor community. Today, Chris manages a lead mentor team of 6, oversees the broader community of over 100 Bloc mentors, and has himself mentored 32 students.

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  • Live Q&A: How I Launched a Startup in 10 Days with Bloc!

    Liz Eggleston2/12/2015


    Midnight Express is an "Uber-for-busses" service that offers late-night bus service from San Francisco to Silicon Valley. And get this: it was developed and launched in less than TEN DAYS by Bloc UX Design student Michael Horton.

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  • Instructor Spotlight: Aaron Brager, Bloc

    Liz Eggleston12/22/2014


    Aaron Brager is a seasoned iOS Developer who gained notoriety by contributing extensively to the Stack Overflow community. Now, he's the iOS Course Director at Bloc, an online, mentored bootcamp with courses in web and mobile development. We talk to Aaron about his role writing and developing the curriculum, how he finds excellent mentors for Bloc students, and his passion for accessibility features in iOS apps.

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  • Student Spotlight: Jared Rader, Bloc

    Liz Eggleston9/22/2014


    Jared Rader was working on a startup when he decided to enroll in Bloc to deepen his understanding of Ruby on Rails. ​​We talk to Jared about his mentor experience, the projects he's most proud of, and how he's continued his education after graduation. 

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