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Learn Apple's New Programming Language Swift at These Coding Bootcamps!

Liz Eggleston

Written By Liz Eggleston

Last updated on June 24, 2014

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Apple released their new programming language, Swift, for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch this month. The language is meant to be interactive, fun, and works side-by-side with Objective-C so developers can use it with their current apps. 

So how can you learn Swift quickly? Check out these programming bootcamps that are already offering classes in the language and get started on your next iOS project!

Mobile Makers

The Chicago iOS bootcamp is offering on-site and online options to learn Swift and Objective-C. The next class starts July 21st!


Bloc is an online apprenticeship complete with mentors to guide students through material. Bloc recently announced that they will include Swift in the iOS Apprenticeship. Classes start weekly and Bloc offers several different program lengths so you can choose which best fits into your schedule. 


Students will learn the fundamentals of Swift and will get practice in the Xcode Playground environment. Thinkful is an online, three-month program. The next iOS course begins July 30th. 


TurnToTech is a New York bootcamp that specializes in mobile & cloud training. The Swift course is conveniently held in evenings, twice weekly. The 8-week course will dive deep into the Swift language- the next course begins July 14th. 

Lighthouse Labs

Vancouver-based Lighthouse Labs has announced their iOS course, complete with instruction in Swift. The full-time course is 8-weeks long, and the next course begins July 21. 

New York Code & Design Academy

New York Code & Design Academy offers a part-time course in iOS, with Swift instruction, that starts on July 7th. Applicants should have taken the NYCDA Web Development 100 course or any programming fundamentals course.

For more information on Swift, download the free e-book release by Apple. 

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